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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taking A Sick Day

I almost feel like crying foul today.  Per Jenny at Denton's Sanatorium, we were supposed to post honestly about a typical day in the life - uncensored and unretouched.  Even if I wanted to appear glorious and shining I would not, because, my friends, I am so, soooooo sick.  I started feeling it yesterday: a little bit of ache, the beginnings of a sore throat.  For me, it's sometimes hard to differentiate between my RA aches and flu aches.  However, I'll let you in on my personal flu determining factor: when my hiney aches, it is definitely the flu.  I ache everywhere, (hiney included) and am only slightly relieved by Excedrin and Advil.

Sorry.  I had to go lay down.

I got up at the normal time (5:30am), groaned three times and collapsed back in bed.  There was no work in my future today.  I'd been tossing and turning all night.  To L's credit he did not complain about it.  He's nice like that.  I thought about all of the things I could do after I rested a bit: paint my sleighs, make the clay wreath for one of them (wait till you see how cute it is!!), document my day, write my blog.  I did none of that.  Well, except for the blog part.  Not much keeps me from that.

When L left for work I stayed in bed and tried to go back to sleep.  I decided I needed to go to the bathroom so it wouldn't wake me up later.  (Sorry - this is my reality.)  Five pounds lighter (I was convinced) I faced my nemesis: the bathroom scale.  Not even flu deters me from the daily weigh in.  I know you're not supposed to be obsessed with it but I am.  Another unhappy reality.  I'd lost 2 pounds.  That daily two pounds I keep gaining back.  But still, it cheers my morning up just a little bit.  A very little bit.  I put my leggings on with the zippers on the legs and my Halloween socks.  I love my Halloween socks.  I can't get warm.

I went downstairs and made myself a glass of Emergen-C and some cinnamon toast.  Two pieces.  (My first clue as to why I keep gaining that 2 pounds back.)  Got my vitamins and supplements to boost my body's powers of healing.  Got my shot out of the fridge. (It's Enbrel day)  Watched the Today Show until 9:00 or so.  Couldn't bear the thought of Kathy Lee and Hoda at 10.  (Well, not so much Hoda, but Kathy Lee.)  Napped a restless little bit.

At noon I went down and foraged for some food.  I thought maybe it would give me some energy.  L had made meatballs the night before and I ate 3 of them.  Before you scoff, I'm supposed to eat pretty much protein, protein, protein.  It gets so that meatballs for brunch is just normal.  At least I heated them up today.

Napped again.  Let me rephrase: TRIED to nap.  First L texted me 3 times and then Katie called.  We talked for awhile and THEN I napped for a couple of hours.  Took more Excedrin and Advil.  My throat is really sore.  Now I am waiting for L to get home while I divide my time between writing this post and laying down in front of the TV watching The World According to Jim.  I'm desperate.

I just heard a text message in my room - probably L.  So, you get the picture of how my day was.  Most days are approximately the same (cold meatballs and vitamins) but I throw work in there and I look slightly nicer.  Because I actually have to leave the house, I need to wear something besides zippered leggings and Halloween socks.

I'm going back to my room to wash my face.  That will make me feel better.  And I'll read the text message.  Maybe L will call Dr. Rick (brother in law) and get me some medicine.  Or maybe Dr. Rick will tell me to suck it up and let it run it's course.  Hard to tell.  But he'll be SO nice about it that I won't feel bad.  I love you guys.  I wish I was more entertaining today.  Or funny.  Or something.  Next time, OK?  Because my regular days are just a laugh riot.  (NOT.)

ps - I tried to upload pictures into this post, but I was having problems.  I don't know if they are my computer's problems or the blog's.  Sorry - you just missed a few of pictures of things like my cinnamon toast, my Emergen=C and my Halloween socks.  Nothing much.


  1. Sorry you're down with the flu today, Karen. On the positive side (for me, anyway), you're making me feel glad that I went and got my flu shot today. Now if I can just avoid catching it before my immunity kicks in!

    I sometimes have that same problem telling whether I'm having a flare or having the flu. But you're right, eventually the flu makes itself known.

    Hugs to you. Rest, rest, and rest!


  2. Rest. I know you already did, but rest some more!

  3. Oh...so sorry you are sick! Sounds miserable...except for the cinnamon toast part. I hope today will be a better day!

  4. Stinkin flu! Sorry it decided to bug you. I hope you recover quickly- and cinnamon is very good for you, so enjoy your cinnamon toast.

  5. Hope you feel better soon, and please don't bring it with you to AZ ;-)

  6. Karen,
    It sounds like you have the same thing my husband has! He has stayed home the past 2 days from work! I hope you get feeling better. I think the Halloween socks should definitely do the trick (or is it treat?)

  7. Karen I am a day late on this post...life! I hope you are on the mend this evening. The flu is never fun. The only good thing I can ever think is that usually once you've had it you won't get it again for awhile. Look on the bright side!
    Hope you have a Happy Day tomorrow!

  8. Your day made me thankful for my health. Sometimes it is easy to take really important things like for granted. Hope the weekend finds you feeling much better.


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