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Monday, November 1, 2010

Doing Penance For Candy Gluttony

So too much chocolate and sugar has placed a massive zit right in the middle of my forehead between my eyebrows.  Like a bullseye.  I've tried alcohol, and I've put Bare Minerals blemish powder on it.  It's smaller, but still there, boiling under the surface.  I'm nervous that the thing will come to a disgusting head while I'm at work and away from mirrors, completely unaware that I've developed a noxious about-to-explode third eye.  Sweet.  I love zits in my middle age.  Wasn't clear skin supposed to be the trade-off for getting old?
So today was the cleansing, purifying day.  Lots of water.  LOTS. OF. WATER.  And  very little else besides lean protein to eat.  Breakfast?  Cold diced chicken.  Mmmmmm...  Nothing like a little cold meat in the morning.  A little chicken again for lunch.  And a Diet Coke.  And L came home tonight and made me a taco with the rest of the diced chicken.  Because we all know I'd just eat peanut butter with a spoon otherwise.  I'm lucky he takes dinner seriously enough to make it because I just hate cooking after work.
We went out and hiked around Yorba Linda for an hour or so tonight, and I feel a little better.  A little lighter.  Except for the angry red beacon between my eyes.  *sigh*  Thank goodness for Bare Minerals powder.  Covers it right up for the most part.
Did anyone else eat too much candy?  It's so hard to resist those little bite size candy bars.  It seems so harmless until you've pounded down 7 or 8 of them.  Then you not only get bulges, you get zits.
I'm going to Arizona over the weekend for Hayden's 1st birthday.  We have a big bag of candy bars left over - since we get next to no trick or treaters.  I need that bag to be gone when I come back.

PS: Halloween down and on to Thanksgiving!  I'm already starting to plan my menu, but I'm looking for some new ideas.  I've gotten a few ideas from some of you, but would love to hear about other special food items or traditions that everyone enjoys.  Bring on the holidays!


  1. Roasted green beans (instead of the green bean casserole thing)
    All you do is put your green beans on a cookie sheet pour a little evoo on them and salt/pepper, s toss it around to coat it all. Crank you oven up to 450-500 put them in for 20 min turn once half way through. Your mouth will love you.

    And then there's what em named pumpkin patch. It's essentially pumpkin pie with no crust on bottom and a cake mix on top. mmm. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving!

  2. I ate Dots, and I am paying the price for it right now. Eating sugar makes me retain beaucoup water.


  3. I have one too!! It's small, but right between the eyes. Curse you, snack size yummies!!!!

  4. With all the sweets I've eaten over the past few days, I'll probably have 3 zits. Zits and wrinkles are an unusual combination!

  5. I cant wait til the candy is all gone!
    Yikes...you are right..then there is Thanksgiving. The casseroles and pies and such!
    Time to add another 20 min to my running time. Uggghh!
    Love how you got your sassy on!
    Have a great night!

  6. I ate WAY too many mini Snickers! oh they're my favorite! Luckily not much candy leftover just whatever the kids got and I'm doin my best to keep my hands off! I keep proactive lotion in my medicine cabinet for the annoying zits that come up now and then, seems to really help.


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