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The second best are very expensive.
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Brussels Sprouts and Christmas Visitors

For those who wanted the Brussels Sprouts recipe, it's sketchy and you may have to wing it here and there but here it is (without any specific measurements - we're a bit on our own here):
Parboil sprouts for 5 minutes.
Saute chopped leeks, pancetta (Italian ham/bacon) and chopped onions in butter.  I think a lot of butter, because you let it reduce down to where everything is carmelized.  Add more butter and bring it back up to a sauce. 
Pour the sauce over the sprouts and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.  At 350?  Probably...  Sorry - those are the directions we got, so it will be experimental.  But if they come out as good as at last week's dinner, they'll be fabulous.  Let me know if any of you try this.  I want to, (I really do)  but I'm still having bad Brussels Sprouts flashbacks from when I was 8.  Kind of like it was a fluke and I'll gag on them again.  I'll try to take courage and make a stab at it.

Hey guess what?  Katie and the girls are coming for the week!  She and Zach are going to watch Zach's brother play in a basketball tournament in San Diego on Saturday night and I'm the babysitter.  I don't mind saying I'm nervous.  I've never had them overnight before and this will be in a house they're not used to.  Yikes...  It makes me wonder how I ever raised my own kids.  You just don't know any better, that's how you do it.
Zach will go home and attend another rotation in Tucson for med school, and Katie/girls will stay on here.  In my tiny tiny house.  With the iffy heating/A/C ducting.  What does that mean?  It means that when you using heat or A/C, the master bedroom is hot or cold.  The rest of the upstairs is either freezing in the winter or hot in the summer.  We've tried everything, but the house is just wacky that way.  I'm worried they'll be cold and crying in the night.  OR - I'm worried I'll be hot and sweaty in the night.  What to do...what to do...
I'm worried the baby will pull the tree over on herself.  It's improbable - it's just one of those things that wake me up in the night.  I'm worried I'll be late to work every single day because I can't stop myself from playing with little girls in the morning.  (Will they understand that I can't play in the morning??  Will they think I don't love them?  I hate work...)
Depending on how the week goes, maybe I can take an afternoon off on one day or another.  I'm sure Katie has plenty of friends and places to go, however - I'm certainly not indispensible.  I just want to be.
One activity that's a must: going to see "Tangled" with Mia.  Not sure what day yet - I need time to talk L into babysitting Hayden while we go.  She'll be in bed - shouldn't be too much of a stretch for him.  But it will need to be finessed, although truthfully, he'll probably be glad for the peace and quiet.  Crowds big and small stress him out.  Me too, although it's hard to admit that.  I like order and neatness, and when company comes I have to force myself to Stop.  Just stop.
But just look at what I'll be enjoying.  That makes all control issues and all messes totally worthwhile.  It even makes bundling under 6 blankets in a cold house worth it - or sleeping in a tropical heat room.  However it works out.


  1. Believe me, I'm just as nervous as you are! I'm so stressed and worried you'll have a TERRIBLE night and will never want to have us over night again. I'm hoping they'll be so exhausted from the drive that they'll both sleep well. Mia is really excited! Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. We really appreciate you watching them for us, so thanks :)

  2. I relate completely. Every time we have them overnight, I'm afraid something will happen that makes them hate being here! Like they'll wake up with a screaming nightmare and be forever freaked out by their grandma appearing in lieu of mom. (And not even the grandma they're most used to!)

    Good news is, that hasn't happened yet. And we end up having a GREAT time!


    PS. We took ours to Tangled, and they loved it!

  3. I'm not a Grandma yet but you think just like I do!!! On and on and on and on!! I have till the year 2020 planned out in 20 different scenarios. :0)
    I hope you have a perfectly LOVELY time--the desire to succeed is 95% of conquering your quest!

  4. For the record, we just got back from seeing Tangled--me, Ben, Lily, Hyrum and Evie. You know my kiddos :). Hyrum sat through the ENTIRE thing. And we sat Evie in her stroller, fed her small amounts of popcorn, and she made it through the whole thing. It has to be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, including HP-7 and Toy Story 3.
    I think you'll make it no problem, even if you bring Hayden.

  5. Hey Karen....It's me Sandy. Yep...it's weird when you have company. I always want it to be just right. And it always falls into place once everyones there. You find you worried for nothing! Well just talked to Katie (at your house) and sounds like they're settling in nicely. Have fun and I'm giving you a Great Big Hug my Karen! I Love You Tons... Sandy

  6. It'll be great having them over- but I'll be sure to pray for your furnace anyway.


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