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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deck the Halls

I did it - I finally finished the Christmas decorating - just in the nick of time.  I don't remember when I've been this late getting it done, but tonight I mastered myself and instead of laying around like I wanted to do, I got busy.  L was doing security duty at the Newport Beach temple so I had the evening to myself.  All alone.  *sigh*  No matter.  I scrambled myself some eggs - extra cheese, yes please! - and got to work.  Last night I downloaded a bunch of Christmas music from i-Tunes that is mostly not strictly Christmas music and I turned up the sound and commenced the decorating.  Do any of you remember that song by Peter Paul and Mary "The Marvelous Toy?"  That's one of them.  I love that song.  I love Peter, Paul, and Mary, which shows you just exactly how old I am.  Anyway, I managed to deck the halls and hang the bows and treetop thing-y without falling into the tree.  Usually by the time I get to that I'm cursing and saying all kinds of bad 
un-Christmasy words because I don't really have a concrete, solid way that I attach everything.  It's all kind of by the seat of my pants.  And sometimes it doesn't want to work very well.  But tonight was magic.  Maybe because L was fulfilling his service duty at the temple.  It wouldn't have been nice to come home to a wifey tangled up in a tree and yelling like a lumberjack after guarding the Lord's house for 4 hours.  So I think I was spared - if not for my sake, for his.

I got the mantle decorated (again, things are precariously balanced.  Heaven help us if there's an earthquake...  I got my big orb of light (see on the right) plugged in and it gives
the most glorious light.  Magical...

I even got out the nativity.  This particular nativity is one my grandparents sent my family when I was a child.  My youngest brother and I used to *disagree* about how it was arranged.  I'd arrange it my way, and the next day I'd see that he'd disassembled my arrangement and done his own.  And then I'd do it back my way.... and so on.  The other two brothers couldn't have cared less - they probably didn't even notice.  (We were also the only two who could decorate a decent cookie.  He grew up up to be a plastic surgeon.  I grew up to be... fussy and stubborn.)  Even now I'm so particular about how all the figurines are arranged.  I know my teeth would gnash (and I might weep and wail) if L decided to change it around.  I usually put it up on the piano, but this year I put it in front of the fireplace (where it will hopefully not catch fire) so Lexi and Matthew can see it, and arrange it how they want to.  (I'll have to busy myself in the kitchen.)  It has a light attached that makes it look ethereal, and a small music box attached to the stable that plays "Silent Night."
So game on.  Now I need to wrap and wrap and wrap.  And bake even more than that.  It's going to be a busy weekend.  In between all the wrapping and baking I am getting my gray roots dyed.  Glad tidings of great joy indeed.


  1. Your tree is so beautiful! I wish you had had it up while we were there. I love all your decorations.

  2. Your decorations are gorgeous. What a flair you have!

    I loved your words, too. And I'm glad you had some grace in your decorating experience, thanks to your willingness to serve where it really matters.

    I also loved this: (We were also the only two who could decorate a decent cookie. He grew up up to be a plastic surgeon. I grew up to be... fussy and stubborn.)

    I think you grew up to be cute and funny.


  3. Can you be my interior designer please? You have an amazing gift!

  4. Your tree looks amazing! And you got such good pictures too!!


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