Daily Affirmation

The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Junk Room Becomes An Office

It's late, I'm muscle sore, and tired from moving furniture and cleaning up a gigantic mess in my new office.  But oh my friends, I wish you could sit here with me, because my pictures don't do it justice at all.  This is what we started with:

A daunting task to clean up, to say the least.  The Macy's truck arrived around 2:30 with two of the most cheerful delivery men I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  (Kudos to Macy's for great employees and customer service!)  Bringing the armoire upstairs and around a very tight turn was no easy task but they managed it beautifully.  And after a few hours of cleanup and organization, look at all it holds!

Piles and piles of wrapping paper fit into the big bottom drawer.  Before I had it all stashed in a big old Target plastic bag, but now I am organized beautifully!

In the top half I was able to fit games, toys, a tea set, books, and all of my painting and craft supplies, plus a few pictures!

The biggest chore of the night was bringing up the chaise lounge.  Not only was it heavy (hence the muscle soreness) but it was almost too big to fit around the tight turn in the hallway, and definitely too large to fit through the doorway.  We had to take the door off to get in in the room, ugghh!  But finally it was installed (after a minor repair of a gash in one of the legs - that happened as we realized it wasn't going to go through the doorway with the door there...)  But here it is, just waiting for me to lounge on it - tomorrow night for sure!

Again, the photo doesn't even begin to do it justice...

L set to work hanging pictures, as you can see.  He's a perfectionist and hangs every picture after measuring and using a level.  It took a couple of hours to do all of this, but if it had been me doing it, they would never have been this straight, and there would have been several more nail holes in the wall, although it would have gotten done a lot faster.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  I can't mathematically hang pictures to save my life - I just eyeball it and hope for the best.  L did a really really good job.  You'll notice a couple of the frames are empty or half empty, but we had to hang them to get the spacing right for the rest of them.  The pictures to fill them will be ordered shortly.  But doesn't it look GREAT?

Hmmm... this picture looks a little wonky - I had the camera tilted I guess.  I promise - the pictures are very VERY straight!  These are all pictures I've wanted to have framed for a year and longer.  I hired Sue's daughter to take some pictures last summer, and then there are wedding photos, and others.  I am so excited to have them hung at last!

Here are a last couple of shots.  

There're still more pictures to frame and hang, and a few little details to take care of, but it's a cozy little room that has everything I need at my fingertips.  I absolutely love it, and I'm so grateful to my sweet husband for taking this project on and making it a reality.  I don't know how I ever got so lucky, but I am very very grateful.  Now I have no excuse at all not to get my projects done, as I have a beautiful place to work.
I'm off to bed after a nice warm shower.  There's nothing like cleaning and organizing a room and accompanying closet to give you a sense of accomplishment and a very dirty fingernails.  Thank you to L for making wishes come true today, and giving this girl some very sweet dreams!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dieting in Crazy Town While High On Hormones

Have you ever had a day when all you can think about is what you're going to eat next?  That was today.  I'm supposed to eat protein - in particular meat protein for breakfast.  So I ate 3 cold meatballs on the way to work because I was running late.  For the rest of the ride in, all I thought about was what else I could have when I got there.  Hot chocolate, trail mix packet.
When I got to work, though, it was a madhouse.  We're at quarter end (again), and the pace is feverish.  In between tasks at Crazy Town I thought about lunch.  What to have for lunch.  Where to eat lunch.  Maybe I could go to the bakery across the street and get a cookie after lunch.  Or wait - maybe go to Frostings and get a cupcake!
As luck would have it, I took a very late lunch.  Olga and I went to Pei-Wei.  I had a noodle bowl, and usually I eat half of it.  Today I ate the whole thing.  Reason?  I was too lazy to go get a takeout container, and besides, it tasted really good.  At least I was too ashamed to bring up cupcakes.
I didn't have dinner.  I wanted dinner, but I didn't have any.  So at least I had a teensy bit of self control.  I did go down and cut 3 hunks of Swiss cheese - my favorite snack when I don't eat dinner.  L and I just got back from our walk.  I tried to keep up a brisk pace and I did pretty well.  My joints are having a good night.

So now off to wash my face and settle in before bed.  I'd better hurry.  L is down there making popcorn and I don't want to miss out.  Maybe self control will reappear tomorrow.  Oh wait, no - my boss is bringing in breakfast (all kinds of muffins) AND lunch (Cafe Rio - YAY!)  How do you say no, when someone is trying to be nice?  Saturday.  Definitely Saturday I will get back on the wagon.  It's gotta be hormones, because all I can think about are sugary carbs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winding Down Sunday Evening

Sunday night.  Church way over.  House cleaned up.  Clean sheets on the bed.  Washing almost done (sorry - I always do the wash on Sunday, and the house gets cleaned on Sunday - it's our Sabbath ritual.  But we do it reverently.)
It was a good weekend.  We shopped some more for my office and found a chaise that will fit perfectly.  Now I'll have something to lounge and read on, and when the little ones come, we can snuggle on it and watch movies together.  At Target we found another lamp with the best red silk shade.

We also found some black shelving there, and a couple of frames.  We came home with our loot and got some pictures framed.  I can't wait to get them hung on the wall.

(Sorry for the murky, grainy picture above.  I tried it with the camera and it was blurry - I need to remember to be still in a darker room.  So that was snapped with the i-phone rather than drag the camera all out again.)

Not too much longer now.  I got the date wrong for the armoire delivery.  It's not tomorrow, it's next Monday, the 31st.  That means I have to go to work tomorrow.  That was the only disappointment in the whole weekend, but it's probably for the best.  Tomorrow starts the last week in our third quarter, and a bad time to be out.  So next Saturday we can pick up the chaise.  We'll probably store it in our bedroom until the armoire is installed on the 31st.  Then (if I can wrestle it away from L) we'll put it in my office, and we can hang pictures.  It's a big mess in here, but it's so fun to look around and imagine how different, how cozy, how warm this room will look in a week's time.  And part of the fun is that L is enjoying it almost as much as I am.
So it's Sunday night, and time to settle in.  It was very windy today - my least favorite weather.  It makes me feel dry and itchy and chapped.  It gives L a sinus headache.  Luckily now it's calm outside and cool.  Get a few things organized, drag L away from his computer, and snuggle awhile with a movie or a cooking show.  Speaking of cooking, I made the Molasses Cookies from Cherie Bakow's blog here and they got rave reviews.  I gave the last ones away today to our home teachers.  The recipe is easy and just really really good.  Instead of dipping in white chocolate, however, I made a glaze and brushed it on each cookie.  Just sweet enough.  Thanks, Cherie, for the recipe!
I hope you all have a good week ahead with sunnier skies than most of the country has had for the past week.  One other thing I was able to do on Saturday: I exchanged the Coach bracelet that L had given me for Christmas (which lost a crystal on the second wearing) for a Coach wallet instead.  I had to supplement with some gift certificates I'd been given but it's a great wallet.

And I'll be using it way longer than I would have used the bracelet.  So thanks again to my sweet husband I have a pretty new wallet to organize tonight.  Love it - especially since I wouldn't have gone out and gotten it all on my own.  I'm more prone to pick mine out at Target, so this was a special treat indeed.
One last good thing: I finally felt well enough today to leave out a day's dose of Prednisone (steroids) for my RA.  I know it sounds like a small thing, but I've been struggling back from the flareup I had in October, and I was able - FINALLY - to do without it for a day today.  If all goes well for the next week, I'll try leaving out another day the following week.  In the meantime, I eat lots of protein, stay away from evil carbs, drink lots of water, and take my supplements religiously.  Things are looking up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giveaways and My Mess

Now you're going to have to be quick about this: Katie is having a little giveaway on her MiaMoo Designs blog here  and she's picking the winner sometime Friday the 21st.  She's made a pretty flower clip to wear as is or to clip on a headband - for small girls or big ones too.  

So if you have a special girl you could give it to (or if you heart it for yourself) get on over there, like NOW  and leave a comment to enter.  I should have posted about it earlier, but I'm just not responsible about anything this week.  She's only had a few people enter so you have a good chance to win - I'll tell her to wait until Friday NIGHT to pick a winner so more of you will have a chance.  Don't let me down, now!

NEXT - Craftily Ever After here is also having a snazzy little Valentines giveaway.  She's designed the cutest Valentine subway art that she'll send FREE to everyone who leaves a comment.  You just download it, print it, and frame it like she's done.  Such a cute red and white decoration for that romantic day!  So if I were you, I'd get on over there too and make sure you get a copy.

I have been up to no good.  My days have been spent at work (boring), and upon arriving home I've eaten dinner, walked our usual route and have collapsed into bed.  Nothing to write home (or on my blog) about, although today I had a bad hair day and had to wear my hair in a ponytail all day.  And I was bloated.  Aren't you glad you asked?  Tomorrow's got to be better.  And it will be - it's Friday!  I have no idea what the weekend will bring.  I tried to sound L out about what he had planned and he said something about maybe trying to get someone out to clean the carpets.  *crickets chirping*   *shaking head sadly*  Sometimes he's not a lot of fun.  But he's good for me because with no supervision I'd never get anything done.  I pull him away from over-obligation and duty, and he forces me to buckle down from time to time.  I asked him what he would like to do to relax over the weekend and he said he would like to go for a hike... So you see what I mean.  While a hike is not high on my list of fun, it is high on my list of what's good for me, so it works.  I guess.  Somewhere in the weekend, though, I plan to find some time to sit outside in the sun and read a book.  Now THAT'S relaxing.

Here is what my office looks like right now.  

Everything is all over the place waiting for my new thing to arrive with it's drawers and cubbies and shelves.  It comes on Monday.  Not a moment too soon, as I'm up to my neck in random messiness.  I'll finally be organized.  Until I tackle the beast called The Closet.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Eleventh Anniversary of Karen & LaMar

This weekend I was lucky enough to celebrate 11 happy years of marriage to the truest companion anyone could ever have.  We've crammed a lot of living into those 11 years.  We've experienced some definite lows here and there, where the love and companionship given to each other has made all the difference in helping us to pull ourselves out of despair.  We've also had some of life's happiest moments and celebrations to share: 4 high school graduations, 3 college graduations, 4 marriages, and 4 grandchildren - 5 this September.  It's been a good ride, made all the more joyous by sharing it together.
To celebrate we took off after church on Sunday and spent Sunday night and today in Pasadena in the old town area.  If you're not familiar with the area, it's where the Rose Parade is held, the Rose Bowl is close by, and it's surrounded by the most incredibly beautiful architecture, gorgeous estate neighborhoods, and fun little restaurants.  We started our stay with dinner out at a great little Asian fusion restaurant.  It was crowded and filled with the good smells of great dishes.  I had something that had pineapple, chicken, shrimp and cashews and brown rice with just a hint of curry.  L had a spicy spaghetti dish with chicken that had a blackened quality to it.  Both were delicious and a great way to start our stay.  You'll have to forgive me going on and on about food - it's just that I love it so.
After dinner we drove through the area and were surprised at how many people were out and about (lots of them!) shopping and eating on a Sunday evening in old town Pasadena.  Lots of college students, lots of energy.  We remembered that it was Sunday after all, and made our way (reverently) back to the hotel.  It was good to be with my best friend away from home on a little adventure.
We woke up this morning and L went to work out in the hotel gym while I got myself ready.  He'd found a little restaurant called Marsten's where we went to have breakfast.  I'm about to go on and on about the food again.  They had thick french toast coated in corn flakes.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I will make my french toast like that from now on.  We also ordered a sort of eggs benedict thing - only instead of ham, the poached eggs were sitting on BBQ'd pulled pork and had a spicy hollandaise sauce over it all.  So we each had a slice of french toast and we each had an egg/pulled pork thing.  It was amazing and so was the price, but it was a celebration, right?  I can be frugal at home.
From that point on, we just sort of wandered around the city looking at things.  It was a classically beautiful day in Southern California - the kind we're famous for: 80 degrees and blue skies.  We drove the beautiful tree lined avenues that had one beautiful estate after another and we marveled at the beautiful old architecture on the buildings downtown.  We saw a beautiful domed building in the distance, and when we found it, it turned out to be city hall.  A great find for many reasons: 1. The building itself was amazing   2. It was a holiday (MLK Day) so you didn't have to feed the parking meters  3. In the middle of the building was a courtyard with old oak trees and shade underneath where you could sit  and watch the fountain, or, in our case, a very busy squirrel in one of the trees.
Pasadena City Hall
City Hall courtyard and fountain

We noticed as we drove and walked around Pasadena that there were a lot of furniture stores.  We passed one that was having a big liquidation sale.  L asked if I'd like to go in, and of course I did, so in we went.  I don't think I was expecting anything great - the outside of the building was old and it just didn't look that nice, but you never know...  As it turned out, we found the perfect desk for my office.  The table that L has already made me will now be my project table and my computer is now on my new desk.  L really didn't want to build a table - he was having a hard time working up the enthusiasm for another project. (The remodeled bathroom has really taken the joy out of working with his hands for the time being)  So that's what we were hunting for.  Everything was too big.  Until... behind some crime scene tape (truly - this one area of the store was taped off!) was a glorious  desk.  Hand painted and totally distressed.  But why was it behind the crime scene tape???  The salesperson explained that the desk was one of the pieces that the store owner had put aside for himself, but said he would call and ask if he'd sell it.   Long story short, he did sell it to us and at a very good discount from it's original price.  
And just look at it!  Feast your eyes on the drawer pulls and the painting and the distressing.

I'm in love.  I can't believe how lucky I've been.  I've had very few pieces of new furniture in my adult life.  Most of what we have are pieces that L brought with him - I didn't have anything worth anything.  And they're lovely things, but they aren't things that I was able to pick out myself.  And in just one week I've been gifted with 2 completely gorgeous pieces for my office.  When we got home this afternoon, I kind of broke down in tears.  It was just... so.... much.  I felt like it was too much goodness, or like I was too lucky, or undeserving.  It's hard to explain.  Sometimes a lot of good is hard to wrap your mind around - it's almost scary in a way, like no one is that lucky.  I will try to stop looking over my shoulder for the gremlins to show up and just enjoy the moment.
I'll take some more pictures when the other piece arrives and I get the room more together.  It looks like a bomb hit it now because things are shoved aside making room for the new piece yet to arrive.  It will feel so good to be able to have a place to put paints and wrapping paper and glitter and games away.  I can start to hang pictures - I was going through them tonight, and some of them I'd forgotten I have.  I'm excited to have a space to call my own, and to decorate exactly as I want to.  A space where I can create and make a mess.  And also a space I can share with the grandkiddies when they come for a visit.  A space for games and fairy castles and snuggling while watching a movie.  It's gonna be great, thanks to the help of my true companion, my best friend of 11 years who always tries to make my dreams come true.  And so far he has.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hearts For Your Valentines

A quickie post to show you the cute things Katie is making for Valentine's Day.  I'm getting a handful of these to give out to the little girlies in my life.  If you have sweet little Valentines of your own, take a look - how sweet are these bracelets and necklaces?

They can be found (and ordered) at MiaMoo Designs Boutique here  What better way to give that little girl your heart yet again?  Fun stuff.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special Events of 2011

Somehow this week has just about depleted my batteries.  I've been trying to up my exercise a little bit, and so on Monday night I tried a new yoga/Pilates DVD I'd gotten somewhere.  Well, in the first place I couldn't even begin to do a lot of it.  It was way past beginner stuff, but I tried to follow along as best I could (like an idiot).  The next day I wasn't too sore - just a teensy bit, and I was congratulating myself for not going crazy and getting sore muscles.  But today... ohhhhh today....  Can I just say: OH. CRAP.  My riblets feel like they've been kicked, my arms and shoulders are stiff, and my stomach muscles are very sore from the ab portion of the DVD.  Funny thing is, there's so much fat on my stomach (I refer to it as "fluff") that I only feel the achey muscles deep inside.  It's kind of a weird sensation.  *sigh*  I'm a mess.  Really.  I felt like whimpering all day.
I'm trying to figure out how to get myself halfway fit, but every time I try to do something I end up being sore, or hurting myself somehow, or my arthritis kicks in and I literally CAN'T do anything.  It's an ongoing battle that I refuse to give in to, but yet I never really win.  Maybe I win just because I won't give up.  Yeah, that must be it...
One good piece of news this week - this family here

photo taken by Heather of TenderShootz Photography

called to tell me to expect another new baby sometime around September 3rd!  That was cause for some celebration, let me tell you!  We're very excited, and we don't care at all whether it's a boy or a girl because, of course, there is already one of each.  I told them it could be a birthday present for me (my birthday is on the 7th).  Their Lexi was very intrigued at the news that there was at this very moment a baby growing in Mommy's tummy.  She wanted to know if it was coming out tonight.  Or maybe next week.  Matthew - he's oblivious.  Blissfully so, as he will soon not be the baby anymore.

So our family continues to grow.  Each new little one is a precious jewel, a shining star.  So far, 2011 has been smiling on us.  It will bring us a med school graduation in April for Zach and Katie, a graduation from the Masters program at Hunter College/New York for Tim in May, and a new baby in September (name to be announced then) for Rex and Ronna.  Big things all and lots of celebrations ahead.  I'd better start eating my Wheaties.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Saturday Surprise

Have you ever had one of those days that starts out with a blah and ends on a fantastic note?  Yesterday was like that for me.  Both L and I had endured a long, hard work week - due mostly to the fact that it was the first full 5 day work week we'd had in awhile.  Exhausting and terrible.  All week long we'd stayed up too late and not gotten enough sleep, so Saturday morning we slept in a bit.  I wasn't looking forward to getting up and getting going because that meant taking down the Christmas decor.  Ugh.  Always fun to get out and put up, but no one likes to put it all away again.  I was rockin' my flannel red candy cane pajamas that Katie had made me, and my black Halloween socks until about 1:30 when it was all finally FINALLY put away.  I had one little piece of Christmas project that I hadn't finished making yet (it'll make it's debut next Christmas!) and so I lingered in the open garage in my red candy cane pajamas and black Halloween socks spray painting away on that thing.  Many people walked by and looked curious but I held firm and did not waver in my desire to not get dressed.  It's not every day you see someone working in their garage in such a colorful outfit - sorry, there are no pictures.  You can thank me later.
We kind of half heartedly (I was half hearted anyway) dusted and vacuumed the Christmas dust off the previously festooned rooms and replaced the original decor - sea shells on the mantle, etc.  It looks bare and spartan after the glittery fullness of glory that had previously occupied the space, but it has a fresh, clean feel to it after all the abundance of the holidays.
I wandered into my "office" to try to clean up in there and just got lost in the chaos that is mine.  Discouraged, I left that room and lay down on my bed feeling achey and cranky (I try to blame arthritis for my irritability when I'm in a funk).  L came in and I expressed my frustration at the lack of organization and design in my room.  I was feeling resentful that his office is beautiful and his bathroom is elegant and new, and both of my spaces are... well, they're not elegant or beautifully appointed.  Not even sort of.  I could tell he felt bad and so we talked a little about what was needed and we looked through a couple of catalogs.  And then we napped for an hour or so.  Me still not dressed nor motivated to do so.  *some Saturdays are like that*

We woke up, felt a little refreshed and scurried to wash, dress, and make ourselves presentable.  I didn't think South Coast Plaza would appreciate red candy cane pajamas and black Halloween socks.  Our first stop was Macy's Home Store.  They were having a sale.  And there it was: the Tea Trade armoire with more space than I'd ever thought possible in one piece of furniture, so perfectly designed for what I needed, and *trumpets blaring* just the right size for the space.  Have a look:

The bottom drawer is big enough for wrapping paper or anything large like that.  L bought it for me as an early anniversary gift.  It won't be delivered for a couple of weeks, but I'll be busy until then figuring out where everything will go.  
So I'm ashamed of feeling resentful.  I'm embarrassed that I was sulky and discouraged.  I rarely get like that when I know what to do - it's when I feel helpless as to how to fix a mess - or in this case, how to dress it up and put lipstick on it.  Because I have the best husband ever I didn't have to put lipstick on a pig - because it'll no longer be a pig. I just need to stop acting like one myself. (Doesn't take long for those good intentions to go by the wayside, does it?)
That's the thing about resolutions - I concentrate on one area, and kind of forget about all of the other things that need to be maintained.  It's great to try to improve in one area, but if, in the process, you let other ones go, it's not such a success.  So there's the trick - trying to keep it all in mind all of the time.  So maybe my resolution should just be to "Do Good."  That covers it all.  Do good to myself by watching what I eat and by praying and reading the scriptures.  By not letting myself come into contact with TV or movies that lessen my desire to do good.  By not taking things so personally.  Do good to others by not judging, by giving everyone a benefit of the doubt.  By giving more generously of my limited time.  By taking every opportunity to be a presence in my beloved grandchildren's lives.  By not complaining.
Will I do these things all the time without fail?  Probably not.   I have to expect that I'll be human.  But my hope is that I'll not be TOO human.  I'd like a little bit of honor and glory sprinkled in from time to time - more often than not.
The week ahead is looming.  Five more days of trying to cram work and exercise and enough sleep in, while still leaving time to read, ponder, and blog (very important) - and organize my office stuff so the new armoire will have a place to rest.  It's a tall order, but I'm up to it.  I'm stoked.  And this coming Saturday is our wedding anniversary - 11 years!  The armoire was an early gift, but we're also going to spend the weekend up in Pasadena (long weekend because of Martin Luther King Day - thank you MLK!) exploring the lovely old town area of that beautiful city.
I hope all of you have a wonderful week.  Or if not wonderful, at least productive.  I can handle a terrible week if I know I've accomplished some things, expelled some demons, dusted some furniture.  As for me, in addition to everything else, I'm going to glory in the memories of the last 11 years and be grateful for the wonderful man I'm married to, as well as be amazed and astounded that he is also grateful for me.  Make sure he has a great anniversary weekend *wink* and look forward to the eternity of times together that lie ahead. 

Friday, January 7, 2011


So here is my new blog look, thanks to my daughter Katie for the title design and to my husband for the graphic image and helping me to tie it all together with all of the other fonts and colors.  I think I like it.  A lot.
A new year, a new look.  Here's hoping it carries over to the other aspects of myself I'd like to improve on!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Life Begins Again

Today was a milestone for our Andrew.  He started classes at UVU.  It's been a long journey for him to regain health and well being and energy enough to start to live his life again - to be "normal," if you will.  The past few months have been spent deciding on whether to get a job to have an income that would enable him to move into a new apartment complex with student types (and away from the mentally disabled folks he's now progressed beyond), or whether to go back to school.  Actually, the bad economy and  the competition for jobs in Provo made the decision for him, and I think it was the right choice for him.  I still think he should move, but... baby steps.  One new adjustment and life change at a time.

He was nervous - rightly so - about starting school again.  He hasn't been inside an academic classroom since 2007 when his first breakdown occurred, so his memory of school wasn't the best as he was so sick at the time.  He took a fire fighting course a year and a half ago, but had another breakdown before he could put it to good use.  This time - completely staying the course with his meds and following his doc's instructions, he is feeling great and ready to move on to better things and greener pastures.  To a real, complete LIFE.

He had to take some testing first in English and Math - as anyone else would when they've been out of the game for awhile.  Math - well, it's not his strong suit, and it's hard to remember formulas and whatever when you never liked it in the first place.  But English?  My word - he scored 85% on one section and 100% in another.  It gave him a good shot of confidence, is what that did.

We advised him to start slow and just take a couple of classes - it's important for him to avoid stress, especially when he's just getting his sea legs.  He had such a good day that his comment was that maybe he should go to school every day, instead of just a couple of days.  I had to smile at that - so good to see him excited and looking forward to getting up, being somewhere,  and doing something good for himself!

This may not seem like much to some of you.  And indeed, it's baby steps.  But even baby steps are a huge deal when you've not walked on your own in awhile.  Andrew has fought a good fight to come back.  He was here over Christmas, and he's got his quirky little sense of humor back, and real emotions instead of robotic ones, and he's ANDREW again.  It's been over 3 years since we've seen that - a great battle has been fought and won, and there were many many angels who helped and watched over him.  So many thanks to all of the people who saw something in Andrew that was worth saving, and who worked so patiently and tirelessly with him.  We're all winners today.  Amen and amen.

ps: Thanks to Katie who worked on making my blog title look better today.  I have no idea what I'm doing as far as changing anything, so she was nice to design something more stylish for me.  It's not there yet, but soon...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Look

It seems everyone is doing it - changing the look of their blog.  I have no web designer.  I was hoping that L, being a graphic designer, could help, but he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.  I don't think that helping me do a redesign was high on his list of fun for the evening.
I don't know whether or not I'm done.  I'm not completely satisfied, but I'll just look at it for a few days.  I've really wanted to change the title... but I'm not sure.  The current title was chosen quickly, under duress.  I was rushed and confused.  I'd really like something a little bit more clever and witty - you know, more like ME.  *nodding head vigorously*  Something that shows my style and sense of humor, but with a wicked edge.  I'll need to think some more and become a lot more funny than I am right now.  I actually did think of a title and tag line the other night.  I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep for almost 2 hours because I was thinking about the title for this blog.  *I know, right?*  Just as I was drifting off to sleep I came up with the perfect combination and I remember laughing a little bit to myself.  When I remembered it the next day, I was embarrassed that I'd even thought it was funny at all.  Or even appropriate.  The mind plays funny tricks when it's desperate for sleep.
So for now, I guess it's just a background and color palette change.  And we'll see what I dream up over the next few days.

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