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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dieting in Crazy Town While High On Hormones

Have you ever had a day when all you can think about is what you're going to eat next?  That was today.  I'm supposed to eat protein - in particular meat protein for breakfast.  So I ate 3 cold meatballs on the way to work because I was running late.  For the rest of the ride in, all I thought about was what else I could have when I got there.  Hot chocolate, trail mix packet.
When I got to work, though, it was a madhouse.  We're at quarter end (again), and the pace is feverish.  In between tasks at Crazy Town I thought about lunch.  What to have for lunch.  Where to eat lunch.  Maybe I could go to the bakery across the street and get a cookie after lunch.  Or wait - maybe go to Frostings and get a cupcake!
As luck would have it, I took a very late lunch.  Olga and I went to Pei-Wei.  I had a noodle bowl, and usually I eat half of it.  Today I ate the whole thing.  Reason?  I was too lazy to go get a takeout container, and besides, it tasted really good.  At least I was too ashamed to bring up cupcakes.
I didn't have dinner.  I wanted dinner, but I didn't have any.  So at least I had a teensy bit of self control.  I did go down and cut 3 hunks of Swiss cheese - my favorite snack when I don't eat dinner.  L and I just got back from our walk.  I tried to keep up a brisk pace and I did pretty well.  My joints are having a good night.

So now off to wash my face and settle in before bed.  I'd better hurry.  L is down there making popcorn and I don't want to miss out.  Maybe self control will reappear tomorrow.  Oh wait, no - my boss is bringing in breakfast (all kinds of muffins) AND lunch (Cafe Rio - YAY!)  How do you say no, when someone is trying to be nice?  Saturday.  Definitely Saturday I will get back on the wagon.  It's gotta be hormones, because all I can think about are sugary carbs.


  1. This is how I have felt since Zach has been home! I got us Cafe Rio for lunch yesterday. Ahhh heaven! I feel like a chunk though, so I need to get back on my workout routine. I eat better when I"m working out. Wish you were here. We miss you!

  2. I definitely have days like that.

    Way too many of them.


  3. I have those days too- stupid hormones, stupid stress. Sheesh how do we survive even?

  4. Oh, how I do feel for you! Why is it that most of us have so much trouble getting back into the routine of healthy eating after the holidays? I was doing just great and then my asthma kicked in and when I had to take that darned prednisone blast, I went crazy! It gives me such an appetite and I crave sweets like nothing else. I am so glad that I take my last pill tomorrow. Maybe I'll be able to lose the five pounds I put on just in the last week!!

    We will all just have to hang in.

  5. Well, you look just great!! But I had to laugh when I read about thinking about food! I walked into the bank today and the tellers were all huddles together talking....they said on Fridays they all do carry-out together ao they had been discussing since early morning where they wanted to eat! Ha! I think WAY too much about food, but I think it's because I always have to MAKE it!!

  6. Karen why is it soooo hard for women to just stick to the diet? I think it is because we are social creatures. This is my excuse. I mean everything we do has food attached to it. I know we have the choice to turn it down but it is hard when it is sitting in front of your face.
    Oh my I was doing OK until you said cupcakes and frosting!

  7. I've had to make food for family that invaded this weekend (fun family though!)..food for after a baptism at church..food for a funeral tomorrow...then I'm suppose to figure out what I want to bring to a "carry-in" for work on Fri. for a pre-super bowl party..Then there's the regular everyday food stuff...I'm doomed.


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