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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Junk Room Becomes An Office

It's late, I'm muscle sore, and tired from moving furniture and cleaning up a gigantic mess in my new office.  But oh my friends, I wish you could sit here with me, because my pictures don't do it justice at all.  This is what we started with:

A daunting task to clean up, to say the least.  The Macy's truck arrived around 2:30 with two of the most cheerful delivery men I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  (Kudos to Macy's for great employees and customer service!)  Bringing the armoire upstairs and around a very tight turn was no easy task but they managed it beautifully.  And after a few hours of cleanup and organization, look at all it holds!

Piles and piles of wrapping paper fit into the big bottom drawer.  Before I had it all stashed in a big old Target plastic bag, but now I am organized beautifully!

In the top half I was able to fit games, toys, a tea set, books, and all of my painting and craft supplies, plus a few pictures!

The biggest chore of the night was bringing up the chaise lounge.  Not only was it heavy (hence the muscle soreness) but it was almost too big to fit around the tight turn in the hallway, and definitely too large to fit through the doorway.  We had to take the door off to get in in the room, ugghh!  But finally it was installed (after a minor repair of a gash in one of the legs - that happened as we realized it wasn't going to go through the doorway with the door there...)  But here it is, just waiting for me to lounge on it - tomorrow night for sure!

Again, the photo doesn't even begin to do it justice...

L set to work hanging pictures, as you can see.  He's a perfectionist and hangs every picture after measuring and using a level.  It took a couple of hours to do all of this, but if it had been me doing it, they would never have been this straight, and there would have been several more nail holes in the wall, although it would have gotten done a lot faster.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  I can't mathematically hang pictures to save my life - I just eyeball it and hope for the best.  L did a really really good job.  You'll notice a couple of the frames are empty or half empty, but we had to hang them to get the spacing right for the rest of them.  The pictures to fill them will be ordered shortly.  But doesn't it look GREAT?

Hmmm... this picture looks a little wonky - I had the camera tilted I guess.  I promise - the pictures are very VERY straight!  These are all pictures I've wanted to have framed for a year and longer.  I hired Sue's daughter to take some pictures last summer, and then there are wedding photos, and others.  I am so excited to have them hung at last!

Here are a last couple of shots.  

There're still more pictures to frame and hang, and a few little details to take care of, but it's a cozy little room that has everything I need at my fingertips.  I absolutely love it, and I'm so grateful to my sweet husband for taking this project on and making it a reality.  I don't know how I ever got so lucky, but I am very very grateful.  Now I have no excuse at all not to get my projects done, as I have a beautiful place to work.
I'm off to bed after a nice warm shower.  There's nothing like cleaning and organizing a room and accompanying closet to give you a sense of accomplishment and a very dirty fingernails.  Thank you to L for making wishes come true today, and giving this girl some very sweet dreams!


  1. Oh, it's BEAUTIFUL! Love the way it all turned out. It looks like such a calm room to be in. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. What a haven! You are going to LOVE being in that room.


  3. Fabulous. I love the transformation!

  4. Heaven in your own house! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Lucky girl!

  5. It looks great and will be so user friendly!! When things are organized, it feels like I can actually THINK better!! Have fun with your "new" room!!!

  6. So clean and organized- just lovely. Projects will be so fun to do in that room!

  7. It's great! Now I'm really inspired to get my room going...your hubby sounds like mine with the level, and measuring tape..I'm like you. Give me a hammer and nails and bam it's up....then bam it's down..then bam..well, you get the idea! Good job!


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