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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winding Down Sunday Evening

Sunday night.  Church way over.  House cleaned up.  Clean sheets on the bed.  Washing almost done (sorry - I always do the wash on Sunday, and the house gets cleaned on Sunday - it's our Sabbath ritual.  But we do it reverently.)
It was a good weekend.  We shopped some more for my office and found a chaise that will fit perfectly.  Now I'll have something to lounge and read on, and when the little ones come, we can snuggle on it and watch movies together.  At Target we found another lamp with the best red silk shade.

We also found some black shelving there, and a couple of frames.  We came home with our loot and got some pictures framed.  I can't wait to get them hung on the wall.

(Sorry for the murky, grainy picture above.  I tried it with the camera and it was blurry - I need to remember to be still in a darker room.  So that was snapped with the i-phone rather than drag the camera all out again.)

Not too much longer now.  I got the date wrong for the armoire delivery.  It's not tomorrow, it's next Monday, the 31st.  That means I have to go to work tomorrow.  That was the only disappointment in the whole weekend, but it's probably for the best.  Tomorrow starts the last week in our third quarter, and a bad time to be out.  So next Saturday we can pick up the chaise.  We'll probably store it in our bedroom until the armoire is installed on the 31st.  Then (if I can wrestle it away from L) we'll put it in my office, and we can hang pictures.  It's a big mess in here, but it's so fun to look around and imagine how different, how cozy, how warm this room will look in a week's time.  And part of the fun is that L is enjoying it almost as much as I am.
So it's Sunday night, and time to settle in.  It was very windy today - my least favorite weather.  It makes me feel dry and itchy and chapped.  It gives L a sinus headache.  Luckily now it's calm outside and cool.  Get a few things organized, drag L away from his computer, and snuggle awhile with a movie or a cooking show.  Speaking of cooking, I made the Molasses Cookies from Cherie Bakow's blog here and they got rave reviews.  I gave the last ones away today to our home teachers.  The recipe is easy and just really really good.  Instead of dipping in white chocolate, however, I made a glaze and brushed it on each cookie.  Just sweet enough.  Thanks, Cherie, for the recipe!
I hope you all have a good week ahead with sunnier skies than most of the country has had for the past week.  One other thing I was able to do on Saturday: I exchanged the Coach bracelet that L had given me for Christmas (which lost a crystal on the second wearing) for a Coach wallet instead.  I had to supplement with some gift certificates I'd been given but it's a great wallet.

And I'll be using it way longer than I would have used the bracelet.  So thanks again to my sweet husband I have a pretty new wallet to organize tonight.  Love it - especially since I wouldn't have gone out and gotten it all on my own.  I'm more prone to pick mine out at Target, so this was a special treat indeed.
One last good thing: I finally felt well enough today to leave out a day's dose of Prednisone (steroids) for my RA.  I know it sounds like a small thing, but I've been struggling back from the flareup I had in October, and I was able - FINALLY - to do without it for a day today.  If all goes well for the next week, I'll try leaving out another day the following week.  In the meantime, I eat lots of protein, stay away from evil carbs, drink lots of water, and take my supplements religiously.  Things are looking up.


  1. Love your new wallet. I always like getting one and reorganizing myself.

    I'm excited about your room and can't wait to see pictures of the completed decor.

    Sorry about your flare, but I'm glad you are feeling well enough to start walking down the prednisone!


  2. Your office is looking amazing and I'm hoping someday mine will too. I laughed at your sabbath day ritual..I love that you do it reverently! My hubby will wish he was your home teacher, he loves molasses cookies so I'll have to sneak over to that blog and get that recipe! Hope you're feeling better. My Mom-in-law had RA and I know how painful it can be. Working in surgery, we see many RA pts. that come in for total joints. They are always the nicest pts. and never complain about pain..probably because it's so much a part of their lives. P.S...cute wallet!

  3. Love your new wallet :) Glad you had a nice weekend!

  4. Love the red shade...I bet it makes the bedroom glow so pretty at night! The black shelves are great...love having family pics on shelves like this! ~And the wallet....fun! I got a coach bracelet for Christmas too and I do love it! Your wallet is really pretty...have fun organizing!!

  5. It's exciting to get your office organized with all that nice new furniture. I'm excited for you! I love getting organized too. Nice wallet.

  6. Don't you love getting things organized? Love your lamp with the red shade and also your wallet!

    Can't wait to see the armoire and the chaise lounge.
    It's good that you know what to do to control the RA! No fun!

  7. Such fun- re organizing a room, and new furniture to boot!

    and I'd like to know how you clean without music of the non-reverent type? I must have my cleaning music on to get it done.

  8. Sounds like the perfect day. I love getting the little things done like that. I need to get my act together. I have 4 frames hanging ON THE WALL already but still haven't ordered the photos to go in them. They've been hanging empty for almost a year now!

    Love your new wallet.


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