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Monday, February 14, 2011

Girl Time Is The Best - Even When Scott Comes Too

I had THE BEST weekend!  Katie and Zach arrived on Friday early evening just before I got home from work.  I'd already arranged with Ashley to go to the movies that night so now all three of us were excited to go.  At the last minute Scott decided he didn't want to be left home alone, and because he fits in so well with all of us girls, he came along too.  And I'm so glad he did - he kept us laughing from beginning to end.   We went to see "Just Go With It" with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler.  It's a little bit rude, perhaps, but no bad language or nudity.  Just a lot of funny. 
After the movie we were all starving.  Scott suggested The Hat - famous for their pastrami sandwiches and chili cheese fries.  I'd never been there and I've heard other people rave about it so we went.  I'm here to say I would never eat there again.  Really salty pastrami and the onion rings were over cooked.  The chili cheese fries were just heart block waiting to happen so I passed on those.  I felt like I ate tons of grease.  Yuck.  But we laughed so hard we were crying greasy tears.  I can't even remember WHAT we laughed at.  Knowing Scott and Katie, anything and everything.  I just know we had a great time.  We had someone there snap our picture - greasy food trash and all.
I know... I know... we all look like we'd been gorging on greasy stuff.  I guess one night won't kill you.  Hopefully.  Poor Zach was holed up in my office studying away, and L just shook his head and waved us off.  He knew better than to come, I think.  We would have embarrassed him.

The next day Katie and I stopped first at Shinoda to get her some silk flowers for the gorgeous hair clips she makes.  Once you're in that place, it's really REALLY hard to get out.  There's Just.So. Much.  Ashley called and asked if we were still coming for lunch so we hustled it up and got outta there.  We had a real ladies' lunch at Champagne Bakery, sitting outside in the gorgeous sunny weather.  It was heaven.  Ash had to get back to work (she is the manager of the Sunglass Hut inside Macy's Men's Store), and Katie and I continued on.  We stopped in at Sephora as she wanted a couple of things.  We were there at least two hours.  Katie wanted to learn to do a smokey eye.  One of their makeup artists took us on and made her up with a smokey eye.  She looked GORGEOUS!  But look at him -  I didn't notice at the time that with his shaped eyebrows and manicured beard he looked like that face where you magnetically drag beards and eyebrows into place to make different faces.  (Can't remember what it's called now....anyone?)

More shopping after that, and Katie left her Shade tank top inside the dressing room at Ann Taylor Loft.  We had such a pile it kind of blended in with the discards.  (She was a little sad about that when she realized it later.)  Finally it was time to go home.  Zach was done with his exam and waiting for Katie.  We were both hungry and she was going out to dinner with Scott and Ashley (Zach's brother was playing college basketball on TV and he opted to dine alone at a sports bar so he could watch.)  L and I went out for a quiet dinner on our own.

I missed (as always) the fun and laughing and commotion.  I was sad that Katie was leaving the next morning.  It was all too short.  But I'd finally gotten the girl time with her I was craving and that will have to do me for awhile, I suspect.  Zach leaves to finish up school in Puerto Rico this week, and Katie and the girls will join him for two weeks at the end of March.  They'll find out where they're going for Zach's residency next month also.  I'm hoping it's not too far away, but it likely will be.  *sigh*  But hopefully it will be a good place to visit!  *looking more cheerful*

Reading back over this, it doesn't sound nearly as fun as it was.  It was just chock full of old inside jokes, banter between brother and sister, and lots of girl time between Katie, Ashley, and me.  We all think the same things are funny, and it was soooo good to reconnect and have some good laughs.  I'm thinking seriously about having a girls weekend within the next year.  It's tricky because Katie will be busy moving, Scott and Ashley are busy figuring out their next move, and Ronna is pregnant and due in September.  But we really must give it a good try and try to make it a yearly tradition.  Because girls just need some time now and then to get together and be silly.  I wonder if Scott will crash that weekend, too...


  1. I had so much fun Mom! I was sad Saturday morning too when it was time to go home. Thanks for the good time!

  2. I think it all sounds like LOADS of fun, and I'm glad you got to do it.

    My sister will be glad to hear that an adult female actually enjoyed an Adam Sandler movie. (I think I told you that her husband is his production designer.)

    Usually his movies are those only an adolescent male could love...


  3. Sue - hmmmm... I LIKE Adam Sandler, but more his recent movies (i.e. Spanglish). He was really really good in this and good chemistry between him and Jennifer Anniston. She's the one I usually don't like, but I liked her in this.

  4. I love them both in just about everything!

  5. Wow, I'm jealous of the girl time! Having 4 boys...no daughters...but when my sis and Mom and I get together it is a bit hilarious! Sounds like a great weekend and frankly, you look as young as the beautiful girls...did you get a "smokey eye" also? Thanks for the movie review also...have to give it a shot!

  6. I love girl time, what a fun weekend you had!

    So does that mean I'm really a teenage boy? I know I was very tom-boy in high school- and I like Adam Sandler too- almost all of his movies that I've seen.

  7. It DOES sound like your weekend was totally terrific!! It is so fun when you can have daughters around and believe it or not, I am going to have all four of mine here in one place, along with our only son and his fiance! I am so looking forward to that!! It will happen week end after this next one.

    Sue already told you about my son in law being Adam Sandler's production designer. He doesn't always get an opportunity to do other movies, but is on one right now that isn't Adam's and my poor daughter, Nikki, will be alone until June as he has been in Boston shooting this. It's too bad because he has been type cast as the one to do all the dumb so called comedies. Adam's are really not too bad if he doesn't write the script and he didn't write this last one with Jennifer Aniston. He also didn't write Spanglish, which I too liked.

    You do have a neat family, Karen, and I enjoy hearing about them.

  8. What fun! I am looking forward to visiting my daughter and her family in Texas this weekend. I love seeing my grandbabies and hanging out with my hilarious son in law and fun daughter. I can't wait.

  9. I think it sounds like alot of fun! But I understand trying to translate all that went on to the blog - somewhere in the translation you just cannot recreate all the fun and goodness!
    I am so glad you had a great time with your Katie! (I love that we both have Katie's :-D)

    That guy with the shaped eyebrows - HILARIOUS!!! He does look like that magnetic thingy which I also cannot remember the name of - ha ha!

  10. You are a smart one Karen *wink wink*. It was so fun and daring!!!!!. :)

  11. I wish I was there that weekend. I've been desperately in need of some girlfriend time. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun. Glad Katie got to visit. BTW...I loved that Spanglish movie too. I like Adam Sandler movies more now then when he first started.


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