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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lexi & Matthew Send Love to Mema & Papa

I dragged my sorry tail home after work today completely spent.  We were sent an email from Corporate today informing us that there are going to be approximately 1500 - 2000 layoffs in the next couple of months.  Yay...  I don't think I'm in any serious danger, but it can't help but be constantly in the back of my mind.  Put a real damper on the day is what it did.  In reality though, I'm pretty much on the bottom of the food chain as far as salaries go, and many of the things I do no one else knows how to do, so it would be a little painful for many if I were to be let go.  Crossing my fingers that that's the case, anyway.

So imagine my surprise and delight, then, to come home and find an envelope addressed in RED letters to "Mema & Papa."  Return address: Parker, CO.  It was the sweetest little Valentine's card from our Lexi and Matthew and signed by Lexi: "Alexis"  The day wasn't a total bust after all.  Two sweet little munchkins were thinking of us.  There's nothing like an unexpected surprise in the mail to lift your spirits.  Especially if it's from someone who's as cute as these two are:

Photo by Heather Anderson of TenderShootz

I keep reading about everyone's getaway visits to see their grandkids.  I'm about due, I think.  These little ones are growing faster than I want to think about.  Great balls of fire, where does the time go?  I don't want to be at work collecting purchase orders and keeping schedules.  I want to be visiting zoos and playing games.  I must get my traveling shoes on, and pack some bags.  Soon.

And oh - by the way: if you're going to be in the Southern California area in March, you might just consider attending this little soiree:

Katie is going to have her jewelry for little girls there - and also some for big girls too!  I've heard this is an amazing boutique so if you're in the area, stop by and have a look.  You can also see Katie's jewelry on her MiaMoo site.  If you have little girls who love fun and colorful jewelry you need to take a peek.  I've heard the Easter Bunny likes to shop there...


  1. It's always a bit nerve-wracking when layoffs are going on, but I can't imagine you are in danger...for the reasons you describe and more!

    I am having fun with the family, and I hope you get to do the same very soon.


  2. Oh my goodness those are such cute pictures and DARLING children!!! No wonder you are ready to go a-visiting!

    Hope the job thing continues to go well--fingers and toes crossed--

  3. I love mail, I hate layoffs. Your Mr. Matt has the prettiest blue eyes- they just pop in that picture.

  4. Hopefully layoffs will not be the future for you, but I'm hoping for the grandkiddo visit! They are adorable! I sure would love a trip to CA, whether it was for jewerly or sun!

  5. You DO need to get you traveling shoes on!!!!! They grow up too fast. They sure are cute!

  6. Oh Karen, your grandchildren are adorable! It is so hard to be away from them when they are so young. They just grow up way too fast.

    The job thing can be very scary. It's a good thing you think you won't be affected. My whole department was done away with and it was devastating. It was during the aerospace cut backs in the early 1970's. It sure hit me at a bad time. My husband had just left me for another woman, I had three children still at home to support. I couldn't pay the mortgage payments so was about to lose my house (which I did) and I had to go on church welfare for three months before I could find another job.

    Thanks for being such a loyal reader of my blog.

  7. Lexi was very excited about sending her Valentine's Day cards. So glad you enjoyed yours. She was also excited that you called to thank her. She's such a social little butterfly!
    Hope the layoffs wont affect you, sounds like you'll be safe, but layoffs are still nerve-racking.
    Do you have a month or time frame in mind when you'd like to visit? I'm open for a visit from you anytime!

  8. Those are cute pictures! Lexi sent Mia a Valentine too :)

  9. You are right, the job affects your mood and worry center. Hopefully things will stay good for you.
    Visiting grandkids is a huge stress releiver! Actually I think that boutique would do it for me too...ha!
    Your pics and Valetines are just precious...and yes, a visit is in order!! I get to see mine little ones tomorrow for a birthday and I can't wait!!

  10. Karen,

    Sorry for using your blog to answer your question...I wasn't sure if you would look back at mine for the info.

    Yes I do photoshop every. single. image. I take. Getting a good base image in camera is the trick to getting an even more beautiful photo with photoshop. To learn photoshop I did a series of online courses through lynda.com. helped a lot!

    I actually used a texture overlay on those images also. Using textures make images look more like fine art than just a photograph.

    Hope this helped?

  11. Katie just sent me your blog link! I liked reading your posts and seeing all of your cute pictures! It's sort of like catching up without buying a plane ticket!
    Candace (long lost niece) :)

  12. Aww Candace! So good to hear from you! I hope you'll come back and keep in touch. I haven't seen you in forever - much much too long!


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