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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Sister-Daughters

The last post about what makes us beautiful got me thinking.  What is it - beyond physical features - that makes us beautiful to other people?  And its funny here how what I see as beautiful in someone else may not be something that the other person identifies in herself.  That's why it's good we're all here together, so we can give each other sincere, positive feedback, see?
Anyway, that train of thought led to the fact that I've always wished I had sisters.  Brothers are great, but I would have loved at least one sister.  Someone to confide in, share secrets with, trade clothes with, get advice from or be a mentor to.  Well, that never happened, but I feel I've got the next best thing these days: a daughter and two daughter in laws.  It might even be as good.

Now of course I've known my Katie, my daughter the longest, and for years (unbeknownst to her) she has been my hero, my "schischter" (private joke).  She has determination and resolve that I've only dreamed about.  She never gives up and she oozes confidence.  I've always admired how she can go out barefaced and look so beautiful.  Makeup is good too, but she doesn't need it to feel good about herself.  She's the quintessential beach girl.  Starting in high school she suffered a broken neck and 3 knee surgeries.  She never feels perfect - there's always an ache somewhere but she never EVER complains.  She never stops living.  She's not defined by her pain and discomfort.  That's been an inspiration to me now that I, too, have chronic pain.  Katie is one of the funniest people I know, and one of the things I miss the most now that she's grown up with kiddies of her own is having time to just sit and talk and really get to laughing about anything and everything.  I wish I had been strong and confident like her when I was growing up, but she's been the best sort of example to me in my old age.  I'm a better person because of who she is.  She is beautiful to me.

Ronna is my oldest son's wife.  She is feisty and strong willed.  This is a good thing because my son is strong willed, and she doesn't stand for any nonsense from him.  She expects him to help out at home and spend time with the children AND with her.  No excuses.  He's a good talker and debater, but she sees through the noise and can cut to the chase.  She brings out the softer side in Rex that allows him to relax and be comfortable in his skin.  She loves her family fiercely and protects them like a mama bear.  I'm just the mother in law, but she's always glad to see me.  We always have good talks when I go to visit, and we both love to go to Sephora.  She has her fears and her feelings of inadequacy - like any of us.  But she faces them squarely, and with great courage she has fought through many of them.  I'm so proud of her.  She is beautiful to me.

Ashley is the newest.  I've only known her for about a year.  But in that year she's shown me grace under pressure, thoughtfulness beyond measure, and a strong sense of humor.  She loves my Scott, and it radiates in her face every time she looks at him.  Every man should be adored like that.  And yet, in her gracious way, she has also impressed upon him the need for improvement.  Improvement in keeping the house clean and in simply being responsible.  Being married to Ashley has made him a protective, loving husband and family man, and it's sweet to see.  Ashley knows what she wants and what she likes, and she knows how to get it.  But its never done in an overbearing way.  This girl has grace and charm, and it's made me rethink being bossy and stubborn.  Surprisingly, she likes to do things with me, and it makes my day.  It makes me feel lucky.  And she is beautiful to me.
While all of these girls are physically beautiful, they are all just as beautiful inside.  And so, when wrinkles, and gray hair, and middle age woes hit, they will still be beautiful: to their children, to their husbands, and to everyone they interact with.  And they will be especially beautiful to me - they are the sisters I never had.


  1. Thanks Schischter! I needed to hear that :)

  2. I have a sister that I love and admire for her many talents and abilities and her beauty that she would say she doesn't have. It's non stop laughing fest when we're together. We just wish we lived in the same state! I envy those with daughters. After 4 boys, I would have loved a daughter. My daughter-in-law, from my second son, and I get along great and we always have fun together. We talk for ages on the phone! It's great to see the love you have for your children and they for you. It makes life so fun! Your beautiful grandkiddos are the frosting on the cake!

  3. Beautiful post, Karen. It seems to me you have found many sisters in this life even if they weren't technically born your sisters. :)

  4. Karen this is such a neat post. I admire your writing skills.
    You are such a beautiful person inside and out. A great mother and boy, these 3 women in your life must feel so special.
    I can relate to your words so much. I also grew up the only girl with no sisters. I am so very thankful to have 2 girls of my own. I not only love the relationship that they have with each other but am so thankful that I have such a great relationship with them both and as they have grown into women we have become such great friends.
    Women just need other women!
    You are blessed beyond measure!!

  5. This was beautiful, Karen.
    They are lucky to have you in their lives, with this perspective on them.

  6. What lucky girls to have you! They are so beautiful

  7. What a wonderful post! Isn't it wonderful to be friends with your daughter(s) and daughters-in-law? I have 4 daughters that are the world to me! They're my heroes and I truly admire them. I have 3 daughters-in-law who are so amazing, I don't know how I got so lucky.
    Thanks for posting these thought provoking messages.

  8. What a perfect tribute to the three wonderful "sisters" in your life.

    I am grateful for my real sisters and my daughter-sisters, too. They are such important women to me.


  9. You are right...REAL beauty is so recognisable from ALL angles! You have many beauties in yours...the adults AND the sweet little girls!
    That Katie sounds amazing...she is a true beauty in every sense. So are YOU!!!!

  10. What a sweet post. It is wonderful to have such women in your life.


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