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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Two Day Weekend Is Never Long Enough

It's been a full day.  A weekend that whizzed by, and is too soon over.   The highlight of Saturday was lunch with my son Scott.  It's always fun to spend time with Scott.  He's sensitive, funny, and I always feel good after an hour or two spent with him.  He can converse about so many subjects, and on so many levels that it's always interesting, thoughtful, and hilarious all at the same time.  I'd just gotten my toenails painted a most delicious shade of frosted lavender, rushed to Tustin for lunch with Scott at Wahoo's, and then made my way home.  L was home waiting and was in a Home Depot frame of mind.  I never argue with that as good things always result.

Saturday's result was 2 new curtain rods hung in my office to hold spools of ribbon.  You know - all of those rolls of ribbon that you toss into a box or drawer and you forget what you even have.  Now they're all hanging nicely from a decorative rod on the wall, just waiting to be used.  Love it - another wish fulfilled.

While at Home Depot we also found a beautiful area rug for the room that will add some warmth and color to the room.  Yes, they DO have nice rugs there!  Who knew?  It will arrive about 10 days and I'll post a picture of the difference it makes in the room.  You'll be amazed.

On the way home we swung by Target and picked up a couple more frames.  I was able to frame a lovely print I'd gotten in Hawaii about 5 years ago at an outdoor arts and crafts show in Maui.  It's a print of a silk painting and was matted with the most lovely purple mat.  Unfortunately when we got the frame home the mat was too big for the frame.  Luckily, L saved the day and cut it down for me.

He has such a precise mind and everything always fits perfectly after he gets done with it.  The other item that got framed was the image I purchased from Katie Blacker, one of my favorite photographers that I actually found through her blog.  It's a closeup detailed image of the doors on the Salt Lake Temple, and it's just lovely.  See Katie? - I finally got it framed!  And I love how it looks on the wall next to a montage of old photographs taken several years ago by MY Katie.  She had a great eye even back then.

Today is a blur.  Church, wash, cleaning the house, and making Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever for the missionaries who are coming to dinner tomorrow night.  We don't know what we're having for dinner, but there will be chocolate cake.  The recipe is sort of a cross between cake and brownies - very chocolatey and moist, but not as dense as brownies.  You need buttermilk and L went to the store twice yesterday because I forgot about the buttermilk.  I need to be more organized.  And then, at the last minute I decided to make blueberry pancakes that I can heat up in the toaster in the morning and slather with lemon curd to eat on the way to work.  It sounds good in theory - I hope it is in fact.  But then again, you're talking to a person who will eat cold meatballs or chicken for breakfast, so blueberry pancakes with lemon curd should taste stellar.

Caught the last of the Oscars - Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Movie.  I didn't see anything that won, so it wasn't too exciting.  And now they're just obsessing about everyone's clothes.  I'm just not into it tonight, for some reason.  But L is in our room waiting for me to finish here and join him.  And that's what sounds good.  Wash my face and snuggle for a bit before bed.  And that's a fitting end to Sunday night and the weekend.

I also practiced a little bit with my camera.  These are some shells on our mantle.  I was practicing a 
depth of field setting that Katie showed me how to do.  I think it turned out well, don't you?


  1. NOTHING better than taking time for lunch...or anytime spent with your child!!
    The ribbon area is such a great idea...mine are in a cabinet and I am always sorting. Great idea and looks nice too! Can't wait to see the rug.
    Blueberry panckes with lemon curd? Yum!!! What a way t o start the day! I'm with Jenifer Mac...you're fun!!

  2. So awesome! it looks great! Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Lovely day in the life of.....

    Love the seashell photo-- and your new ribbon station and photos on the wall!

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

    I love that photo of Katie's, too. It will be great in the room, and I can't wait to see the rug. The ribbon station is a totally cool idea.

    And my mom always told me you can add vinegar to regular milk as s substitute for buttermilk.


  5. I want to know who decided on the 5/2 split- I think a 4/3 would have been much better. Your blueberry pancakes sound amazing with lemon curd. mmm.

  6. Love the last picture, nice job! I can see you're putting your textures to good use too:) I'm jealous of your curtain rods, I need them so bad right now for my necklaces that are already made. Right now I have the all laying in a box.

  7. Nice job on that last pic! Sounds like you had a very fun packed, busy weekend. I agree, they are way too short! The chocolate cake is one we call "Texas sheet cake"..only I put a teaspoon of cinnamon in the batter and I always double my frosting recipe (and add nuts)..so it's pretty much the same! Glad you could spend time with your son and those pics on your wall look fab! Love the Temple doors!

  8. You really had a very productive weekend!! I love all the great things you got done and am looking forward to seeing the new carpet when it comes in. I have to say, all my ribbons are tossed in a drawer and yours looks so perfect on the neat hangers. Wish I had some wall space for some.

    Your cake sounds a lot like my choco brownie cake, and it is a great one! It seems to be known by many different names. I've heard it called "Texas Sheet Cake" before but I'll bet the one you make with the buttermilk is similar. Yes, Sue is right about the buttermilk, I have had to substitute putting vinegar in just regular milk, one and a half teaspoons for a half cup of milk. It works just as well, but I still like using the buttermilk the best for some unknown reason.

    I am hoping to feel up to posting some of the recipe's I promised tomorrow. Your blue berry pancakes sounds delish.


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