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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Customized Trio Of Days

It's another linky party over at Jen's blog.  The question posed today was this: what would you do if you had a day, or two, or three all to yourself?  No obligations, no small children clamoring - nothing you didn't want to do. What would you do?  That one made me stop and think.  I'm so accustomed to having very structured days that it was hard to come up with anything.  But then my mind began to wander, and I changed the rules a bit to add the fact that I could also control the weather.
My perfect 3 days would be stretchy and adjustable.  They would allow for lazy mornings reading in bed (I hear it's bad for you but I don't care.  It's a guilty pleasure.)  Somehow blueberry pancakes would appear.  And fresh squeezed orange juice.  Eggs over easy.  Into the shower, and just for today my hair wouldn't take an hour to blow dry and style.  It would be frizz free and shiny.  All of the girls would be in town for the day (a miracle in itself!) and we would have a girl's holiday.

So it's off to shop and lunch and enjoy the sunshine down by the beach.  Lots of girl talk, lots of laughing with all my girls.  We all find something to love while we shop, and we all like our bodies (I know - I live in a fantasy world).
By late afternoon we've headed to the spa and we're all having massages,facials, manicures, pedicures - whatever we want.  (It's my perfect few days, right?  So I've also got plenty of money.)  Relaxed, happy, and skin glowing and toes painted, we head to my house where we'll whip up the perfect little meal together.  Some kind of good salad with maybe a little BBQd steak on the side.  Our hair is all wrecked up and oily from the massages and facials so we can't really go out.  We have movies - our favorite chick flicks - and we watch them together and continue the laughter and silliness and love.  And that's Day 1.
Overnight, the clouds roll in.  I wake up in the middle of the night and I can smell the rain in the puffs of fresh air blowing through the open window.  (My perfect days are in early summer)  You know that smell of moisture and damp earth that comes just ahead of the rain?  Yeah... that's what blows in the window...  A little bit of lightning, not too close, and distant thunder.  Then the rain... I can fall back to sleep listening to the sweet rain falling.
Never mind that this is Puerto Rico - I wish it rained like this everywhere.  And last night, here, it did!

Day 2 is a rainy day.  I'm content to stay inside, drag out neglected projects, and get things done.  I may paint something, I might clean out a closet, I might just lay on my chaise and catch up on my reading.  It's my day.  It feels good to accomplish something in the warmth of the house while it's rainy and wet outside.  My soul is renewed, and I've improved my world in some small way.  I think there are also clean, warm sheets on the bed, and I go to bed that night tired and happy, sinking into cushy warmth.

Day 3 is bright and sunny.  It's a day for L and me to spend together.  I've already seen my girls, we've pampered ourselves, we've sunned ourselves, and we've had girl time.  I've had my solitude, getting my own little projects finished and my spirits lifted.  I've had time to think and reflect.  So Day 3 is for my best friend and me to spend together.
Yes, L would love to hike all over the Grand Canyon. He has to adjust to my limitations.  My bad knees and ankles.

I can concentrate on him and enjoy his company - which I do anyway, but just for today there are no distractions like work or church or family obligations.  Just the two of us.  We take a long walk around Balboa, or maybe a hike in the hills.  We eat at our favorite places, or maybe we shop and bring good things home to cook and eat.  We have fun either way.  L likes to plug his i-Phone into the stereo system and blast his i-Tunes while we cook.  Beatles, Neil Young, Jack Johnson (my fave!), Jackson Browne.  We sing along as we cook.  Unless it's Yes - "Greatest rock and roll band in the history of music" says L.  But I don't think so, and I roll my eyes.  We agree to disagree.  Later, we snuggle in front of the TV and have a little something sweet and a Diet Coke.  Off to bed, and I fall asleep with my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat keeping time with my thoughts as I drift off.  And a ways off, I can hear the train clacking on the tracks as it rushes  through the late night air - our final nighttime lullaby.
3 days with no particular routine.  One for my girls, one for me, one for my love.

I hope my boys aren't feeling left out.  Tim is planning a wedding, so nah - he's occupied.

Andrew would rather be hiking in the mountains with L.

Zach is so deep into med school he'd never even notice.

But Rex likes to go and do, so I'd need to have a special day just for going and doing with him.

And knowing Scott, he'd probably come and crash our girl's day.  And we'd all wonder how we would've had any fun at all without him.


  1. so sweet Karen. You have such a nice family. I love your days.

  2. That was fun to read. I think your 3 days sound perfect! You have a beautiful family.

  3. I feel refreshed just hanging out with you in this imaginary 3 day fun fest..Sounds delightful! I'm glad your Son-in-Law has his med match and I'm sure they will love the east coast. Great places to visit and learn new things! I love seeing these new docs spread their wings, and hopefully bring good care into this crazy world! They're the ones that will be taking care of us in our (well, mine now I guess!) old age. Congrats to him and his family!

  4. So fun! Like yaya--I feel refreshed just reading it all. Your writing just gets better and better. Love that you want to hang with your family--I'm just like that too. Family or by myself. Loved the pics!

  5. Loved this, Karen! You have definitely described the perfect three days (and very well, too). I like how you included the whole family, with photos yet.

    This was a great post!!


  6. This was fantastic. I loved it, especially how you incorporated the weather. Great post.

  7. Wow! Your 3 days sounds like heaven!

  8. How can we make your day 1 a REALITY?! Oh pretty please! I would love it!

  9. Your girl's day sounds like heaven to me. Can I come too?

    And, WHAT???! Why is reading in bed supposed to be bad for you?

  10. Haha, oh man I laughed out loud when I read that. I was wondering when you would fit me in. You know me all too well. Im so not independent when it comes to ashley and i doing things on our own. It makes sense that i would crash your girls party. I could go for a facial mask with some cucumber slices over my eyes. Maybe even a mani/peti. Sshh, don't tell ashley.

  11. Could you have a MORE beautiful family??? They are all gorgeous people!!
    Well, I'd like to ditto all of your 3 day journey...right down to the pedi-mani's!! Sounds like a wonderful time!
    Fun post!


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