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The second best are very expensive.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Going To Les Mis

I know we have our big writing assignment with Jen at Denton Sanatorium tomorrow, but I needed to squeal a little bit first about the big surprise that L gave me tonight.  I think he's been feeling sorry for me because I've been a little wigged out about my job going bye-bye in a couple of months, so he made up a "Half Birthday Surprise" for me: tickets to Les Miserables in July at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles!!  SQUEEEEE!!!
I'm not a huge fan of theatre - not even Phantom of the Opera, which everyone else went nuts for.  But this one - it just struck a chord with me.  I saw it many years ago in Los Angeles before LaMar was ever a twinkle in my eye.  I've been yakking to him for years about how wonderful it was and how much I love the music, and how inspirational the story... don't even get me started on the book.  Tonight he forked over tickets as a surprise.  Seriously, I almost started crying.  I'm so excited, and it will be a really nice thing to look forward to over the next few difficult months of transition.  Because I don't know what I'm transitioning TO makes it all the more difficult.  But Les Mis tickets...  I think I can handle anything with that on the horizon.  What can I do for L in return?  Probably stop moping around and talking incessantly about work.  Yep, I think that'd do it.


  1. We loved Les Mis, and I'm glad you get to see it again!

    So sorry that your work life has gone awry. Job uncertainty is no fun at all, and unemployment is even worse. (Brilliant observation on my part...)

    The good news is that you will weather it, I'm sure, and come out smiling. After all, who wouldn't want to hire a cute, smart, funny lady like you?

    Meanwhile, have fun at that play. And give L an extra hug...Sounds like he deserves it!


  2. Karen, I literally just squealed out loud reading this!!! I ADORE Les Mis and have been a fan wince I was a child. Sadly, I have never seen a live performance, although I know every word to almost every song!
    Coincidentally, our local public tv station aired the 25 year anniversary performance over the weekend and I recorded it and watched it with my children this morning. The girls immediately fell in love with Cosette, and of course, I got teary-eyed watching them watch Les Mis!
    I am SO excited for you!!♥

  3. He just scored some serious brownie points or whatever you call them at your house!!

    I would be squealing too! You are a lucky girl!

  4. Way to score some major points LaMar!

  5. I am just so happy for you. I've heard it is wonderful, and why shouldn't it be with all that great music. I too share your love of the book. I have read it a few times and I always enjoy the re-read. If it ever comes to our town, I think I would be ready to pop for the tickets (pretty expensive in Palm Desert as our theater is fairly small) Still, it would be worth it.

    You have a great husband, Karen, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this. Have fun!!

  6. What a coincidence! I'm watching it on TV as I type this. I saw it with Grandma when I was 16 and again at the Hollywood Bowl a couple years ago. I am not a theatre fan either ( I HATE Phantom) but Les Mis is an exception. Oooooo did you read the book?!?! I read it many years ago, all 2000 or however many pages. I've never met anyone else who read it. Isn't it amazing?

  7. Les Mis was always my favorite (until I saw Wicked) but I still adore it and it has the best music by far of any show!! LOVE IT!!
    That was a nice surprise for you :-D


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