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The second best are very expensive.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meatballs & Waffles & Wings, Oh My

Only one more day of work.  One. More. Day.  And then its hop in the car for 9 hours on our way to Utah. Zion. The Motherland.  Home of Wingers and Red Iguana.  Most people thrill over the canyons, the hiking, the outdoorsiness of it all.  Or maybe Conference or Temple Square.  Yeah yeah yeah.  All of that.  But I've mapped out the FOOD.  The Belgian Waffle place we'll have breakfast - Bruges Waffles and Frites..

Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery.  And Guy Fieri's picks (Diners DriveIns and Dives): Blue Plate Diner, Moochie's Meatballs, Lone Star Taquiera, Ruth's Diner, and Pat's BBQ.  Anybody eaten at any of these places?  Anyone??
I imagine I'll have to do a fair amount of walking/hiking to make up for the luscious yumminess of it all, but I'm excited.  Oh, and I'm excited to see Andrew and my brother and wife Greta and niece Ari.  Of course.  It'll be great.  And I'll get to meet/visit with Jess - maybe she'll want to go out to eat with me!
Work has been grueling and chaotic.  I'm anxious to leave it all behind for a few days and think about anything else.  I need to relax and recharge and spend some time not packing boxes, and counting inventory.
Too focused on the food?  Probably.  But I know you'll wish you were with me when I'm having a waffle covered in hot fudge and piled with strawberries and whipped cream.  (I know I'll wish you were with me, too, so I would have someone to share it with...)  Delicacies such as that are much better shared with your sister friends and good conversation.  I will be with L and Andrew, who don't cotton much to loud laughter and chatter.  My two Silent Partners.  *sigh* { I'm counting on you, Jess... more than you know... }
I'm sure once I hear the words spoken at April Conference I'll be able to get a grip, and put the eating part of the trip into proper perspective.  One would hope.  But the boys - L and Andrew - are going to the Lakers/Jazz game on Friday night.  I don't know if they'll be able to reach my lofty spiritual height after that.  It'll be tough, and may depend on whether the Lakers win or lose.
One thing I need to remember: while in Utah I may be able to hide a little bit longer in jackets, coats, and boots.  But I'll need to go easy on the eating, because back home in Cali it's 87 degrees.  No hiding the cupcake tummy in weather like that.  *sucking it in*  I need to pack my hiking boots.


  1. I ordered cupcakes for my niece from the Sweet Tooth Fairy once, and she said they were the best she'd ever eaten.

    I am so jealous that you get to meet Jess, but I've already said that, haven't I?

    Hope you have a wonderful and stress-reducing time, Karen.

    As for me, still no word on Todd, and the stress just continues to fester.


    PS. Dave and my boys would be so jealous about the Laker/Jazz game!

  2. Well....at least you have a plan...right??

    Food is important and I'm sure between Conference and Jess you will be "fed" and life will be SO awesome and YES I am SO completely jealous!!!

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  4. I enjoyed some Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes just last week! I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite so I have to have a bite of all of them!
    I hope you're enjoying your time here in Utah. Today is beautifully sunny and warm! Hooray! Did you bring it with you?

  5. Could I come along just to EAT??

    Have a wonderful, safe trip!!!

  6. You so can count on me for loud laughter and much ruckus. I'm so excited, and there is a sweet tooth fairy right by my house!


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