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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sugar Is The Devil

My millionth stab at trying to stay away from sugar.  It was going well until now.  I'm hungry, but I guess I need to feel hungry - otherwise I wouldn't be eating any less, right?  Plus, I'm not exactly hungry for carrot sticks.  I'm hungry for a bag of marshmallows.  Ice cream. Anything sweet.  A clear sign that I need to stop.  Now.
I've done well today.  I walked a slow mile at lunchtime.  Slow because I can't go back to the office sweating like a pig.  L and I walked a couple more miles tonight after dinner.  A fast couple of miles and I sweated like a pig.  After walking we went to the store because we were out of butter.  L kept telling me to get things for my lunches.  The only thing that looked good was cheese.  So I got cheese.  String cheese, Irish cheddar cheese, Mini Bonbel cheese.  I'll probably regret that later.  I also got a package of sliced roast beef.  It's weird about my lunches.  I have to make them really plain and simple.  If they're too delicious I want to eat too much of them.  Just pack smaller portions, you say?  I won't.  If I like what I'm packing too much, I take an abundance so, you know, I won't get caught with not enough, and starve to death at work. I am a champion rationalizer when it comes to food and other bad habits.

What works better for me is to keep things plain and simple.  Keep it to things I like but don't love.  Some cold chicken or sliced roast beef.  Blueberries and cottage cheese.  Tuna and some crackers.  Good and flavorful, but it's not so exciting that I don't want to stop eating it.  Sadly, I'm kind of an all or nothing girl so I have to stick closer to the nothing end of the scale.  When I first found out about my job shift, I went right to the comfort food.  L and I cooked chicken fried steak, we fried onion strings, we made pizza.  It was all so good, so fun to cook.  It was irresponsible and delicious.  It was abundant, and having lots of good food around always makes me feel rich.  (Now that would be something to psychoanalyze...)  For a few days it was easy not to care about the calories and carbs.
Fun's over, kids.  Back to plain eating, low carbs, little or no sugar, little or no eating fun.  Lots and lots of water.  Except for tomorrow night.  Girls night out with Ashley tomorrow night.  I'll try very hard to be sensible, though, and not gain back the 10 pounds I'm absolutely sure I lost today.  *crickets chirping*  My goal is to gab more than I eat, and listen more than I gab.  And to absolutely enjoy the time spent being girls together.

ps: I submitted my application today for the new position at my company.  Wish me luck!


  1. Boy, Karen, I am right there with you struggling. I have to just get really strict with myself and I can do that. My real problem is cooking for family and then I eat too. Bummer.

    Glad you posted. The more incentive I see the better I will try to do too! Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!

  2. I am not only wishing you luck, I am praying for it! (For you AND Zach.)

    No wonder you are having trouble steering clear of comfort food. You have a lot of stressful stuff going on right now!


  3. You sound very self aware--which is a HUGE step not to mention the fact that in all your pictures you look amazing so you are off to a great start!

    I agree with Sue--so much stress in your life and I will be thinking of you often in your job quest!

  4. I agree with Sue, when things are stressful it's hard not to turn to comfort food. Good luck, hope you get that new position. Have a great time with Ashley. Tell her Hi for me.

  5. Eating right is the bain of existence. Oh my, it really stinks.
    You sound like you have quite a bit of self control. Good job.

    Good Luck with the job.

  6. Losing weight isn't easy. Eating sugar is!
    Good for you to walk at lunch.

    Good luck on the new position.

  7. You've just described my life! The sugar part anyway..I'm trying each day to do better and I am, but I want to lose 10lbs everday too and I try to be realistic and not get discouraged. Exercise is the other key to this healthy eating thing. I do great for a couple of days, then I let the world get me busy and I have to start over. Oh well, I'll keep trying if you will! Good luck with the job!

  8. Sorry to be so chatty, but I just remembered what I always say at work when there is food in the break room. When people come in and ask "who made the cake, pie, cookies (or whatever)..I always answer.."Satan"

  9. yaya's comment had me rolling! I have a hard time not eating my emotions too. Good luck with the job and with your health goals. I can't wait to see you in April.


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