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Friday, April 22, 2011

Week's End: Lexi Turns Five & Easter Wishes

Today was the closing of the office day.  So surreal.  Teresa, my former coworker, came in and brought us hot chocolate and cupcakes.  Strawberry lemonade ones - oh my they were good!  She and her bunch moved to their new office last week, and I've missed her humor and fun so much.  So then it was down to my other coworker, Olga, me, and my boss.  We all just kind of skimmed through the morning - too hard to say what we really wanted to.  Carey (my boss) went out and picked up lunch for all of us - a farewell Cafe Rio lunch.  Grilled salmon tacos will never taste the same.  Olga packed up and left around 2pm.  Carey and I helped her out to her car and I cried when she drove off.  She's 5 foot nothing and I'm going to miss her huge presence and bright smile so much.  I spent the rest of the day quietly finishing up immediate work, and about 4:00 I started to close up.  Unplug the phone and laptop.  Undo the labyrinth of cords.  I don't know how I'm ever going to get it all put back together again.  Somehow, some way, I'm supposed to program the digital phone in such a way that it will work.  I have grave misgivings.
Carey helped me haul my crap down to my tiny tiny car.  I was sincerely afraid the Miata wouldn't hold it all, but it turns out I'm a pretty good space planner and it all *just* fit.  He gave me a big hug, thanked me for everything, and I drove away before I could cry.  I really really like that man.  It's been such a pleasure working for him these past 9 years.  He wore jeans, a white shirt and hurrache sandals into work today.  He ended up walking barefoot around the office, and I thought the world was coming to an end. (You'd have to know Carey to know, under normal circumstances, he would NEVER be barefoot in the office.  I would, but not him.  Elegant man.  Very Tommy Bahamas.)  And then he was scrubbing around under my desk undoing all of the cords that held my laptop system together because he knew my arthritic old joints would hurt if I did it.  A gentleman to the end in a dusty white shirt.
And now I'm home feeling weird.  L is in Utah with Andrew and I'm lonely.  I didn't really feel like being with anyone tonight, but I'm lonely at the same time.  So I'm blogging.

Tomorrow is Lexi's 5th birthday.  I had a wonderful conversation with her on the phone tonight.  She'd gotten her Prince and Princess dolls that I'd sent, and Rex said she was kissing them.  Is there anything better than knowing you've just delighted one of the lights of your life?  She told me that I spoil her, and I told her that's what makes grandmas the most happy.  Here is my sweet birthday girl:
What I wouldn't give to be at her party tomorrow!  I'll be at Mia's this year, so I'll make a point of being at Lexi's next year.  I wish her all the love and happiness one Mema can wish.  She sounded excited about her friends coming to her party, and she invited me to come.  If only I could...
Matthew got on the phone and told me all about something.  Not sure what but I loved it.  He is excited for the Easter Bunny and has his basket ready.  He is going to give preschool a try and will probably love it.
Next, Grandma.  Seriously, the woman is a cat on her 8th life.  Wednesday I left her bedside in tears.  I was afraid she wouldn't see the end of the week, she was that weak.  I called Thursday evening on my way home from work to see how she was doing, and my aunt said "Well you won't believe this..."  Turns out my sister in law, Becky, went to visit and took her little grandson Cash with her.  Cash was sitting on her lap at Grandmas's bedside.  Grandma woke up and started playing with him.  Before too long she was sitting up saying she was hungry and wanted some applesauce.  So she had some applesauce, and visited with everyone for awhile.  Next time she sees me, she'll probably slap me upside the head for crying and telling her it was OK to leave if she needed to.  (Oh the drama...)  I guess the moral to this story is if you know someone on their last legs, try bringing in a cute baby, or maybe a puppy.  They may just snap out of it.  She's still very weak and tired.  I understand that she didn't eat or drink much today, but her pipes are still functioning, if you get my meaning.  My dad gave her a blessing a few nights ago and told her she would recover enough to enjoy her food.  I thought that was an odd thing to say, but now I understand.  I shouldn't have let my faith lag.  I don't know why that's so hard to remember, or so easy to forget, but it seems to be the human way.  Oh how I love this woman.  I'm so glad we're granted more time with her.  She is a rare jewel.  A shooting star, scattering her stardust over her family as long as I can remember.  We may have the 100th birthday celebration yet.
And speaking of family, I have to share a couple more pictures with you that I just love:
My favorite picture to date of Mia - she is rockin' that hat!

Daddy and Hayden.  Sweet...

I wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter holiday.  Scott and Ashley will come over for breakfast, church, and then dinner afterward.  L will be home from Utah in the early afternoon, and all will be right with my world again.  Tomorrow I'll shop and make preparations for dinner.  Visit Grandma.  Try to get up the energy to make the bunny cake - a Williams Sonoma mold that takes more energy to make and decorate than I think I've got, but maybe I'll find a hidden resource tomorrow.  Take the time to sit and think of the true meaning of Easter, and feel grateful for that knowledge and the love our Savior feels for each one of us.  
Wake up on Easter morning feeling rested and happy.  Eat a jelly bean or two or three.  It's Easter.


  1. You have the most amazingly beautiful grandchildren, Karen. It is so neat that you get to see them fairly often.

    I hope your Grandma is feeling better. How old is she?

    You are so right, the best thing to do when you are lonely is to blog and read others blogs. You can absolutely spend hours doing this. I know I don't need to tell you this. It is fun though, isn't it.

    Take care and keep us informed about the interview.

  2. I'm seriously in love with these pictures! They're gorgeous!

  3. It's always hard to say good-bye and move on, isn't it? You made some good memories there.

    I always find that blogging is a good cure for those days when I don't quite feel like going out but could still use some company. Hope this post lifted your spirits a bit because those pictures of Lexi, Mia, and Hayden sure lifted mine. You are a lucky grandma.

    My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and she is having dinner with Matt, Heather and the kids in Riverside at Heather's mom's house. Wish I could be there!

    Happy Easter. I know you'll be glad to get the hubby home. And I'm so glad your grandma is doing better.

    Sending hugs and knowing the job thing will turn out for the best...


  4. At least we were able to chat a bit last night so neither of us would feel "too" lonely ;-) Wish you were here!

  5. Oh, I feel your loneliness. It's hard to end something you've enjoyed doing for 9 years and missing the people you've worked with. I hope you have a beautiful Easter.

    Love those grandkids! They're all adorable.

  6. Wow--that last day sounds awful! Glad you survived it but sorry you had to go through it!

    Such cute grandkids--how do you choose which ones to be with?? I am afraid that my kids will scatter everywhere after they get married and that will make it soooo hard to see grandkids!!

    Glad your Grandma is doing better--I sure miss mine. Hope you have a great Easter!

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  8. Oh Karen..... my heart hurts for you... xoxo


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