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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Travel + More Travel = Get A Job

No news yet on the job front  - hoping to be contacted maybe tomorrow?  We'll see... It was a little busier in the home office this week.  I was beginning to think everyone thought I was dead already.  I don't know what's more annoying - to feel ignored or to be asked to do a bunch of random tasks when one foot is out the door.  *shaking head sadly*  I can't win here...  Ah well, the day is done, and tomorrow is Friday.  And THAT means:

Trip to Mesa to see Katie and the gang!  L is on deadline at his magazine, so we can't leave until he wraps everything up, but we should be able to be on our way by late afternoon.  We have so many things to take Katie (that everyone has been storing for her for the past 4 years!) - and it's been very refreshing to clean out closets and cupboards and discover all sorts of things I'd forgotten I had.  I've also discovered that there are some things I haven't forgotten about that I have no idea where they are, but that's another story, and one of the many perils of moving into a house that is much much smaller than the space you had before.  Ergo, things have been in boxes for years waiting for kids to move out to create a space for MY things - what a concept!  For example: where is the box containing my Hummel figurines?  I miss them.  They look like my kids did when they were little, all rosy and chubby cheeked.  Perhaps between job searches I'll be able to clean out some cupboards in the garage and find them.
We're going to Mesa to celebrate Mia's 5th birthday.  It's not actually her birthday until the last part of June, but they'll have moved to Boston (actually Worcester) by then, so we're celebrating early.  I wasn't able to go to Lexi's party in April - just couldn't swing it this year, so I'm excited to get to go to Mia's party, even if it is a short whirlwind trip.  I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures, but don't hate me if I don't.  I tend to get lost in the visiting part, and forget about the picture taking part.  And L isn't any better.  Instead of taking pictures of cute little girls, he'll be off taking pictures of buildings or cacti.  (He is fond of things that don't move fast or talk.)
We'll probably get there about midnight on Friday (if we're lucky), spend a whirlwind Saturday preparing for, and attending a 5 year old Princess's birthday party, go to church with them the next day, and then head for home after tearful goodbyes and long hugs.  Once again, they'll be really really far away - although not as far as Puerto Rico.  Mia told Katie she's excited to move to "the winter."  She doesn't know the half of it, little island girl that she's been up until now.  But hey now - there IS Cape Cod in the summer...
Our son Tim is getting married in NYC on October 29th.  L said we could come home via Worcester, MA and spend Halloween with Mia and Hayden.  It'll be the first real Halloween they've ever had - they don't trick or treat in Puerto Rico - and Halloween is L's favorite holiday so it should be a good time for everyone.
And then there's the new baby coming to join Lexi and Matthew in September - so a trip to Denver is in order there.  *heavy sigh* All of this coming and going is going to be expensive, so as much as I would like to stick my fingers in my ears and sing LALALALALA to drown it out, I'm going to need to get a job.  And it will probably require me to get out of my comfy comfy sweats, and leave the house in order to do it.  A crying shame.  I still have no idea what direction I'm going - I'm still testing the wind, and listening for direction.  And I think very soon the still small voice will tell me "Get off your a$#, put on some makeup, and apply for something...ANYTHING."
Because I can't lounge around forever.  Right?


  1. You have so much going on that even reading it gives me that caught-in-a-whirlwind kind of feeling!

    Had to laugh at your still small voice's message.


  2. I to had to giggle at your "free" spirits message :0)

    I hope you are having a lovely time with you family. Those little girls look so precious.

    Sounds like the rest of your year is all planned out--if you can't find time to schedule in a nap, I am available to take one for you. Because I'm just a good friend like that.....

  3. I don't actually think the still small voice knows that word- but the message still comes in as clear. Hopefully something practically perfect in every way will drop into your lap and everything will be peaches and cream.

    Have fun visiting those little girls, and making plans for all of your traveling.

  4. Glad you get to have some family fun before the work begins, Karen! Whenever that would be, enjoy the time...it'll come all too quick!!

  5. Do me a favor and submit my resume while you are at it. Im looking for something in accounting in the austin area. Thanks! Let me know if you get any call backs. :)

  6. Your weekend sounds like ours from last weekend! Quick visits and hugs and birthday parties...fun and sad all at once! I hope your kids like it out East. Halloween will be big because it's almost bigger than Christmas anymore..I do love it though! Good luck with the job hunt too!

  7. I don't think you have time to work! Lots going on. Wouldn't it be nice to be independently wealthy? Sigh...it just ain't going to happen.
    Hope you're having a great time in Mesa!


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