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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Refresher

Whoever invented weekends was a very wise person.  We all need our batteries recharged and our spirits renewed, and that need seems to come along about every 4-5 days, so the weekend arrives with almost perfect timing.  And when the need for renewal becomes more urgent than that, we take vacations.
Since working at home, I've had much less stress (except for the need to find a new gig), but even so, an 8 hour day answering phones, solving problems, and organizing educational programs makes you tired, and after 5 days of it, I'm ready for a couple of days with no phones, no sales reps, and definitely no spreadsheets.
On Saturday my mom and I had our day out together.  I'd made plans last Sunday to take her out for a belated Mother's Day of lunch, shopping and visiting.  We decided to lunch in the tea room at Nordstrom and we had such a nice attentive waitress that the whole thing was a pleasure.  We were able to talk and visit about all kinds of things - something we rarely have time for - and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My mom's youngest grandchild (my youngest niece) is the same age as my granddaughters Lexi and Mia, so we have fun comparing what they're all doing, and the funny things they've said or done.  We keep hoping to get all of these little girls together one day, but since they're going to be in Boston, Denver, and Salt Lake City, it's kind of a long shot.  We can dream about it though.
After lunch we strolled around Fashion Island but neither one of us was really in the mood for that, and there were no movies we wanted to see.  The day had warmed up a bit, and I remembered Roger's Gardens, just up the street.

This is an uber nursery - if you could combine an upscale boutique and a nursery, you would have Roger's Gardens.  It's a place where you'll see ordinary plants and extremely unusual plants - and they're all arranged in the most wonderful baskets and containers.

They have displays of fountains, patio furniture I can only dream of owning, and a beautiful shop full of books, soaps, unusual tchotchkes, table linens, dishes, candles - in short, just about anything for home/garden decorating.  They even have a year round room set up with Christmas ornaments of all kinds.  I could spend hours there, and luckily, so can Mom.  I ended up buying a couple of plants (one is ornamental basil with the loveliest green and purple flowers) and a couple of cards.  Mom bought a birthday gift for a friend.  Roger's had a couple of tables all set up for the Fourth of July and I was inspired.  I want to go back with L and see if we can recreate something like it on an affordable scale.  It made me want to have a summer patio party immediately.
Mom and I were able to recharge and renew while we had a good, overdue visit just between the two of us.  It was a good afternoon.
Today was spent in church, and then L and I were off down to Costa Mesa to our favorite Mexican restaurant for an early dinner.  It's been cool and party cloudy all day - and it actually rained last night.  The cool is refreshing after a very warm week.  And so another work week is about to begin but I can look forward to a quick weekend trip to Mesa, AZ to see Katie and the girls for Mia's 5th birthday - before they pull up stakes and move far away to Boston for the next 4 years.
Weekends help us feel alive again after 5 days of reports, business jargon, corporate buzzwords and nonsense, and employment worries.  When I finally roll my work phone over to the answering service and shut off the laptop  I always feel like Mia did on her trip to the beach when she was about two years old.  Blue skies above, a wide expanse of water and salt air, and the freedom of a bird.


  1. You are right about weekends! They are so renewing! It's nice to dump the stress for a bit. Lately, we have been working on our daughter's house though, so it has become just a catchup time.

    That nursery looks amazing...boy, somebody has an artistic touch! Glad you and your mother could enjoy the day!

    The last pic of Mia is just too precious! I just want to be there and watch her in the sand and sun! It's still raining here...till Friday!

  2. We used to have a place like that in Chicago, and we visited all the time. It was called "Jamaican Gardens," and it was the kind of place where you could literally spend all day.

    Glad you had such a nice weekend. The photo of Mia is nothing short of adorable.


  3. So glad you had such a refreshing weekend! It felt like I was there! Living here in rural america I can only imagine such a beautiful garden place!

    That picture is amazing! She is so cute--and those little thighs--yummy!

  4. What a great nursery to visit..I'd be there for hours just drooling! I'm glad you had a nice visit with your Mom. You are right about the weekends. After a crazy week of surgery drama I'm always ready for some peace and quiet. I just wish our weather would mellow out before it washes us out! Mia is beautiful and what a precious picture.

  5. I wish those people could come and do my yard- that place is amazing!


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