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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, June 27, 2011

Adorable In Denver

Nothing in particular has happened lately.  I'm still in my holding pattern, but nearing the end of the runway (this Thursday is The End).  I'm trying to not think about it too much - just carry on as usual and then quietly wave bye-bye.  The next two months will hopefully bring to light my next adventure, and I'm looking forward to discovering what it will be.
I think I did mention that it was Matthew's third birthday this past week.  And then I went and posted a few year old pictures of him.  I got lucky this week - his mother sent me a whole group of pictures they'd taken on an outing to a local lake.  They were scouting some spots to weekend camp and found this lovely lake about an hour and a half from their home.  What a great spot!  The kids were gathering dandelions and she shot some cute pictures of them.  I had some time tonight to retouch a few of them, and so here are some more current pictures of Matthew and big sister Lexi.

Proof that a bouquet of dandelions and wildflowers can be one of the most beautiful armful of flowers ever picked by small hands.  Who doesn't remember making a wish before blowing a poof of dandelion seeds to the wind?  These are memories inspired by fancy mixed with a bit of magic.  Looking at these images I'm seized by an overwhelming desire to hop a plane to Denver.  Tonight.
But I've saved my favorite picture for last.  Here is Matthew on his birthday - one excited little three year old boy.  Birthday cards tucked under his arm and so full of life and enthusiasm for everything a three year old's life includes.  I'm quite sure the possibilities are endless.

I think I'm in love.


  1. What a smile.

    Of course you're in love!


  2. These are some really cute pics!

  3. All the pictures are sooo cute (darling children) but that last one is sensational!! Those blue blue eyes and that smile. He is definately a stealer of hearts!!

  4. Look at those eyes! He's adorable. I hope he had a great birthday!

  5. I'm in love too! He's my special little guy that I try to cuddle with as often as possible. Oh, wait till you come, they've grown so much. They will be so excited with everyone that will be visiting plus having a new baby around to be curious about. Cant wait for your visit, and this baby to come! 9 week countdown!!! :)


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