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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life & All It's Randomness

These weeks are flying by - sometimes a little too fast I think.  Maybe it seems too fast because I have no concrete plan for my future.  It feels like I'm flying so fast towards....what??  I have several resumes floating around "out there" but so far nothing concrete has happened.  And the weird part?  I'm not really concerned about it.  I don't really know why, but I'm not.   Once in awhile I'll get a little twinge in my stomach when I think about giving up my hair appointments or something else equally silly, but still a source of enjoyment.  But my overlying mood is not one of concern.  Maybe I'm an oblivious fool, but I prefer to think there's a plan out there somewhere, and I'll recognize it when I see it.
Most operations at work have been thrown into a bit of chaos because of our demise and other serious changes.  The collection of purchase orders from our customers has taken a hit - it's just been too hard to navigate around all of the crazy program changes.  And then I start to think about the fact that I've only got a week and a half left, and it's really hard to care about it at all.  But yesterday an offer was thrown out that got my attention.  Each district we've supported (I've had two) was given a bottom line amount that they'd like to see pending list shrink to or shrink below.  If we're successful in doing this by June 30th (our last day) we can earn ourselves a $250 bonus for each district - that's $500 for me, folks!  And - if the region as a whole reaches their goal, there's an additional $250 for us.  So potentially we have the ability to earn between $250-$750 as a parting bonus.
I was all over it today.  I sent emails to purchasing contacts.  I called them on the phone.  I worked really really hard all day long.  And it felt really good to have something to do again and feel useful.  For the last two months it's felt more like we were dying a long, slow death, and the people we'd spent years working with were, for the most part, feeling awkward and avoiding us.  You know how people are - they don't know what to say, so they avoid saying anything.  It's been hard.  But today, I felt like I'd gotten my Mojo back.
In the afternoon I got a nice surprise.  I was in the thick of PO chaos - still sending out emails, and trying to input received ones at the same time.  I was up to my eyeballs when a new email popped up asking me if I would be interested in a new position that had just become available within my company.  I don't know what it all entails - by the time I received the inquiry, everyone in Minneapolis had gone home, so I'll have to wait for tomorrow.  All I know is that is is an hourly position, and that, at least at first, it will be just part time - but it was hinted that it could work into full time within a short amount of time.  It is officially called a Project Coordinator - translate that to handling registrations for education programs.  Menial work, yes - but maybe I can just do it from home?  That would be awesome, as I've lost my desire to get up and dress all Corporate every day - although for the right price I could get enthusiastic, I suppose...
So now you know as much as I do.  First thing tomorrow you'd better believe I'll be on the phone to find out more about this possibility.  It might be a good thing, it might not.  But it was a delicious way to end a day that was one of the most satisfying I've had in a few months.  Doing your best work in a day just feels good, and a nice surprise at the end of it just adds to the pleasant anticipation of it all.


I want to give a shout out to my little grandson Matthew, who turned 3 this week.  I don't get to see him often enough, but whenever I think about him, I think of asking him a yes/no question and then hearing his soft little voice answer "Yep."  He's a darling little boy - a little blue eyed pirate among 3 princesses in our family.  He will have a new brother or sister in about 2 months, but for now he is still our only boy and we love him so, soooo much.  Happy Birthday Matthew!!  

Finally (this is a really random post) I wanted to share this U-Tube video.  L and I have been laughing over this one for weeks.  I can't seem to get tired of it, and it always makes me laugh.  I hope it does the same thing for you.  Enjoy.


  1. I'm glad you're not worrying about the job...the right thing will come along. (Maybe it already has?!)

    Happy birthday to cute little Matthew. You know I love that name...same as my eldest son's.


  2. That video has me cracking up!! My dogs ears totally perk up at the words "Treat" and "Bacon" - Ha Ha.

    Your little blond grandson is such a doll, or maybe I should say Little Stud Muffin - either way he is so cute!

    You have a good attitude about your job, and about life. Being in a kind of limbo is noooo fun. I know the right thing will come along for you :-D

  3. thank you for coming by, I appreciate that you shared my feelings.....it somehow makes it easier. Thank you...

  4. Hey Karen with the MOJO! Glad all seems to be working in your direction. You must not have that "worry wart" symptom because someone is watching out for you and a job seems to be in the near future! And that bonus sounds yummy too! I loved the two cutest things on your post..your sweet grandkiddo and that hilarious video..thanks for sharing and making me smile!

  5. Lu and I laughed our heads off. :)

  6. That video made my day! Thank you :) Hope the job works out!

  7. Hope that jobs works out & good luck with the parting bonus, that would be nice.

  8. that you tube video kills me. Thanks for sharing!


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