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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, June 18, 2011

That Dance Called '"Life"

Today was one of those days that begin and end in absolute perfection.  The sun was shining, the temperature was warm but not hot.  I had no unpleasant errands or tasks.  L got up a little bit before me and headed out to get his Saturday donut holes and tub of Diet Coke.  He brought me back a chocolate donut.  I had a 1:15 pedicure appointment, but there was plenty of time to get up and go for a walk together.
And it was gorgeous out.  Light cool breeze blowing, sun shining, lots of locals out walking the trail with us.  Absolutely glorious morning.
When we got home I had more than enough time to shower and get ready for my pedi appointment.  I chose a red polish that, when it's on your nails, looks exactly like ripe red cherries.  It's positively juicy looking, and I'll love looking at it for the next 2 weeks.  I love red, and this particular shade makes me want a cherry popsicle.  Yummy.
Home again, and L decided we should go to a movie and out to dinner.  We wanted to see "Super 8" so off we went to the 4:20 show.  L very kindly forgot that I am now a senior and paid an extra dollar for me to see the movie - even though I don't mind being a senior to save some money.  He winked and said he thought I was only 54.  He's a very nice man.   But back to "Super 8" - 2 thumbs up, or 4 thumbs up if you're counting both of us.  There are some glaring holes in the storyline details, but holy cow - it was so much fun to watch we just didn't even care.  And if you love 12-13 year old boys that are goofy and all over the place, you will love the characters.  The special effects were amazing, I truly loved all of the kids in the movie, and I even liked the ET deja vu at the end.  A really good summer movie.  Not too heavy on the conscience - just light summer fun.  Go see it.
And after the movie?  Dinner at The Crab Cooker.  I haven't eaten there in probably 8 years.  And their potatoes (ice cream scoops of cheesy twice baked mashed potatoes) are just as scrumptious as I remembered.  I had a combo skewer of fish, shrimp, and scallops and a cup of clam chowder.  So seafood fishy good.   A good way to end a good day with L.  It doesn't seem like I get a lot of these Saturdays with nothing in particular to do, so I relish the free choice of how to spend the day.  It feels luxurious and free.
Tomorrow is Sunday, and so it's back to duty.  A good duty, but an obligation all the same.  (And in my case, it's probably good for me to feel that obligation to stop and ponder about spiritual things, or who knows what mischief I'd be in?)  Sundays are going to church and then preparing for the week ahead.  I've been doing some serious thinking about what I want to do when my job ends in two weeks.  I've had some unusual ideas that I keep coming back to.  A completely new direction for me so I'm still thinking about it.  Collecting information and kicking the tires, as it were.  It would be easier to go back to what I've known, and I still may.  It mostly depends on what does (or doesn't) get offered.  But these newer ideas do have my interest piqued, and so I haven't completely decided what to do yet.
This summer will be an interesting time - not only for me with the decisions I need to make, but for my whole family.  Each individual or family group has something potentially life changing coming up:

1. Rex/Ronna & family - countdown to the new baby (sex unknown!) due September 2nd

2. Katie,/Zach & girls - have arrived and are loving Worcester, MA.  (Pronounced "Wussta" by the locals).  They've already made a trip to Cape Cod, eaten lobster, and signed Mia up for school.  Mia gets up every day to look out the window for snow.  It'll be awhile longer, sweetie...

3. Tim & Autumn - planning, planning, planning for that October wedding!

4. Scott & Ashley - Scott was laid off last week and is (like me) reevaluating what he wants to do in his career.  What started out as a bad day is turning into Opportunity knocking.  And their first wedding anniversary is tomorrow, June 19th!  Congratulations on their first year together!  They are a treasure...

5. Andrew - planning on taking more school this summer, and will start soon.  Each little step forward helps him gain strength and insight into his disease.  Each setback has been hard, but we keep learning from them.
Yep, families keep us busy.  But they also keep us balanced.  I can't get too mired down in my own worries when there is so much going on and so much to look forward to.  I just try to keep my feet moving forward as I perform this little dance we call Life.

Scott & Grandma "wheelchair dancing"  on his wedding day June 19, 2010
Grandma had Life's dance down...

I'm trying to learn my own particular steps, but they're different for everyone it seems.  
I think the trick is not to perform perfectly, but to perform them with great joy.
Thanks for the dancing lessons Grandma...


  1. Wow, Karen!! Your perfect day sound exactly like I would love mine to be! I would LOVE having a pedicure, taking a walk, going to that exact movie and having that exact same seafood dinner...yum!
    I,too, am re-evaluating my job...hard choices, good -luck with yours!

    It'd be fun to go see Katie and Zach just to go to Cape Cod and eat lobster! Can you see where my heart is??!?

  2. LOVED this post Mom! Can't wait for you to come out! Wish I had cherry red toes, mine are more like chipped pink toes that look like a hot mess!

  3. What a great post, Karen! And I am reeeaaallly curious about these new ideas you're having for your future...

    We used to go to the Crab Cooker all the time, and we haven't been for awhile, either. I do love those cheesy potatoes. And they have the best cherry tomatoes ever.

    The movie sounds great. Dave and I need to check that one out.

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby. (i love that he said he thought you were 54!)


  4. You have piqued my interest about what you're going to do!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous Saturday! A pedicure can really lift spirits, especially if you have red polish. I am going to see Super 8! I've heard good things about it from many people. I get in for free because my son works at the theater. I just need to have a little more time to enjoy a free movie! Love the pictures of the wheelchair dance. She looks so happy!

  5. Great post mom. Kind of crazy how much is going on in all our lives. Also, love the pictures of me and Nana.

  6. I really loved Super 8. I thought the kids random dialogue was so authentic and funny. It was the best movie of the summer so far for me. I'm glad you had such a fun day.

  7. what beautiful picture's!! love them. thank you!


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