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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Whine... NO - To Those Who WAIT

It's been a whirlwind week.  On Tuesday I was determined to keep myself busy all day.  I got out my sketchbook and practiced up, and I got out my new camera, determined to teach myself a thing or two.  I spent all morning sketching a few things here and there, and snapping pictures of mundane things in my yard using different settings to see what would happen.  It was fun, and it kept me busy for most of the afternoon.  I'm constantly amazed at how hard it is to figure out what to do with yourself when you're not used to having free time during the day.  I can see that new habits need to be forged.  Practice makes perfect.
I haven't sketched anything in the longest time, and I've missed it.  And I clearly need the practice.  I was reading an acquaintance's blog - she is an amazing artist - and she has started doing what she calls "Postcards From My Walk" where she and other artists from all over the world send each other sketches and quick drawings or paintings from their walks or surroundings.  I'm nowhere near on their level, but it inspired me to practice and see what I could do.  This is the first thing  I did, and I was pleased that I was able to do it quickly without obsessing on the details (which is what I usually do - the opposite goal of a SKETCH...)

I did a couple of others but I won't bore you.  It felt good to go through the exercise and realize that I could still make quick pencil drawings.  I have a lot to learn - and I would love to take classes - but it was enough for a start.
I'd also decided to get out my camera (which I really have no idea how to work) and fiddle around with it until I'd played with several settings in different ways.  The hours flew by and it was so much fun!  Here are a few of the images that worked out, and that helped me to learn a little bit more about what to do when with this camera:

I put the camera on the manual setting and just turned dials and pushed buttons to my heart's content.

I changed apertures and adjusted shutter speeds back and forth.  I did things that I know not 
what they are...

Or what they do...

I waited all day for the fountain to turn on so I could try to catch the water drips.  Most of the shots didn't turn out at all.  Some were too light, some too dark, some were completely out of focus.

But some didn't turn out half bad.  And I had a lot of fun playing around. I'm not ready to 
shoot anyone's wedding yet, but it was a good start.

But the best part came next.  About 4:30 my cell phone rang and it was someone from one of the companies I'd sent a resume to.  They had two positions they thought I'd be good for: one was an Admin position for their Meetings Department, a temp to hire opportunity, but they weren't quite sure if the position had been filled already as they'd been interviewing.  The other was for a short term temp project working with both this company (Allergan) and Price Waterhouse - so even though it was short term (about 90 days) it was a chance to be in front of two good companies.  I set up an appointment for an interview Thursday afternoon at 1pm.
Now I was in a quandary, as I'd also been going through the interview process with my old company for a new position there.  But they hadn't finalized anything yet - things were still going through approval.  What was going on??  What to do...?  What I did was get up early on Wednesday morning and get on email to contact my old company to find out what was going on.  But before I could do that, there was a new email from them telling me I had the job and they would be calling me later that morning.  Sweet relief!!
Two months of waiting, watching, applying, chewing my nails, stressing out.  And suddenly, in one day, I have not one, not two, but THREE offers in the works!  Nothing like going out in a blaze of glory...

Long story short: I have accepted a position as registration coordinator for the Education Department at Medtronic.  It's technically a temp position (working through an agency that supplies contract workers to Medtronic), but it's a permanent position, with a possibility of hiring on to Medtronic itself down the road.  There are no benefits (medical, 401K, etc) but I'm covered through L's insurance, and I'll just have to take what was being contributed to my 401K before and do it myself.  The perk of the whole thing is that I can work from home - and for me, that's a HUGE perk.  I start on August 2nd - and I will debut at a team building meeting at a resort somewhere in Minnesota!  (yay... Minnesota in August...)  But despite muggy, muggy heat and big bugs, I am happy to go and meet my new team.  It's an exciting new endeavor.  
So we can all stop worrying about me and concentrate on the next person.  Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers over the past few months.  I know I've been whiney and unbearable at times, but it was always good to feel your kind support.  We did it together.  And I can still work all day in my jammies if I want to.


  1. Hip Hurrah, and Hallelujah!!! I am so stoked, Karen. It's about time. Hard to believe that they all came the same day. You must be living right! I'm so glad you took the new job with your old company. But going to Minnesota in August? Not so sure about that. Will you have to be going back there once in a while?

    Still hoping to see you at the beach.

  2. Congrats Karen! I did laugh at dear Darlene using the term "stoked"...too cute...but it sounds like a great job, jammies and all...also I don't think Minnesota in Aug. should be bad..it should be cool shouldn't it? Well, have fun and I like your pics and drawings. I didn't know you were so talented! I envy a cool camera..it's on my bucket list!

  3. awesome Karen! Those pictures are great! I was amazed how much goes into making a good picture too. Keep up the good practice. Have you heard of Pioneer Woman? She makes it easier to understand. Here is a link:


  4. Best news ever!

    And you are a wonderful artist, Karen.


  5. YAYYYYY!!! Congratulations and what great news!

    p.s. You are very talented, Karen. The photos are gorgeous and your sketch looks really, really great!

  6. Mom, I LOVE these pics!!! I need to play around with my settings more! Maybe you can tell me what you did, lol! Really pretty though :)

  7. What a relief for you!! So happy you have a job.
    BTW, the sketch is very good! I didn't know you were artistic!


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