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Sunday, August 28, 2011

In The Minority At Roscoe's

I'm getting used to these quiet weekends.  It was really hot again, and so it was impossible to think about doing much outdoors in the heat.  I had a hair appointment Saturday morning paired with a pedicure.  Somewhere something got goofed up in the appointment book and what should have taken about 2 1/2 hours got moved and shuffled around until I was there almost 4 hours.  I'd told them that I didn't have anything planned and it didn't matter...so good thing that it didn't.  All I cared about was getting fresh polish painted on after a foot massage, and getting new color slapped on my gray roots.  2 hours, 4 hours - I don't care.  I just want it done.  And it was done very well, so we're all happy now.
By the time I got back home I was starving and so was L.  We didn't have any groceries and we were too hungry to go shopping.  It was too hot to cook anyway so we headed down to the beach and our favorite Mexican restaurant.  After we ate, the temperature was so nice down there that we headed more down to the water in Corona Del Mar to walk our bellies back down to a reasonable size. We started our walk a little further back from the bluff above the beach, as it was pretty crowded nearer the water.  We started walking the avenues on Goldenrod, then Heliotrope, then Iris, then Jasmine.  We'd never walked back from the water that far, and we had fun looking at how beautiful the homes were, whether they were cottages or Mediterranean mansions.  And then we discovered something we'd never seen before: a footbridge going over what used to be a gulch back in the day.

It connected the two halves of Goldenrod and it was built in 1928.  There were bright pink geraniums hanging down on each side of it, and they looked stunning as you walked across.

Here is my husband walking across, carrying my purse and sweater.  Love that man!

You can see how pretty the flowers look hanging down above the little park and the street below.  There is a staircase that leads down from the upper street to the park below.

It was one of those small discoveries that become sort of one of your favorites.  We were surprised that we'd never noticed the bridge and it's flowers as we'd driven under it on the street below.  Funny how that is.  The weather was so cool and refreshing as we walked through the streets, across the bridge, and back again.  Here's a view of one of the houses as you first walk over the bridge:

Anyway, this is not maybe something that everyone would like to do, but we enjoy our evening strolls just as we love to look at beautiful houses and dream about what it would be like to live in one of them.  Perhaps one day we, too, will own a house at the beach.  That's the goal, anyway.  And whether the house is grand or humble, I think I could think of some way to make it mine.  Even this one:

This little hot tamale is one of our kitchy favorites.  It sits high above the bay on a bluff - a spectacular piece of property were it not for the fact that this Pepto Bismol pink thing with the twirly shrubs was built on it.  It's surrounded by amazing homes on all sides, and I'm sure the neighbors have considered hiring someone to torch it.  But what I wouldn't give to own the land it sits on!  One day.... one day we will own our beach property.  Until then, we will continue to dream and save.

And speaking of dreaming and saving -
After church we realized we still did not have any groceries, and so L asked what I'd like to eat.  Lately (don't ask me why) I've been dreaming about trying fried chicken and waffles.  I must have seen it on the Food Channel or something.  It's certainly not anything you'd find in my neck of the woods.  We Googled it, and found Roscoe's Fried Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach - that was the closest one.  So we jumped in the car, and off we went on our dining adventure.  The part of Long Beach where it was located was pretty old.  And very ethnic.  L and I were definitely the minority faces here.  It's an interesting feeling when it's YOU that's the minority, instead of the other way around.  But we figured we could either eat at the same old places we always eat, or we could do something interesting and different, so into Roscoe's we went.  
It was big and noisy and had pink neon lights running all around the dining room.  We were two of probably only 3 or four white people in the whole place.  The rest were either black or Latino.  But the smells coming out of that kitchen were delicious.  Our waiter was Raymond.  Raymond was huge - about 6'5" and built for football.  I didn't ask him if he played.  He was really friendly though and we each ordered chicken and waffles.  I told Raymond it smelled wonderful in there and he smiled really big.  
The place started filling up for dinner about the time our food got to the table.  The chicken.  Oh.My.  The CHICKEN.  It was THE BEST fried chicken I've ever had.  And I'm here to tell you that pairing fried chicken and waffles is the most genius combination I've had in  awhile.  There something about the crunch of the juicy chicken eaten with the sweetness of the syrupy waffles that is just heaven.  If you live in the South, maybe this is something you're used to.  So you know.  You're in the club.  But for the rest of you - seriously.  You must try this before you die.  It should be on everyone's bucket list.  It's comfort food.  SERIOUS comfort food.  You wouldn't want to eat this way every day.  I wouldn't suggest eating this way even once a week.  But once in awhile I highly recommend it.  Roscoe's rocks.  But I imagine you have your own version of Roscoe's wherever you live.  Seek it out.  Soon.
And that was my weekend.  Today is my friend Marion's birthday.  I just got off the phone with her from our annual birthday chat.  Marion lives in Olympia, Washington.

She is 58 today, and I will be 58 in a little over a week.  We are losing our waistlines.  We are going gray.  We have our health issues.  But we are beautiful.  I happen to think she is more beautiful than me, but that is my opinion.  She has had a great sadness this year that she is recovering from.  She is doing it with great dignity and beauty, and I am taking notes.  She's always been such an example of class and beauty to me.  I hope this next year will be better and happier for her because she deserves it.  I hope I can learn to be as nice a person as she is.  I try, but then I seem to get this naughty streak and things go south.  But I'll keep trying in my 58th year.  And now, dear blogging world, I have a mighty thirst, and I am going to stop now and guzzle a Diet Coke.  Because it's hot.  Because I'm almost 58 and it scares the bejeebers out of me.


  1. Hmmm, fried chicken and waffles....interesting. Actually it does sound yummy.
    I like to day dream about those kind of beach houses too. But I'll have to win the lottery to make those dreams come true.

  2. What a terrific weekend! I love how you roll with the flow and didn't let the reshuffling of the appt's rock your boat. And yes, fried chicken and waffles are the bomb!

  3. I LOVE Roscoe's! I regularly crave it. And, yes, I've been the extreme minority in every location I've tried. Time to google " chicken & waffles" for Philly.

  4. I like how you go with the flow as well. I'd love to wonder on a walk like you described. (My husband, at times, carries my purse as well)! :)

  5. My kids all love the whole fried chicken and waffles thing, especially Karin and Bobby. They go there for special occasions.

    I like the direction your walk took. Those flowers are amazing.

    And isn't it great what we can learn from watching our friends? Best thing ever.


  6. Karen, I hope that when I am almost 58 I have as happy of a life as you! Evening strolls are a must! And I must say--I like that pink house too! Something about a pink house has always attracted me!

    So now I am curious about the chickens and waffles. I will have to google that and see if WE have anything like that! Sounds awesome!


  7. What a lovely area to stroll..I could live on a beach but probably never will..so I'll just have to enjoy you doing that! I turned 58 this year and I have lived to tell about it...it's the 60 thing that has me a bit worried! I just can't believe all the years that have past..oh well, better than the alternative! That chicken sounds delish, we don't have anything like that around here. Maybe the Amish need to branch out their menus!

  8. OK you had me at the Pepto Bismol house on the awesome property until I started reading about Fried Chicken and Waffles. I have never heard of that combination before but you make it sound so delish that I wish I could drive to Roscoe's right now - Holy Moly!! You have given me a craving!!

    I would have never thought you could feel like the minority California. Once my husband and I visited St. Louis and we grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds before a baseball game downtown. The McDonalds was seriously packed with people and we were the only white people there. It was a strange feeling, but I didn't have a problem with it at all. Very interesting indeed.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Where do I start? Fried chicken and waffles!!!! I'm all over that.
    Waistline expanding-- I'm a poster child for this.
    Lusting after beach property-- I could teach classes on this.
    About to be 58 -- I've got underwear that's 58! Talk to me in a few years.

    Fun update. I was there with y'all.

  11. Oh you sweet YOUNG thang! I turned 60 this year and was worried for a year. Refused to even acknowledge it was happening. And then my children and grandkids made it a sweet tender time and I was so OVER the mess. I'm sixty in numbers only. Thanks to my Dad's wonderful babyface genes I'll stay younger than springtime for a long time appearance wise and emotionally I am feeling pretty proudly eternally youthful.

    don't worry...be happy!

    Hugs~ and if that pepto bismol pink house has a sold sign on it i know nuthin' about it...what WAS that address????


  12. It sounded like a delightful time with delightful discoveries. You and Marion are both lovely. Have a super day ~ Alexandra

  13. That joy and surprise that comes with discoveries like bridges with pink geraniums and chicken with waffles is what keeps you young. I experienced major anxiety at turning 40 this year but I discovered that physical challenges were what made me feel older...a shoulder injury that has not healed in six months, developing lactose intolerance, having joint pain...it's not the number that makes me feel it, it's the pain of the body. Good for you for continuing to stay active and care for yourself!

  14. I will have to try chicken & waffles sometime-- loved hearing about your experience!!!

  15. It's starting to get cooler here and that's Ok with me. I'll be sorry in a couple of moonths..ha!
    You and L do the most fun things...I swear!
    Your friend reminds me of a friend of mine who goes through tough stuff and is the best example for me! I can get through the minefields of life better because of her. Thank God for friends!!!

  16. What a great walk - the bridge and pink flowers was a treat to see/read about. (and the chicken/waffles mmmm).
    - Joy

  17. beautiful!! I desperately want to come and go walking with you...game?

  18. You must be a very easy going person, Karen. Four hours in a beauty shop would kill me.

    I love that you and L. are so casual about your weekends. You just sort of let them happen. That is so neat. Just look at the things you have discovered from just this one weekend.

    I have to say that fried chicken and waffles sounds delicious. Wish we had a Roscoe's here. I got a laugh when you said that you were just about the only white people there. When Nancy and Sue were younger (Nancy was 14 and Sue was 12) their dad used to send them to Compton to collect rents on a 14 unit building we owned for a time. That was a totally black neighborhood. I used to worry about it a lot, but really had no say in the matter. Nancy got her drivers license when she was 14 because their dad lied when he took her to get it. It required both of our signatures, but Dick told them I was deceased! Anyway, just imagine them down in that part of town alone collecting rents. They used to stop at Norm's to eat and they told me it was a little weird being the only white ones there. When you mentioned it, it brought back that memory.

    It did sound as if you had a wonderful relaxing weekend and that's the best kind to have.

  19. Lovely long weekend ahead. Another batch of days to bring new landscapes, new ideas, new perspectives. Have a great evening ~ xox Alexandra

  20. I live in Louisiana and have never even heard of fried chicken and waffles. Who knew? That's just what I need - a way to add more calories to good ol' fried chicken! LOL!! Your photos are sooo pretty and the walk and all the homes and the beach, etc. etc., sounds like a vacation post to me. Must be wonderful to live near all that beauty!!


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