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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's Talk About Everything, But Mostly ME

You probably thought I'd gone AWOL - drunk with birthday bliss or something.  Yes dear friends, I turned 58 yesterday.  Rather quietly too.  First of all, it was a work day for me so that definitely put a damper on any wild partying.  To make matters worse (yes, I'm about to complain) I've been suffering for awhile with a very bad ankle.
Let's back up and give a short history of this ankle.  I was always a tad clumsy, and this ankle has always been a tad weak.  I've sprained it more than once in my formative years.  I would be in a hurry, not watching where I was going and UNGH - over it would go.  But the piece de resistance was when I was in my 30's.  I had a horse - a hunter jumper - that had gone lame.  While he was recuperating I was riding a HUGE horse that was in the stable.  His name was Chopin.  And he was the biggest horse I'd ever been on.  My trainer was having us jump a little course, and I got Chopin to the jump in an awkward place.  He gave it a huge effort, and in the process I flew up in the air and landed spread eagle on his back.  It surprised him.  He took off at a dead run.  I remember clearly thinking it would be a good idea to push myself off and land on my feet before I was killed.  And so I did.  But I landed on that weak foot, and I heard things rip.  Oh man that hurt.  A lot.  Some how we got my boot off, and I was on crutches for awhile after that little trick.  That ankle was always just a little bit fatter than the left one after that.
Fast forward about 20 years.  I develop rheumatoid arthritis.  This is a very annoying condition that seems to head right for the places that are weak.  Like my ankle.  Sometimes it's there, sometimes it likes to go torment other places, like my knees.  Or my shoulder.  But for the past 2 weeks it has found a home in my right ankle.  I've had to stop walking in the evenings with my husband because it's getting worse.  I've cried uncle and have made an appointment with a podiatrist to find out what's going on in there.  Why not my rheumatologist?  Because he's looked at it before and wasn't much interested in doing anything about it.  (I'm looking for a new rheumatologist, by the way)  ANYWAY - I've been hobbling and limping around here like a woman twice my age and I'm sick of it.
I've decided a bicycle would be a good thing to have.  It doesn't bother my ankle to ride one.  So that is my birthday present from L.  We haven't found the right one yet, but we're going to go out and seriously look this weekend.  I'm tempted to get the one designed by Missoni at Target.  It's so cute and chic, but I think the real point is to get exercise and not pay extra for Missoni painted fenders.  But it's tempting.

So my birthday passed quietly because I didn't feel well enough ankle-wise to do much.  L took me out for a delicious, quiet dinner - just the two of us.  I looked forward to it all day - just my love and me.
My granddaughter Lexi called to wish me a happy birthday.  She asked me what I was doing for my birthday and I told her that Papa was going to take me to dinner.  *crickets chirping*  Finally she said "That's all?" Yikes - I didn't want to seem boring to her, so I told her I was going to have my party with her when I got there in a couple of weeks.  WELL - right away she said we could have a tea party up in her room and that "All my dolls could join us.  I have a lot of dolls, Mema."  Lexi makes me laugh.  I can't wait to get there.
I have some birthday money to spend (combined with the gift certificate from my coworkers) and this is what I'm thinking of getting:

Call me crazy, but I just love that pink.  It'll be like a crazy neutral.  All of the bags I have now are really big.  And heavy.  I want one that is a little bit smaller, and that will go with the wallet I bought earlier in the year.  This would do it, but I'll have to go to the actual store to see them in person.  I'm excited to go shopping, but my ankle isn't so sure.
I haven't seen any new pictures of our new little Skylee.  I talked to mama Ronna right after I talked to Lexi, and she sounded a little bit tired - understandably so.  I thought it probably wasn't a good time to hound her for pictures, so I'm trying to be patient.  If nothing else, I'll take a ton of pictures when I go in a couple of weeks.
This post is turning into a mish mash.  Some days are like that.  No focus.  All over the place.  And I'm hungry so I'm not concentrating.  I'll end this with a picture that L took on the last time we tried to walk down at the beach.  I'm always amazed at what good pictures i-Phones take.  It was (another) lovely day and the lighting was beautiful.

Every day after this picture was taken has been stinking hot - around 100 degrees, and humid for California.  It has me longing for autumn.  Crisp, cool nights, blue skies during the day.  Halloween right around the corner.  I need to get my ankle fixed so I can enjoy new babies, tea parties with Lexi, and trick or treating with Mia and Hayden later on in Massachusetts!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a great birthday. Love the bike and the purse!

  2. Happy birthday girlfren. Some of my favorite posts are the ones that careen off the corners of my brain like a pinball on speed.
    Get that ankle fixed, you'll be a new woman.

  3. Happy Birthday. It should be a week-long celebration anyway. It's been pretty warm here, too, but thankfully not in the 100's; though, October has been known to see the century mark in these parts. Fortunately, this past week we've had a bit of a break. Carpet cleaning today followed by two beauty appointments. Hmm...all fixed up and no where to go... :) xox Alexandra

  4. I think getting a bike is an awesome idea. Happy belated birthday!!

    And that purse....! :)

    Get that ankle better so you can enjoy all the fun.

  5. You know I'm all about a bike. All about it. My recommendation? Don't go for cute. Go for reliable.
    And the bag--a no brainer!
    Happy birthday, my friend.

  6. Sorry about your ankle.
    Glad your birthday was still happy.
    Sorry you don't have tons of pics yet.
    Glad you will have lots of dolly guests at your b-day party.


  7. Rheum. arthritis is a pain. My husband takes Enbrel injections, which keep him mobile. I love the bike and the purse.

  8. Ouch. I can almost feel your ankle pain. I do hope you can get relief from that chronic pain. Ankles and knees are tough healers. Sounds like a nice birthday anyway! I love dinners out with good conversation and good company!

  9. See, I told you turning 58 wouldn't be that bad...only I didn't know about the ankle. Hope it gets better soon and have fun getting a cool bike! Love the pic with the great view...have a fun weekend and continue to celebrate!

  10. ahh. that bike is divine. I would buy it just for the painted fenders!

  11. Happy birthday! You are so much fun. Forever young, is what you are! I love your spirit and sense of humor and your new bike and the pink purse. :)

  12. I can so sympathize with the RM. I do hope your ankle gets better soon so that you can get back to walking. You need to go shopping for the new bike!

    Your birthday party with Lexie and her dolls sounds like fun. I'll bet you can hardly wait! I haven't been to a tea party in many many years.

    I love the pink purse. Go for it! I like small bags too. I only use them for church though. If I take a purse anywhere else, I usually leave it there so I finally just decided to not take one most of the time.

    Keep on keepin' on girl. That pain is bound to get better!

  13. Just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog. It was just what I needed to hear. Thank you. Thank you!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was yesterday and I was stricken with bronchitis and did nothing but lay in bed al day.

    I love that cute bike. My brother and sister in law just moved to a little beach town and last weekend when we were there, there was the cutest pink beach cruiser parked outside the restaurant we were eating in. I showed it to my husband and told him that's exactly what I want my next bike to look like.

    I understand about the ankle. My daughter had a terrible break and ligament injury during a soccer game. She was on crutches for quite some time. And even with intensive rehab therapy, she rolls her ankle. Just pops right out. It's very painful for her and swells up like a demon for a few days. The orthopedist said ankle injuries are always the toughest to properly heal. He said most of them don't heal completely because of all the tendons and ligaments involved in supporting your ankle. She wears her brace when she's doing anything active. She's had to quit soccer. But still, every once and awhile, it rolls just when she's walking. The next step is ligament surgery. We're trying to avoid that for now.

    Good luck with your ankle!


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