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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mother Hubbard Wants Her Flip Flops Back

I am clumping around in my sweet new ankle brace.  Remember my swollen ankle?  The one that had been injured time and time again, and now refuses to be un-swollen?  I found out why when I went to the podiatrist on Monday.  (Incidently, the podiatrist looked like a cheerful little Ron Paul)  He popped my X-rays up on the screen and pointed to a broken bone under my big toe (probably broken a good while back), and a big bone spur on the top inside of my ankle, another bone chip floating around on the side, and, because everything is so catawompus, my ankle joint hangs crooked and so the outside bone is starting to slide downward, out of position.  Ohhhhh... so THAT's what's going on in there!  The good doctor frowned at my flip flops, and told me never go go barefoot.  Maybe I should die now, too...  And for the next TWO WEEKS I have to wear supportive shoes.  As in Nikes or New Balance.  Ugh.  I never wear those kinds of shoes unless I'm working out.  (Hahaha - and if you know me, you know that's never often enough!)  I supposed there was no point in asking him when I could wear heels again, so I kept quiet on that.  I'm not a total idiot.
So I've got this black brace that laces up the front like Mother Hubbard shoes, and THEN I get to stuff all of that inside a pair of, as it happens, Avias.  And I do mean stuff.  It's a glamorous sight, I tell ya.  But I'm trying to be good, because he said if I don't, my ankle won't un-swell, and it will most likely dislocate, and then it will need to be fused.  And that is a party I'd like to avoid.  He said when the swelling is all down, we can talk about repair.
On a cheerier note, L and I went out Saturday and bought bicycles.  His, of course, is black - because he IS the man in black.  Navy blue if he's feeling particularly colorful.  But here is mine:

LOVE my little bike!  I'm surprised at how wobbly I am, though.  Surprised and embarrassed.  But we've gone out and done some riding every night (we have lights that flicker like little strobe lights on front and rear) and it has to get easier, right?  I just haven't used those muscles in so long I feel like an idiot huffing and puffing along.  But it's fun.  L is so into this: he bought a rack to carry the bikes down to the beach to ride this weekend, and he ordered me a sweet little basket so I can carry things.  Like snacks.  Or beach towels.  And I know he's going to order the i-Phone bracket for his Precious.  Scott was telling him about it last night, and about how i-Phone has free apps that will plot your course and track your mileage.  L was hooked, I could tell.
And speaking of Scott and Ashley: they took us to dinner last night for my birthday!  (See? A week later, and it still goes on and on like a good birthday should!)  We had such a good time, in spite of my ugly ankle brace.  Scott enthralled L with tales of I-Phone apps, and Ashley and I planned a pool/lunch day for this Thursday.  I will lose the brace for that.
Still no more pictures of little Skylee, but Katie never lets me down.  Here are the recent ones of Mia and Hayden.

Could a little girl look any cuter in a hat?

Hayden has that same dreamy look I get on my face when I'm eating M&Ms.  She's all decked out for Halloween!  I hope she saves some M&Ms for Mema.


  1. How cool is your husband...seriously!!
    I think bike riding is romantic, epecially at the beach.
    Don't worry you'll have those muscles up and running in no time and I hope you get the flip flops back soon too!! (Sorry about your ankle - ouch).

    P.S. He got you a basket - soooo romantic!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that picture of Mia is worthy of a magazine cover at least !

  3. Way more explanation about the pain/swelling than you wanted I would guess. Looks like there will be more to write about as your swelling subsides.

    Bike fun. Grandchildren love.

    - Joy

  4. Hope the ankle heals great and maybe (with fingers crossed) no surgery will be needed. I think your Grandkiddos are the cutest! I love the hat on Mia and I love Hayden's spiderweb boots...so cute! I also really love the color of your new bike. You will look adorable riding it...have fun!

  5. I miss riding my beach cruiser at the beach! Jealous you and Ashley are having a pool day. I haven't been in a pool in what seems like forever! Sorry about your ankle! Look at it this way, at least its not a sweet neck brace like what I had to wear ;-)

  6. You've got yourself and sweet ride. I wish we could go beach cruisin together. I've got a basket too so I could carry my own sandwiches.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your ankle! Thankfully, though, you caught it before it got any worse. Mia and Hayden are PRECIOUS! And, your new bike sounds like it's the bomb. Be careful with that ankle-

  8. Cherie: Yes my husband is very cool, although he leads me astray at night when riding. He was ahead and told me to pedal fast - there was a "bump" going up from the street to the bikepath. The "bump" was practically a freaking curb and I almost flew off my bike. Blind trust is what that was. Add another bruise...

    Marsha: Yes my daughter takes those beautiful pictures and I'm so lucky to get so many of them.

    Vintage: Yes - bike IS fun! And the grandchildren are serious LOVE.

    Katie: Yep, I'm careful to never complain too much about braces or pain around you! You've been through it all!!

    Laraine: If you ever come to Orange County, let me know and we WILL ride. And I'll provide the snacks.

    Shelley: Yes, I'm glad I found out what was going on in the ankle now. I'm the queen of procrastination. My husband and podiatrist brother in law double teamed me to get in and have it looked at.

  9. Aw! The girls are just darling! The little one is quite stylish in her spiderweb boots! :) I may need a pair for myself.

    I hope your ankle gets better. Ouch.

  10. At least now you know what's up with it, and it sounds like something that is eventually fixable.

    Ryan had his entire ankle rebuilt nearly two years ago. It was a lot of physical therapy getting it rehabbed, but now it's doing great.


  11. Ouch to your ankle! Be a good girl and wear the brace! Yeah, I know...flip flops are much more stylish!

    Love your bike. I really NEED one!

    You have adorable grandchildren.

  12. Oh wow that sounds very painful...and you must have a great immunity to pain to be able to take walks and go biking with such a complex situation! Your darling granddaughters are too beautiful for words. So fashionable and sweet. Here's to a fast healing and lots of romantic bike rides to come.

  13. I know, I know!!! You want pictures! I'm just not good at taking pictures. Definately not good with the camera like Katie is. I wish I was. She takes amazing beautiful pics of her girls. Wish I had that talent. I'll try to get you some soon.

  14. Adorable kids!! Just adorable! And no...I don't think it's possible to be much cuter!

    I used to live in Orange, California a very long time ago. My children were born there at St Josephs Hospital. Now they are grown with kids in college. It's changed so much that I probably would get lost. I am only here in Riverside but for some reason we never head in that direction unless it's to the beach. OR the Orange Circle, of course!!! :) Wait, or Fashion Island.. LOL

  15. I love your bike!! Love the color! When my husband and I talked about getting bikes he asked me what kind I wanted and I immediately said, "One with a basket!" He informed me that I could buy one separately .... ;-) We still may do it! Hope you have lots of fun.


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