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Monday, October 24, 2011

Preparing To Pack

Counting down the days until our trip east.  Over the weekend, L treated me to a little shopping spree and I was able to find the perfect (I hope) jacket to go with my dress for the wedding. The reason I say "I hope" is because the dress is being altered (hem taken up) and I wasn't able to try the two together.  So.... as usual I'm flying by the seat of my pants.  It definitely keeps things interesting - I'm never quite sure how things are going to work out but I'm reasonably sure everything will go together.  Picture this, if you will: a plum colored jersey dress, straight cut sheath with a cowl neckline (my least favorite neckline...)  It's sort of snug fitting (not on purpose, I assure you) so this jacket will go over it, and help to camouflage the unpleasant realities of getting older:
ahhh... if only I looked like that in it....

Now - the silly cowl neckline is sort of like it's own necklace, so I'm not going to try and fight with any kind of necklace.  Instead, I got these earrings to wear instead:

I think that will be jewelry enough, don't you?  Add some little gold sandals with rhinestone buckles and you have the outfit.  Now, before the wedding we are supposed to meet at a park for pictures in about 55 degree weather.  If I get through that it will be a miracle.  I don't have any kind of coat that will work with the dress AND jacket - or even just the dress for that matter.  In California we just don't have a lot of call for dressy warm coats.  GAH - I'm not sure what to do there, but I won't last long out in the cold.  If you think of me at around 4pm on Saturday, send up a little prayer that the sun will come out.  Either that, or that it rains, and then the picture taking will HAVE to move indoors.  
From there we all hop into taxis and head to the cute little bookstore where the ceremony will be held for more picture taking and then (FINALLY) the ceremony and reception.  And hopefully some good food. Tim and Autumn have been sending email after email with updates on the festivities, so their energy is in high gear.  I'm excited to share pictures of everything with all of you.  New York at this time of year is so much fun.  
And then, of course, its on to Boston (or actually Worcester, pronounced "Woos-tah") and trick or treating and tons of fun with Mia and Hayden.  Oh, and Katie too.  And maybe Zach, if he's around.  You never know with young doctors.
So today it was laundry day, and tomorrow I need to start organizing the clothes I'm taking so I'm not up all night on Wednesday packing in a panic.  THAT is my usual M.O., throwing things in a suitcase in sheer desperation and exhaustion.  And there's always waaaaay too much thrown in.
Another thing I'm excited about is being able to wear boots and sweaters everywhere except the rehearsal dinner and wedding.  I love the coziness of crisp fall days paired with comfy warm clothes.  It's going to be a quick trip - a total whirlwind - but it's going to be lots of fun.  I'm even going to take my work laptop with me to try and fit in a little work here and there.  In my case, every hour is billable.  So, a little work, a lotta play.  It's going to be a great trip, chock full of family time and memories.  And, if I'm lucky - maybe someone will share some M&M's with Mema.


  1. How I wish I was headed to NYC with you . . . if you see a certain tall, dark-suited missionary from Mesa wearing my name on his tag, say hi for me, K?

  2. Have a wonderful trip, Karen! And take lots of pictures for us!!


  3. I'm glad you're not wearing too much jewelry. We are not a Christmas tree. :) You will look lovely from the sound of it. :)

    Have fun! I wish I were going with you. I need a trip.

  4. I love your earrings and I know you will look smashing in your outfit. What a great trip you have ahead of you! I hope it's a little warm that day for you, too!

  5. OH Karen...how wonderful for you! Time spent with your loved ones, cool weather, fabulous outfit...and sparkly jewelry. And that's just the side note to sharing those m&m's!

    Have a grand time and can't wait to see/hear all that you do!


  6. Your outfit sounds perfect. Love that jacket. Have fun in NY and take lots of pictures.

  7. Excellent wardrobe choices. Mother in the bridal party is always stressful. You don't want to embarrass anyone, and you don't want to blink like a neon sign.

  8. Sounds like you are in for a fabulous time and will look gorgeous to boot. Safe travels to you, dear one. xox Alexandra

  9. I think you are going to look fabulous dahhh-ling!!! I love the jacket and the earrings - so cute!

    I love that you cannot wait to wear sweaters - Ha Ha.

    You are going to have a ball - Take lots of pictures!

  10. That sounds like a dream! How exciting that there's a wedding in your family, and children to go trick or treating with. I'm sure you will rock your evening attire, you're too beautiful not to! And you have incredibly great taste.
    Have a safe and wonderful getaway!

  11. Have a great time! I love those earrings....and you will look pretty I'm sure. I would love to head to Boston..but my real dream trip is to go to Salem during October...now that would be fun! Such a cute pic of that sweet girl!

  12. It sounds as if you are going to be very well "put together". Your earrings look beautiful. I can imagine your whole outfit, and believe me, I'm getting a pretty darned good mental picture. I do hope that you have a great time at the wedding and that you won't get too cold. I HATE being cold. I was cold at the wedding we went to in Dallas.

  13. Enjoy your trip. But pictures in 55 degree weather - won't everybody's goosebumps show? :)

    Travel safely. ...Marsha


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