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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Riding Flat

I received some good advice over the weekend: always check the pressure in your bike tires before going out to ride.  I'd noticed that lately the bike riding was getting much harder.  So much so that I was getting discouraged.  For me, I naturally blame my chronic condition for every weird little thing that affects me.  It just seems to be ever so.  My knee is sore?  It's the arthritis.  Shoulder aching?  Arthritis.  Ankle akimbo?  Ditto - arthritis.  So I was discouraged.  I was sad.  This should be getting EASIER, not harder.  I should feel like pushing the envelope - doing more and more all the time!  Right?  No - it was getting so that I was dreading getting on that bike.
When my friend Wendy and I went out last Thursday morning we both commented on how hard it was to get going that day.  It was a total chore and I couldn't wait for it to be over.  We talked of many things, Wendy and I - one of which was a tire pump.  We didn't have one yet, and I made a note to have L go and get one over the weekend.
Saturday came, and the subject of the dreaded ride came up.  I didn't want to go, but knew I had to.  I must admit I cried a little bit about how discouraged I was.  (I'm not used to being terrible at things and when I am I get whiney...)  It was still early in the afternoon and hot outside.  We decided to go to Target and get a few things - a bicycle pump among them.
When we got back, L checked the pressure in the tires.  It should have been around 60 and every one of them read 30.  I began to cheer up.  No wonder it had been so hard - we were riding on practically flat tires!  Honestly, I'd felt like I was trying to pedal a tractor!
When we finally took the bikes out on the trail later that day -- WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  I sailed along - I felt like singing!  (But I didn't - that would have been embarrassing.)  I was crazy strong and nothing could stop me.  Except L, who said he was tired.  So - mystery solved.  I wasn't going downhill to my slow death - I just had flat tires.
The moral to this story is: when the going gets tough, pump up your tires instead of crying like a baby.

Or -
If your lollipop gets hair on it...

just pick it off...



  1. What a great thing to find out! One time I went running and my foot hurt so bad I thought it must be old age catching up. I ran 7 miles like that and was so sad at the end because I thought I was going to have to give it up. I was so relieved when I found a bobby pin in the bottom of my shoe... so I know exactly how you felt when you saw how low those tires were!

  2. Oh my that last picture is priceless!!
    Don't you wish everything could be fixed just by pumping it up (or in the case of my butt just letting the air out - ha ha).
    I can picture you loving your bike ride with your newly pumped up tires!

  3. I also learned this lesson the hard (or soft!) way. It does matter. Dumb, huh? Think how your car feels!

  4. Yay ! Pump You UP! Glad your load was lightened and you're on the road again...

    cutie pictures....

  5. What sweet pics! So cute! I'm going to have to "pump" up my tires for sure today because I have to visit the doc for my bi-annual visit. Yuck! But I'll pick the hair off my sucker and go on. Atleast it's first thing this morning and I have the rest of the day off. That idea has me smiling already!

  6. LOVE the moral of your story! I get that whiney thing going every once in awhile too.

  7. Good thoughts to remember. Not really related, but it reminds me of when I don't change the vacuum bag. Then when I do, it is like...Oh! now the vacuum works better.

  8. I totally believe in the power of hot air. But then...you probably already knew that.

  9. Sounds like riding on half-flat tires has the same effect as practicing in high altitude. Now you are one amazingly conditioned biker!

    Great story.


  10. I wish it WAS that easy...I'm so outta shape that even if I pumped it to 100....I'd still have bad knees!!! Ha! (good for you!!)

  11. Haha! Great last line and pic. she is a doll. I hate it when hair gets on my lollipop too.


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