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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Countdown To The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This has been one of those Saturdays that has flown by at high speed.  L and I had set aside the morning to go pick up a console cabinet we'd ordered for my aunt at Sears, trying to save her the $75 delivery charge.  When we ordered it, we pictured it being a complete piece of furniture, save for pushing pegs in and setting the shelves on them, as the description said "No tools needed for assembly."  Well, they spoke the truth, but I'm glad we didn't pay anyone to deliver the absolutely flat box of wooden panels that we picked up.  Everything either folded or fit together nicely without needing screwdrivers or anything, but we were a little freaked out when we first looked at the box.  I have to say, though, that Sears gave us a beautiful product that, once assembled (and it was pretty easy) looked like a piece of fine furniture.  My aunt was thrilled.  It looked beautiful in the room and cleaned up a spot that had a million cords from the TV, DVR, modem, cable box, etc. all snaking in a big mess on the floor.  The cabinet hid all of that and gave it such a clean look.  Love it!
Our service project over, we took her across the street to Rubio's for the first fish taco of her 77 years.  She opened it up, stared at it, and said "It doesn't look very good."  Just eat it, we urged her.  I KNOW fish in a taco doesn't sound good, but you will love it.  And she did.  A big smile went across her face as she took the first bite.  Yay - another Rubio's fish taco fan!
The sky was starting to look ominous and a cold wind was picking up.  Target or bike ride?  We dropped Margie off back home and decided to get in the bike ride before it started to rain.  I'm proud to say that we went a hard 10 miles.  The wind blew hard against us the entire first five miles.  There was a point about a mile short of the goal where I thought I might quit, but I somehow found the fortitude to keep going.  It's amazing what a difference a little wind can make.  I was a little whiney but L couldn't hear me.  At the five mile mark there's a little park of sorts with restrooms and it's become a sort of camp for homeless people.  We stopped for a few minutes to catch our breath, and I felt lucky to be there to just have a breather.  Those people were going to be there for a long cold night.  As we started to pedal off, one man raised his hand to me and gave a cheery wave.  I loved that - in spite of everything he still wasn't beaten.
The ride back was much less painful.  Wind at our backs, the pace wasn't quite so labored.  The air was cold, but we were back at the starting point soon enough.  Privately I was so glad to be done, but proud that we'd toughed it out.  I need to remember that the wind picks up in the afternoon - morning would be a much better time to go.  L isn't one for riding side by side chatting (like Wendy and I like to do) so it really wouldn't matter if the trail was crowded.  Next weekend we'll have to roust our derrieres out of the house earlier so we can cycle wind free.
Got home, unloaded the bikes, and it was off to Target for a multitude of random items.  I always want to get sidetracked in there, but L pretty much keeps me to task.  It's just so hard for me to walk by cute little Santa dishes in home goods and tiny tutus in the baby department.  I want to see what DVDs are on sale.  It's all hopelessly, endlessly fascinating, but when you're with L there is none of that.  He is all business, and the less time spent looking, the less money is spent.  That is not my philosophy of choice at all.  So I've learned to have a mental list before I go and be very quick because he gets cranky if I start meandering too much.
Back home.  L down in the garage crafting a step stool to help my aunt get in and out of bed without falling.  The mattress is a little high for her, and her legs are a little on the rickety side.  So the little box step will help keep her from falling at night.  We hope.  When that's complete, he's going to build her a tall bookcase to fit in a corner of her room so she can bring in all of her beloved books.  They are still out at the house she shared with my grandmother and having them in her new surroundings will help make it cozy and homey.  It's my goal to see her happier and healthier this next year, and I'm so lucky to have a husband who is so sweet and loving.  He's been so tender and sweet to my aunt, and seems to be able to reach through her depression and grief at losing her mother in a way the rest of us can't.  So a nice back rub and foot rub for him tonight - if I can pry his Precious (iPhone) out of his hand, anyway.
The countdown is on for Thanksgiving.  The Denver bunch is down for an unexpected trip.  Sadly there was a funeral they had to attend for a member of Ronna's family, but I can't help being excited about seeing them this next week.  I hear that Skylee's eyes have become a very clear blue.  I will do my best to take some pictures of all of them because we'll probably not see them for Christmas.  And then Andrew arrives Wednesday evening for a short Thanksgiving visit.  It's all a whirlwind!
I did want to share two new pictures of Hayden and Mia with you.  It was Hayden's 2nd birthday recently and here she is wearing her birthday crown:

And then there's Mia.  She has been harder to catch these days, but last week she let her mom snap some of her and this one is absolutely frame-worthy:

And lastly, I wanted to give a shout out for a blogging friend I've come to really enjoy: Robert Brault.  If you look on my side bar of blog lists, you'll see the link for his.  The man is genius at writing clever and/or pithy quotes.  The kind that make you smile to yourself, laugh outright, or just get you thinking.  Anyway, I adore his work.  And luckily, just in time for Christmas gift giving, he's come out with a calendar featuring some gorgeous pictures and his amazing quotes for each month.  And who couldn't use a calendar to scribble all of their appointments on?  But wait - there's MORE: notecards.  Beautiful, quote-y note cards.  And we all have someone on our list who would love those.  My suggestion is that you give the website a peek here   You'll recognize his most famous quote immediately and you can view thumbnails of the notecards and calendar pages.  You'll thank me for this - really, you will.  I would not steer you wrong.
So that's it from our camp.  I have a feeling that weekends from here on out are going to be just like this - crazy busy with all kinds of things on the To Do List that multiply like rabbits.  The holidays are here, my friends - like it or not.  Mostly I like it, but I have moments of being completely overwhelmed.  I'll just have to keep my rhythm going by listening to music I love and yes - that even involves cranking on the Christmas tune-age to get me in the mood for decking the halls and making it a wonderland.  *sigh*  I'll feel more like it tomorrow after a good night's rest, right?  Because I've got to be honest: that 10 miles on the bike today just beat me up.  So tonight's Rx is a simple dinner, a hot shower, make sure L gets his rub, and then cuddle up under warm covers!  Sweet dreams, all.


  1. What a fun, newsy post. And even a shout-out to Bob Brault! Good job.

    I can't believe how well Katie dresses her girls. They always look like a millions bucks. And I also can't believe what a "biker chick" you are turning out to be.

    I'm proud of you! (Now I need to get up off my duff so I can be proud of myself...)


  2. Those sweet children as so photogenic. Beautiful treasures. Congrats on doing the bike ride in cold windy weather. You have been very busy. Good on you.

  3. If you rode your bikes all the way to Texas, you'd have found not very cool temps here today at 94 degrees. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and what beautiful grandkids-

  4. You have had a busy, productive day. I always feel like I've accomplished something when I get some exercise done.
    Cute pictures of your grandgirls!

  5. Those granddaughters of yours are stunning! Mia's eyes--still remind me of Hyrum--can't keep spunk under wraps!
    Keep biking. It's worth it. Just no more crashes.

  6. Those little ones should really be models. They are stunning! I always love their dresses and accessories. So CUTE!!

    I proud of you doin' all that biking. That's hard work!

  7. That was kind of you to help your elderly aunt. I know she appreciated you help.
    I've never had a fish taco either. But it sounds good to me.
    We have a place we discovered a while back where we get shrimp and oyster poboys. I'm betting they have a fish taco on the menu that I haven't noticed.
    Lovely kids too.

  8. I'm sure you'll get back to Target sometime for a leisurely, meandering trip, I love those kind too. Shopping with my husband is very businesslike as well. Your grandkids are adorable.

  9. Love the crown on Hayden, but I also love her little shoes! Adorable. Mia's pic is precious..love the headband! I'm so proud of you for doing 10mi..wow, you are super woman! Have a fun holiday with your family!

  10. Wow, what a fun and busy post. Fish tacos? Never had one but they sound just strange enough to be yummy.
    I put christmas music on my iPod this weekend too.
    Gorgeous pics of the little ones :)

  11. I so admire you for the bike-riding. Where do I go to sign up to be YOU??!! Beautiful photos of beautiful girls. Hey, I think everyone should have a birthday crown - LOVE THAT!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  12. How kind of you to look after your aunt, and it's great that your husband joins you in the endeavor. I'm sure she appreciates your caring more than you can possibly know.



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