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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mishmash Ramblings

I was talking to a friend today and she mentioned something about Thanksgiving.  Next week.  WHAT??!??  Next WEEK??!?  I mean, I knew what the date was, and of course it would follow that Thanksgiving would be next week, but for some reason it kind of snuck up on me.
I didn't have a chance today to pull out recipes and start making that big bad grocery list, but tomorrow I really need to start.  Luckily, we are only going to be six people for dinner, so that takes a lot of the complications out of the whole situation.
I feel I've been a bad, bad blogger.  Work has stepped up quite a bit this week.  Good for my paycheck.  Bad for getting anything else done.  When the entire day is spent in front of a computer screen, it doesn't make for compelling writing.  But I've been keeping up on all of you.  Doing my due diligence and reading.  Just no writing, so I hope you're in a forgiving frame of mind.
And I've been taking notes on HGTV and Food TV and yes, even the Today Show.  The other day they were showing table settings - easy things to do to make your Thanksgiving or holiday table fabulous.  Did anyone else see that segment?  One idea was to take little pumpkins and spray them white, slice a little slit in the top and VOILA! - place card holders.  Well, it got my juices flowing, is what it did.  And these days, the juices don't flow quite as... well... juicily, so I was excited at the inspiration.  OR - I may take those same little pumpkins and spray them gold and glitter them.  I'm excited just thinking about it.
But whatever I ultimately decide to do, I need to start taking stock of what I have, write down some ideas, and make some plans.  I haven't had a small crowd for dinner since probably last Thanksgiving so I'm looking forward to it.  Starting to stretch my muscles and work up my endurance for the Great Day Of Cooking.  The weather has been crisp and cool - perfect for a holiday feast.
I've been riding my bike on a pretty regular basis.  I have a friend who is the perfect biking buddy. We've worked our way up to 10 miles already!  I came home with sore knees today and was tired afterwards, but -  10 MILES!!  I was stoked.
In other news, I sat around in my nasty exercise clothes and worked until 4pm when I finally took a shower.  Sadly, now you know, dear friends, what a pig I can be.  But no one was home, and the workload kept calling me.  Is that too much information?  Can we still be friends?  Because I can promise you if I'd had somewhere to be I would have cleaned up.  Immediately.  My standards may be low, but I do have some.
Tomorrow is soon enough to start making lists and sharpening details.  Tonight I'm enjoying listening to a little Neil Young - "Cowgirl In The Sand," "Long May You Run," "Cinnamon Girl."  Brings back the wayward days of my youth which, come to think of it, weren't all that wayward.  And if you know different, just keep it to yourself.  Because right now, it's all just a sweet romantic memory and I'd like to keep it that way.  Old friends and confidants who will forever be some of the sweetest memories ever in my somewhat selective mind.

"We found things to do in stormy weather. Long may you run." - Neil Young


  1. i can see the glitter now... i read your post and thought of this... http://choosecraftiness.blogspot.com/2011/10/glitter-pumpkin.html

  2. Awesome pics!! So stylish. I would totally wear that stuff.

    And you GO with your bad 10 mile self! Great job, girl. :)

  3. 10 miles is totally terrific- congrats! I think the pumpkins will be adorable. Be sure and post pics- and I love your old pics!

  4. Sassy lass, you GO!
    And hello...you got dressed in sweats? I've been known to forget to get dressed when busy doing things around the house!

    As the kids say around here...chillax and we'll appreciate your time when you can share...

  5. I've been on a Neil Young kick again. His music was such a part of my younger years.
    I love old pictures too. You girls looked like trouble waiting to happen :)

  6. We are having a small crowd as well. It will be nice and easy around our house.

    I love the pictures. I especially love those dresses in the second picture. Classy!

  7. Where is Popeye?

    PS I am jealous of all your readers. No one reads my lonely little, pathetic excuse for a blog. Maybe I need to step up my writing and take on some blogging assignments so as to improve my writing. It gets pretty sloppy if I don't pay attention.

  8. I was referring to the actual Popeye picture in the sailor outfit.

  9. We love Neil Young, too, and he does have a way of brining back those memories, doesn't he?


    So sweet.

  10. Those pictures are hilarious! I can't wait to see our kids look back at themselves and see things they'll think are now weird!

  11. So funny...especially the part about the exercise clothes and cleaning, then finally showering. I do it that way sometimes too, aren't you supposed to??
    Yes, Virgnia....Thanksgiving snuck up on me too!! Gotta git to thawing that turkey!!

  12. Neil Young was my youth also..I had a good friend who absolutely loved him. Then she dated a guy who thought he could sing like Neil..wrong! But to make him happy we sat and listened to the Neil wantabe and for the longest time I couldn't listen to the real Neil music without wincing and wishing I was somewhere else. But, I'm over it now so it's all good! I would love a job where I could sit in my play clothes and get paid for it! Now, about those outfits. You looks so sweet and the first thing I thought of was: "GROOVY"!

  13. Love Neil Young!

    I was reading this post and even though you are so stinkin' busy - what a blessing - what a great thing!!
    You are working and it is good and you are busy - Hooray!!!

    Also - Way to go on biking 10 miles.

  14. LOL..I just reread my previous comment. I have been known to stay in my PJ's all day when busy...lol!
    And I'm glad you're chillaxin...

  15. I love Neil Young. What a lovely post. I noticed you at Life 101. I'm going to follow you, and I hope you'll follow me.


  16. Karen, I LOVE Neil Young. Thanks for reminding me that I love him because I'll be happy all day playing those old songs and working at my machine. I appreciate that you stopped by to read and comment even when you were so busy. You're really not obligated...you're delightful and I'd read your blog whether or not you came to visit. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving...the little pumpkins sound wonderful.

  17. Okay, I must be rushing because I think I wrote wonderful way too many times!

  18. My husband had to introduce me to Neil Young and he was an acquired taste. Now I love him. I also love your pics.

  19. Thanksgiving really did sneak up on us, didn't it? We are going to have ours with Sue's oldest, Matt and his family. There will be a zillion people there because Heather is inviting all of her family and a couple of friends to boot!! I don't know where she will seat everyone. Certainly there will be no glittery pumpkins on her tables. She is pretty creative though, so who knows. I will be taking my carmeled yams and a big salad.

    Loved the pictures. Isn't it fun to look back and see ourselves when we were younger. It brings back so many memories. Only thing is that when I was young, I didn't get many pictures taken of me. We just didn't have a camera until I was in my teens and finally got a box one for Christmas. Still, I didn't take many pictures as I didn't have a lot of money for developing them. Technology has certainly chanaged things.

    I am so proud of you....to be able to bike ten miles!!! That is such good exercise too. I can manage about 14 minutes on a stationary one.

  20. Great post, and loved the pix, reminds me of the old days of my own (can't believe how old I sneakily got...) Now I'm going to have to fire up some Neil Young after reading this...


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