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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pass The Emergen-C

Getting back into the semblance of a routine after so many days off is hard.  I sit in my chair and work and work and work... and all I am really thinking about is getting gifts checked off my Christmas list.  Whether or not we'll need more lights for the tree.  Which cookies to bake this year.  So much so that last night, after a quick 2 hour snooze, I awoke at 12:30am and couldn't go back to sleep.  So annoying.  I tossed and turned, walked into the other room, checked out the window, walked back, tried to sleep, repeat.  All told I probably didn't sleep more than about 4 hours last night.  I was surprised that I functioned as well as I did today.
Wendy came over in the morning right on schedule and off we went with the bikes.  ELEVEN MILES today, folks!  That's a record.  We rode all the way down to what used to be the Anaheim Pond (and now I can't remember what it's called other than home of the Anaheim Ducks!) and Angel Stadium and back again.  Past all of the homeless people scrubbing up at the restroom, and past the ones still sleeping under the bridge.  One gave us a cheery wave.  But we were moving, man.  No time for pleasantries with hobos.  Maybe some morning we can bring them something... maybe...
Got back, showered (yes, I did shower right when I got back - can't let work suck me in first!) and then got busy plowing through the stack of work.  Had a couple of weird problems come up, but mostly it all went as it should.
L has had a cold the past few days.  He seems to be getting better so that's good, but I think that's part of what has been waking me/keeping me up all night: listening to him cough and try to breathe.  Painful.  So now today at around 4:30 I noticed my right ear getting a little bit sore.  *Please don't let me get sick...*
We had a quick dinner of tomato soup and cornbread and went out to Target to get Lexi the object of her desire: a Lalaloopsy doll.  I would never have picked this toy out. Never.  But there you are.  They want what they want.  So with that, all of the grandchildren are shopped for.  Major relief!  That just leaves the grown up kids, and my parents, and I think I know what direction I'm going there.  I can't say here because most of them read this.  I'll whisper it to you when I know they're all busy elsewhere.  Oh - and I still have L to shop for and he is really hard.  He says maybe some clothes, so that means he will point at things and I will buy them.  I've never been able to pick his clothes out - he's very fussy about how things fit.  I come from a dad who hiked for half a day with a peach pit in his shoe (true story) so you can pretty well deduce that I'm not that choosy.  But I did direct his attention to these little beauties that had miraculously gone on sale at Zappos.com, and they are on their way here to my open arms (and feet) as we speak.

I'm easy to shop for - possibly because there are so many things for me to love.  I actually saw this picture of Hayden in this impossibly cute hat, and I developed a huge yen for an owl hat, too.  It would be so much fun to wear - perhaps not age appropriate, but very very fun.

But we won't dwell on the objects of my lust, because that doesn't say Christmas, does it?  I am trying to round up the things on my list that my family will weep in gratitude over - unable to believe that I was able to capture their desires so perfectly.  Well, that is my hope.  I'll have to let you know how it all turns out, but I really do love buying gifts for people.  I know I will love having those new boots, but I love even more handing out everyone else's gifts and playing Santa Claus.  The biggest tragedy is that most of them are being shipped out of state, so I won't get to watch them being opened.  *SIGH*  But I am starting to get the definite glow and glimmer of the Christmas spirit.  Bring on the carols (actually I HAVE brought them on - Pandora Christmas Eve station for the past two days!) and let's brew up some wassail.  Trim the tree and hang the lights!
But right now, my ear is still hurting.  So it's off for some Advil, some Emergen-C and my jammies.  Hopefully I'll be able to sleep my 8 hours tonight.  Because I really really cannot get sick, and I need to get rid of the bags under my eyes.


  1. Dave is getting sick even as we speak. What a bummer; I think he caught it from Heather or Bryce. Both of them had a cold.

    I have been taking Airborne AND Vitamin C to try to stave it off. Wish me luck! And stay well yourself, too!


    PS. I think you definitely need the owl hat...

  2. That owl hat is darling and I love your boots! You will have so much fun wearing them. Congrats on the ride- that's such a great feeling to accomplish that!

  3. 11 miles is very impressive! Hope you get rest and feel well the rest of the week.

    (I want one of those owl hats for my granddaughter, cute cute)

  4. Ashley wants an owl hat too but decided she isn't a hat person and it never gets cold enough for a hat like that.

  5. Impressive bike ride. You deserve those boots.

  6. I have done some shopping, I don't know how this happened, but everything I bought so far, was for me! I need to stop thinking of myself and get busy.

    I love the owl hat and the boots.

    My biggest obstacle in gift giving is my husband. He is so tough to buy for, since if he sees something he likes, he buys it before I can.

    Oh and yes! That restaurant is Tung Nam. I love them. Although, I hear Peter has opened up a new place. I will be trying it next time I'm in that wonderful city.

  7. It is so neat that you love buying gifts for people. I just hate to. That is why I don't do it anymore. All the people on our list just get money and next year I think we are going to have to stop that. My five kids just get stuff that I have had.........mostly for years and years. They would get it eventually anyway and this way, I get to pick who gets what. I do have some pretty neat treasures though, so hope they all like what they are getting this year.

    Wow! I almost lost all of this. I don't even know what I did to get it back but I was prepared to start all over again.

    I love the owl hat...hmm, I'm wondering just how you would look in it. I must say it's owner looks charming indeed. Maybe she would loan it to you so we could see a picture of you wearing it. How about it?

    I'm glad to hear you are still riding your bike. That is so good. The mileage that you do is so hard for me to imagine. How long does it take you for one of those many miles rides?

    Take care, Karen, and for goodness sake, don't work too hard.

    I'm still doing baking...I guess you could say I do gift family members with goodies to eat. It seems to go over pretty well...

  8. Forgot to say that I hope LaMar is feeling better and that you didn't catch his cold. Darn! This just isn't a good time of the year to be sick.

  9. Whew, you've been as busy as I! I spent Sunday helping my daughter get some decorations for her townhouse for Christmas. Made a bow for her wreath and helped her hang it on her door.
    This week I hope to have the decorations down from Thanksgiving and find my way to the Farmer's Market for a Christmas tree.
    Stay healthy and I say rock that owl hat gurl!
    PS Good to be back on the blog circuit reading your lovely posts!

  10. Wait, not Tung Nam. That would be my favorite place at home. House of Nan. Yes, I know what I'm talking about...some of the time.

  11. Sleep is so annoying. If you don't get enough you get sick and have baggy eyes but sleep is a major time sucker! Sleep doesn't understand we got stuff to do!

    Love the boots. Yay for new boots!!

  12. I've had sleepless nights lately too. I was sick with a bug for a few days but in my sleepless malaise, I came up with several cool ideas.
    I'm grateful for those.

  13. I hope you're feeling better by now! I hate it when I can't turn it off at night and my mind is racing.

    You're a great gift giver. My family doesn't usually get too excited for underwear.


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