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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Wrap-up

Thanksgiving Day was a festive table setting and sparkly accessories

Candles glowing softly

And plenty of food and drink.

Add in our special guests Tara (Ashley's friend, and now OUR friend)

Ashley... and

Scott (who insisted on goofy pictures/would NOT be serious, so he gets them both added here)

There was also my camera-shy Aunt Margie.  She gets a special pass on the non-photo because 
she let me bully her into buying some new clothes online at Chico's - they were/are having
a killer sale and she hasn't bought anything for herself in about a hundred years.  So she
had her first fish taco with us last weekend, and now her first online purchase.  I am merciless in my pushiness.  Tara, Ashley and I herded her upstairs after dinner and wouldn't let her have any pie 
until she let us help her place an order.  Yay for great sales and shopping from home!

The day after Thanksgiving I got to play with this beautiful dolly, Miss Skylee:

She was patient and mellow while Mema played with the camera

We went through many moods and expressions

But her expression always came back to a reflection of happy, contented mellowness.
Not since her daddy have I seen a baby this easy.  She is a joy.

Thanksgiving this year was a day of reflection.  It didn't all go how I thought it would.  There were moments of angst and we rallied together.  I was proud of my family - they are so dear to me.  They are everything.  And the food was good, the guests at the feast were appreciative, and everyone who wanted them went home with leftovers.  (That was pretty much everyone.)  A good day overall.

But I didn't put up our Christmas tree yet.
My heart couldn't take anymore holiday excitement.

Next weekend the merriment continues...  we will deck the halls.


  1. Beautiful, glorious pictures! Truly, a holiday to remember.

  2. What a beautiful post! Family is such a blessing to have, and to cherish... beautiful- Your newest follower :o)

  3. Beautiful family and loving post. What more would anyone want for Thanksgiving!
    How blessed we all are!

  4. Mom please remove that second picture of me. I look terrible. I know I am big but it makes me look even bigger.yuck.

  5. Looks and sounds like you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. Full of warmth and Loveland family. Perfect!

  6. Beautiful photos! You're gettin good with that lens :)

  7. I like Miss Skylee's photo best of all.


  8. Skylee is adorable! Having family and friends over makes the holiday worth all the effort that goes into that special meal. I love your sparkly tablescape! I'm not getting Christmas up yet either. I want to savor this quiet month of November just a little longer. Have a good week!

  9. You are doing great with your camera. Beautiful photos. I had plenty of time to put our tree up this weekend, but I just decided to enjoy the thanksgiving mind-set a little bit longer. Looking forward to next weekend and some holiday decorations going up.

    Good for your Auntie.

  10. fun decor! Yes, I am a HUGE blackberry pie fan myself. As for the photo question, it could be a couple of reasons why the whole image isn't crisp. 1. hand-shake 2. too close to the subject 3. your aperture setting was too low ... sometimes the 1.8 ish region will only give you a crisp spot on the photo and blur the rest.

    hope this helps!

  11. That Skylee is so adorable and such a good model too. Those pictures will be a treasure for you to keep. It does sound as if you had a great Thanksgiving and what fun to have your aunt shop on line. Now, maybe she will do it again. It can be a very good experience, even though I hate to pay the shipping charges. Some of them are horrendous.

    We have our Christmas tree up and all the Santa Clauses too. I will definitely have to get Dick to take some pictures this year so that I can post them on my blog.

    I am sure that you will be decking the halls in a big way. Have fun and don't work too hard. Ha!!

  12. I crave a baby of my own after looking at all these gorgeous shots. Babies are such a gift!

  13. Love your glitter pumpkins! The holiday table all dressed in autumn splendor looks so inviting. Of course Skylee's pictures are amazing too. Her sweet innocence melts your heart.


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