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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wedding Photos By Popular Demand

OK - for all of you out there who chastised me for not taking pictures at the wedding last week, here are some I've managed to gather up.  Or, to be perfectly honest, I stole them off of L's ex-wife's Facebook page.  That's right - we're Facebook friends, me and the sister-wife.  (Don't tell L that I call her that....)  I tend to be somewhat lackadaisical about things like pictures and documenting big days, but she is a force to contend with.  Nothing stops her, and so I was happy she didn't let me down in this case either.  These pictures came from a variety of cameras and amateur photographers, so be prepared beforehand for a wide range of image quality.  But at least you'll have an idea of what things looked like.  Here we go:

The dress hanging in the window of the bridal suite

The infamous photo shoot in the freezing rain - but Autumn remained cheerful!

Gettin' married!

More ceremony.  But look  - there I am on the right in my gold jacket!

I wanted you to see the pretty veil and dress from the back.  Autumn's mom made the veil.

At some point during the reception, there was picture taking up on the mezzanine of the bookstore.

All of the handsome groomsmen - don't have a picture of the ladies - sorry...

Tim giving tribute to Autumn.  Look at the transformation of the bookstore!

Another shot of the reception setup

Part of the dessert were jars of home baked cookies made by the bridesmaids

Silly pictures up on the mezzanine

So there you have it.  That's how they do weddings in the Big Apple.  You'll have to be content with grainy amateur shots until we get the real deal.  But you can see what a sweet little wedding it was, and isn't her dress GORGEOUS?  (It doesn't hurt to be about a size 1, either...)  Autumn is so photogenic she even looked good standing in the freezing rain outside.   The happy couple is now on their honeymoon in Thailand, and when they return, I'm sure there will be some equally amazing pictures.  Thanks to my sister-wife for bailing me out on these pictures - she does come in handy on certain occasions.  And believe it or not, we do have a good time when we're together for family occasions.  I like her, and she likes me.  I just don't want her to move in.


  1. I LOVE the dress! It's so pretty! Especially the skirt!

    And it looks like a really cool venue and the idea for the bridesmaids to make cookies is so cute!

    I approve:)

  2. Great pics! What a beautiful and fun place to have a wedding....so NY! Glad you had fun and the couple are just as cute as can be..I love her dress! (his suit is cute too) Wishing them both tons of happiness!

  3. First, I almost choked to death laughing at the sister-wife thing. OMG - funny.
    That dress was gorgeous and the venue was great. Very Sex In The City library wedding, but with a happy ending!

  4. You are so funny, Karen! The pics are wonderful, and what a gorgeous couple they make. That is definitely a wedding to remember!

  5. Sister wife, lol.

    Cool idea having it in a book store! It looked so pretty! BTW, I love your hair! Nice color and length!

  6. Loved seeing the pics. The tiers in her wedding dress reminded me of mine (nostalgic sniff).

  7. What a darling bride, and it looks like a very cool wedding.


  8. She is one beautiful bride and the dress is dreamy for sure!!

    I could not take my eyes off the fact that they got married in a book store - how fantastic and unique is that?

    Beautiful pictures all around!

  9. She is one beautiful bride and the dress is dreamy for sure!!

    I could not take my eyes off the fact that they got married in a book store - how fantastic and unique is that?

    Beautiful pictures all around!

  10. How fun and exciting! Such cute pictures, I'm glad you're face book friends with the sister wife!

    Anxious to see more!

  11. You make me giggle...sister-wife...ha!
    The dress was beautiful as was the bride! Looks like a wonderful affair with panache'! How cool to have it in a book store!!

  12. I love weddings. We used to get invited to lots of them, but we haven't been to one in a while.
    We must be off the "A" list :)
    Nice collection of photos.

  13. This looks like an intelligent, creative group of friends and family. It's the first wedding I've ever known of to take place in a bookstore, but I love the idea! I wish I had thought of that.

  14. Beautiful pictures there dear friend. Gotta say you're a better man than I Gunga Din with the whole sister-wife deal. IDK are they easier to handle than say some SIL's? Just wondering?
    Loved the gold jacket btw!


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