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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Happy Things

Things That Make Me Happy (other than the obvious things like husband, children and grandchildren)

1.  Boots.  When you wear boots, no one can see that your right ankle is chronically swollen.  Or that you're wearing an ankle brace.  Plus, they're supportive!

2. Internet shopping.  Seriously - do you know how much time I've saved shopping at home, rather than trudging to the mall?  A lot, that's how much.  And so much free shipping!

3. Riding my bike.  L and I rode 10 miles yesterday.  I was tired, but it makes me feel so good.  Makes all my aches go away.

4. Going downstairs for a bottle of water, or lunch, or whatever, and seeing the lights on the Christmas tree twinkling.  That corner always looks so plain for awhile after the Christmas tree gets put away.  For now, the room has such razzle dazzle that turns dreamy when all of the other lights are turned off.

5. The lights strung over the front door and across the porch.  Now you can see our beautiful wreath at night.  I was wishing on Saturday morning that we had some lights there, and when I came home from my hair appointment, L had strung them all up as a surprise.  I love that man.

6. Christmas music 24/7 on Pandora.  I've created my own little station and I'm loving it.  It ranges from Michael Buble to Glee to Peter, Paul and Mary.  For one whole month I never get tired of listening to it.

7. Christmas cards in the mail.  Now, mind you, I don't send any - but I just love to get them.  It really cheers me up to see them in the mailbox.  Maybe I will send them next year.

8. Seeing presents under the tree.  There aren't very many, and they are not for me (except one from Tim and Autumn that is for both L and me) but it makes me excited to look at them.  And I get even more excited when something else arrives from the Internet that I can wrap and put under there.  See #2.

9. Thinking about the week after Christmas - a whole week that I don't have to work!  I don't get paid either, but we won't think about that.  A whole week that I don't have to work!  So far, L and I have planned a movie day for December 26th, and my mom and I have a day planned for December 28th.  It will be a good week.

10. See's Candy.  Soon it will be time for the annual trip to See's and our yearly box of chocolates.  Maybe we'll share it on Christmas Day, maybe we won't.  Half the fun is getting it out every night and having a piece. Or two.

11. My red flannel Christmas pajama pants.  Katie made them for me last year, and they are so warm and cozy.  She made L a pair too!  Here we are relaxing in them.  Don't mind the Halloween socks.

This year I am hosting Christmas Eve for my family at our house.  I'm gathering thoughts and ideas of what I want to do.  Our house is very small and so there's no room for a sit down dinner for so many people.  We're making it a sort of Open House - people can arrive when they can and leave when they need to.  Everyone will bring something and I will make a big pot of chili with all the fixings (sour cream, cheese, green onions, and anything else I can think of) so we'll have something hearty to eat.   It won't be fancy, but it will be fun.  And we'll have Carmel Apple Cider.  Mmmmmm....
What are your Christmas Eve traditions?  Where will you be - home?  Visiting family?

It's a good time of year, but a busy time.  I feel like I'm in a good place, though.  I've been able to get the shopping done, the church Christmas dinner is behind me (thank goodness!), and so now I can just enjoy the season.  That means a lot.  I'm usually crazy up until the last minute, and it's all gone before I can take a breath and enjoy.  I hope you're all able to take some time to look around, take in some Christmas spirit, hug your family, kiss that special person under some mistletoe.  Sing some carols, read the Christmas story (the REAL one!) and follow it up with The Night Before Christmas.  Or the Nightmare Before Christmas - whatever your taste.  Look up into the starry night, imagine each one of us doing the special things we love to do this time of year, and send up a quick prayer of thanks and gratitude that we're all able to share in this special time together - each in our own way.  All of you, my blogging friends, are like another sparkly gift under my tree, and I feel so fortunate to have received each one.  So I guess that makes #12 of Things That Make Me Happy.


  1. I loved your list, just what I needed to read at the end of a crazy day.

  2. Everything on your list made me feel good thinking about it. Hope your holidays are wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  3. What a sweet list. I enjoyed it and I'm sitting here thinking of things that make me "Christmas Happy".

  4. Karen those are all such happy things - Things that make me happy too. I am sitting here eating a piece of See's candy! Dark Bordeaux is my favorite :-D
    I have done almost all my shopping over the internet the last few years too - it makes life so much easier, and it is fun to get packages in the mail even if they are not for me!

    We do our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve now. I changed that a few years ago because on Christmas day I like to be lazy and we just hang out. So we do the big family dinner Christmas Eve either at my house or my mom's and then eat leftovers and goodies the next day.

    Your Christmas is going to be wonderful I can tell. And those jammies look so cozy and warm :)

  5. I had fun reading this post! I feel like I haven't talked to you in awhile. I've been so busy trying to get orders out, but will soon have my break :) Mia told me again today that she wants to go to your house and visit because she misses you!

  6. Great list! I love your Halloween socks. I have a drawer full of festive socks to wear under my awesome, sexy boots! It's my little secret when I am posh in all black to wear my Santa socks. :)

  7. You wrote up a great list. I'm spoiled when it comes to See's candy. If I don't like the one I take a bite out of, my husband kindly eats it for me. Nice of him, huh. Keep enjoying the holiday season!

  8. What a fun list, and one I could definitely relate to.

    We have been nothing but busy, busy, busy, and I'm hoping next week I can just sit back and enjoy things a bit. But I'm not counting on it because I am still pretty far behind. We have a LOT of Singles Ward stuff going on, almost every night there's been something...


  9. Great list....it's the simple things that make me the happiest. I don't need a lot, I just need to be happy with what I've got!

  10. Karen that's an awesome list of happy things. Your house on Christmas eve sounds wonderful! We have a tradition of attending a candlelight service at our Meeting for Worship. After the service the whole congregation gathers around a roaring bonfire for caroling, hot cider and cookies. It's good for the soul and we look forward to it all year. I love that you have included blogging friends in your list. I feel the same way about you too! Thank you for being my friend this year. I've truly enjoyed reading about your life and sweet grandchildren. BTW Ten miles! That's amazing!


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