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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Girl and Her Bike (Oh What Fun It Is To Ride...)

It's raining, and I'm trying to figure out where it came from.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you - the forecast was for Santa Ana winds.  The kind of winds that dry you completely out, make your yard and patio a mess, blow dust in your house, and cause your husband to have sinus infections.  Oh wait - maybe that's just me.  But I hate wind - I always have.  The rain came as a pleasant surprise.
I went out this afternoon and rode my bike.  To properly appreciate this, you'd have to understand that I live on the top of kind of a hill, surrounded by many other hills.  It's all populated (in other words, I don't live a atop a hill at the end of a lonely dirt road) - but in order to get anywhere you have to go up and down hills. Normally, to get to the bike trail that is fairly flat I've gone with L or a friend, hauling the bikes in a truck, but a monkey wrench has been thrown in that until the days get a bit longer.  So it's up to me, and I'm not the greatest self starter when it comes to exercise.  The idea of motorists watching me chug up a long hill in the lowest gear possible is not a pretty one.  But I reminded myself that my aches and pains all but disappear when I exercise regularly.  Powerful motivation.
So off I went, and it wasn't bad.  I set the alarm on my phone for 40 minutes, and was pleasantly surprised when it went off.  I went up hills that made me cry when I first started riding.  Not that they are easy now, but they're possible to conquer without feeling sick to my stomach if/when I ever get to the top.  Some were still hard, some had gotten surprisingly easy.  Yay me.
Dogs barked.  I hate it when dogs bark at me.  But I kept at it, even though the air was chilly.  It didn't feel chilly when I got done.  When I got home I retrieved the mail and I had to read the Christmas card that was there outside, because I was too over heated to sit inside.  I worked hard for 40 minutes and worked up quite a glow!  I tried to imagine myself looking fierce and svelte as I pedalled around the 'hood, but I had to laugh: how fierce can a 50+ girl look while riding an aqua bike equipped with a Cape Cod basket?  The best I could probably manage was cute, but I'll take it.
Back home I jumped in the shower.  The sun was still shining.  It was weak, but it was shining.  When I got out, it was raining.  I like rain, but I worry about L making his way home on the freeways.  Yesterday on one of the busiest freeways, a tanker truck blew up under a bridge.  Luckily, no one was killed, but that segment of freeway is not passable today.  So everyone piles onto other freeways and the commute is an even bigger nightmare than usual.  It took L TWO HOURS to get home last night.  So I wait tonight, hearing the rain, and I worry until I hear him drive into the garage.
I hope all of your Christmas and holiday plans are on target.  My daughter in law Ashley is coming over Monday to help me bake cookies.  It's crazy how much I'm looking forward to that.  I wish I could have all of my girls here for a big baking day, but I'm so grateful and happy that Ashley is here.  Next year she might not be. (She and Scott have plans.  Big plans.  They involve Texas.)  And so I'm trying to savor every minute I can, while I can.
Oooh - this is off topic, but last night L and I walked into a Home Goods store - do you have those where you live?  They are part of the TJ Maxx and Marshalls chain.  Anyway, they have some crazy good stuff!  We walked out with the most beautiful lamp for our bedroom and all of the lamps were only $29.99!!! I'm a fan.  If you have one by you, and you haven't been, you really must go.  It's my Christmas gift to you.  You're welcome.
Lastly, I totally stole this picture off of my friend's Facebook page, but I loved it so much, and I don't think she'll mind.  It depicted exactly where I'm trying to keep my thoughts these days.  Maybe you've already seen it, and I think there's a figurine of the same thing?

Silent Night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright...

Peaceful days and dreams to all of you.  Keep your wits about you, and be sure to take in and enjoy all of the truly important things.  Family.  Friends.  Be kind.  Make beautiful memories.  And let the silly bothersome things go.

PS: L just drove in.  All is calm, all is bright.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. It left me with a sweet, peaceful feeling. Thank you!

  2. I'm impressed that you ride your bike alone, on the hills, in the chilly air.
    I love that Christmas picture.

  3. I, like, Shelly, felt peaceful after reading this. The last paragraph was so sweet. As are you!

    You go, girl, with your bad bike ridin' self! Keep it up. I hate when dogs bark at me too. Or when babies cry when I hold them. That's the worst.

  4. What a lovely post...it seems we've all come away feeling joyful. I know you are getting to be some way bad biker you on your aqua blue ride. Texas? Well Shelly may be keeping you company! And baking...gurly you have been very busy!

    That picture is amazing...I'm going to show it to the grandkids they'll love it!


  5. Great post, Karen. I needed this reminder today. I'm going to keep my wits about me.

  6. I will keep my wits about me as soon as I find them. They're probably under the couch.

  7. I must say I don't miss the commutes to and from work.
    People here around Birmingham drive even crazier when it rains so there's always a ton of wrecks when the road is wet.
    The bike ride sounds great. I have a bike that I haven't riden in some time. I need to get it fixed and get back at it.

  8. Hi Karen, I hope your day of baking is wonderful! I'm at home doing the same thing today. Yay for you being able to take hills like that. What a good feeling it is to enjoy relief from pain and to feel stronger every day. Thank you so much for being my friend this year, I'm so blessed to have you visit my blog and am enriched by the stories of love and life that you share here. Have a beautiful Christmas...filled with wonderful moments and happy memories.


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