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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Surviving on Peanut Butter

It's been awhile since we've been grocery shopping - for ourselves rather than for a party, anyway.  There is nothing in our refrigerator other than the odd flotsam and jetsam and a small box of coconut shrimp.  Tonight is the night we must shop.  Why?  Because I'm sitting here eating peanut butter with a spoon.  I've been reduced to a college student and their lack of available food.  And yet it tastes so good!
I've just wound up my work day and I'm heading off downstairs to bake a batch of cookies.  Which I must not eat because... because... because I make them for others, that's why.  The second I start to think of them as mine is the second I eat them all.  And that won't do at all, my dear blogging friends.  Must resist the cookies.
On a lighter note, L texted me to say he was bringing home more Christmas Peppermint JoJos.  Oh, and some food too.  Things are looking up!  (He texted that we would eat like kings tonight!  To which I replied that I just need to eat like a princess, thank you.) You may wonder why he does the grocery shopping, and I sit here hungry, eating peanut butter from a spoon?  Basically because he likes to grocery shop, (and I don't) and I want it to come out of his bank account (and not mine).  So I wait for him to come home and go with me, or he does it on his own.  But let there be a problem that needs to be dealt with over the phone (insurance snafus, etc.) and I am ALL OVER IT.  L doesn't like to deal with anyone on the phone, especially if it may involve being on hold, so that's where I hold up my end of the bargain.  That, and laundry day.
Cookie baking time, so off I go.  I believe it will be ginger cookies today.  Quick and easy.  But I haven't forgotten you, my friends.  I can't believe that my friend Larainy didn't already pick up on this and post some of these, but for once I've beaten her to the punch.  These came off of a website called Awkward Family Photos.  And they are.  Very awkward, I mean.  So in the spirit of Christmas, I offer you my 2 favorites.  And you're soooo welcome.  I'm a giver like that.

This was titled "Bad Santa" - what on earth has Kris been up to?  Best not to ask...

Nothing says Christmas like this family portrait, eh?
I know.  There are no words.  
But if I hadn't gone blind, I would want to kick that smile right off of dad's face.

I need a double scoop of peanut butter after that last one.


  1. I keep a jar of peanut butter and a spoon in my desk at work. It's better by the spoonful!
    Those pics cracked me up. OMG - What was that wife thinking?? lol

  2. Ack! What was that dad thinking? Those kids are going to die when they get older and see this picture...

  3. OK you beat me too! I was just looking at these a couple hours ago and thought they were truly hilarious (and soooo awful!!). You posted my personal fave - the naked guy! Ha Ha Who does that??

    Last night at the mall I saw that they now have an "Awkward FAmily Photo" Calendar and game - Ha ha.

    Enjoy your feast - A Princess cannot live on Peanut Butter alone :-D

  4. I, too, love peanut butter! Yum!
    As for the pics, soooo funny! It made me cough while laughing!
    What a dream hubby, one that not only buys the groceries but shops too! Lucky you!

  5. It's hard to laugh with the peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth! Poor kids they will be 'ruint' for life! LOL! Ahh holiday baking. My date for the last 40 plus years has been asking me when I'm going to start. Doesn't much matter as he'll consume them all before the next day!

  6. Jack does the laundry and I do the shopping. However, he likes to go with me on many occasions, but I have to make sure the budget is Ok with that. He always finds the strange, curious, or nostalgic food to throw in the cart! (not to mention the various snack food he wants to try)...I've been baking a little and I'm already tired of it...what is wrong with me this year? Love the Christmas card collection BTW!

  7. Nothing like showing a little nipple in your Christmas Card photo. Sex sells. Maybe they are petitioning Santa for more gifts.

  8. Also, the only thing missing in that second picture is a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  9. Oh my gosh. That last one is disgusting!

    And your comment is so funny about it...


    PS. I like eating pb off a spoon!

  10. So that's where Mia gets it! She's always asking me for peanut butter on a spoon, lol. YES very awkward picture with the dad!

  11. My gosh, I thought my husband was the only guy to do all the grocery shopping. He also does all the laundry and cleans all my floors. Somehow, I manage to do all the rest. He does share a lot of the cooking too. Sounds like I don't do much, doesn't it? I always seem to be busy though. I do a lot of dishes and kitchen clean up. Lately, it has been awful because I have done so much baking. Thank heaven I am almost through.

    We are going to Saratoga to be with Sue for Christmas. I am taking a half of a bakery with me so everyone will have plenty of goodies. There will be 20 of us there and she has to find space for all of us to sleep there, because no one wants to be aways from the rest of the family. We stay up half the night talking....well at least the younger ones do. We finally crash somewhere after midnight. I am so looking forward to it. It is so wonderful to be with family at Christmas and all of our third cild, Nikki's family will be there too.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. (I too, love peanut butter out of a spoon, and also almond butter)


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