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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Politics, Cousins, and Namaste

I'm up to my neck in Republican debates.  I think I need an intervention, because I've become obsessed.  I used to listen to Radio Paradise (internet radio) in the background while I worked.  The last couple of days I've been horrified to find myself listening to *gasp* Rush Limbaugh and others on the radio, spouting their opinions, while I'm trying to form mine.  I've always hated Rush Limbaugh.  But all of a sudden I think he knows things I don't, and so I listen.  So far, though, he doesn't.
Politics, for the most part, confuses me.  It always seems to be one lie, after half truth, after a wink and a nod.  Often times, the person with the prettiest speech, or the debater with the most drama and fireworks doesn't really seem to be the best candidate, after the cameras are turned off and you have time to really think about what was said.  And it's disheartening to realize how much most of them twist the truth.  I think one of the candidates is a cute but crazy little Mister Magoo.  Another one I just loathe.  Not so much his ideas or policies, as I just don't like him.  He's smug and self righteous - at least that's how he comes off to me.  A third one is brilliant but scares the crap out of me.
So I think I know who I like, but now its the angst of listening to all of the pundits and critics out there, and the roller coaster of wondering who will come out the winner.  It's not like me to be so involved, but I think this time we really have a lot at stake, so I'm trying to be as involved and informed as I can be.  And it's driving me a little bit crazy.
My kids all got together recently with their dad in Colorado, and everyone had a great time together.  My daughter Katie was able to snap a few pictures while she was there - about 500 of them, to be exact.  Now, while I don't expect to see all 500 right away, I was happy when she sent me the first batch of little cousin pictures.  Do you remember being a kid, and the fun of playing with your cousins?  Well, this was that same joy.  I hear Mia cried all the way to the airport and beyond when it was time to leave.  So this is what distracts me from politics - thinking about all of these little sweethearts, and planning my next visit to see them.
Cousins in their jammies: Lexi, Mia, and Matthew

After jumping on the bed...
Can't forget about little Skylee - the happiest baby since her daddy!

Matthew, Lexi, and Skylee - the Denver cousins

Miss Lexi

And Matthew - Mr GQ himself

You may notice that Hayden was not represented in this group of pictures.  I am told she was taking a nap.  Heaven knows that sometimes Mommy needs a little respite from the "Girl Who Says NO" so we will all have to wait for another group of pictures to catch a glimpse of her 2 year old sassy self.  I am impatient, but Katie has been down with the flu since returning to Massachusetts (damn you, airplane!), and it wouldn't be nice to badger her for more pictures, I'm thinking.
The diet is going well.  The weight isn't budging much, but the diet is going well.  I'm feeling a little better, which translates to the yoga isn't kicking my butt as hard as it was the first 3 weeks.  I actually had a good class this morning.  I felt improvement for the first time.  Stronger, like I was actually getting somewhere.  I held the Warrior I pose like a champ.  My forward bend is as good as anyones (I can place my palms flat on the mat!)  And to reward myself, I got a new yoga mat.  I tend to work up a sweat in yoga.  I haven't yet reached that stage of good yoga where I come out looking fresh as a daisy like on the yoga videos - or like my instructor, for that matter.  I look pretty dampish and destroyed, actually.  Today my bun came all undone onto my sweaty face.  And to do a downward dog on a mat when your palms are sweaty - well, my friends, you just SLIDE.  Comedy and danger all at once.  So my new mat is sticky on the bottom so it won't slide on the floor, but the top is kind of carpet-y.  And I don't slip and slide during downward dog.  My arms and shoulders shake, but I do not slide.  And THAT is progress.  Today we meditated, and let our hands roam freely with the music.  I keep my eyes closed.  I do not want to see what others are doing, and I definitely don't want to see what I look like, swaying and meditating.  It can't be pretty, is all I'm saying.  But at least it keeps me from thinking about Republicans and the next debate.


  1. The Republican primary is sort of a train wreck. I try to keep myself informed, but I can barely stand to look at it.

    I do know who I'm rooting for, though!

    Good for you about yoga and downward dog. And good for you having some of the cutest grandkids around!


  2. Just FYI I left a really wonderful comment and it all went away. Jeez. but I do love the pics of the grands and I'd love to know where you got your yoga mat and who makes it.

  3. This post really made me smile on all points- the debates, the precious grandkids, and the yoga!

    Your grandkids are seriously cute! But then, I think you already know that. They are just so precious.

    Your yoga mat sounds great- what kind is it? I slid out of a downward dog the other day, so that sounds like something I need, too!

  4. Yoga does make me feel so much better. But I practice at home, which means that I'm probably not doing everything "right". Maybe I should be brave and take a class, if for no other reason but to leave my house.

    Sometimes I get sucked into political rhetoric only to come to the realization that government is incredibly corrupt and intricately complicated. If you can follow all of it, then I'm hopeful that at least one person who has good sense and a positive outlook will be making an informed decision.

    Your little ones are full of joy! Thanks for sharing their smiling faces with us.

  5. I'm impressed with your yoga dedication and your desire to be informed, in spite of the messiness of politics. I wish I could put my hands flat on the mat.

  6. Love the pics of the cousins. I have never been interested in yoga but lately I have started to wonder if it might be fun. I'm not overly flexible, so maybe it's not for me :)

  7. I am with you on the debates - We have become debate junkies!! And news junkies to boot because we have to hear them re-hash it all over and over and over. It is making me crazy. The games, the name calling - crazy!!!

    If this keeps up we will end up with Obama for another 4 and that is awful to think about. I just want to scream "Get it together guys - do what's right for the common good!!!!!".

    As for the kids - Sooooo adorable - You are such a blessed Grandma!

  8. Your Grandkiddos are adorable and I just love it when all of mine and the cousins get together. I enjoyed that myself when I was a youngster! Great memories. I won't even comment on the political issues...to crazy! Congrats on the diet and yoga...yoga was never my great thing, but I have been exercising to a fun DVD that makes me sweat and that feels good! Have a good weekend!

  9. I was SO bummed we missed you! I saw LaMar briefly at stake conference. Hopefully, we will be coming out this summer for Arron's wedding and we'll catch you then. Plus, we'll have our new baby (due in May) that you can meet!

    P.S. I feel the same way about the race/election. Ugh, I almost wish I didn't have to vote........

  10. So sad about the upcoming political year...no good candidates! I feel like not voting at all.
    You have THE cutest grandkids! It's so much fun for my heart when all of mine are in one place at one time. How fun for you!
    Yoga was my thing for a while too. Now I feel I don't have time. Good for you!

  11. I love how you write. So many great phrases and descriptions. I am "destroyed and dampish" after yoga too. I haven't done it in a while. I miss it. You may just have inspired me to go back. I always feel so much better after a class.

    I'm with you on the debates. They are making everyone around me lose their minds!


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