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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Self Discipline? Yes Please...

Reporting in on my New Year's goals.  Doing well on the eating better part.  Ditto on the drink more water part.  I've really been conscious of ditching bad carbs (which includes everything I love) and going for more protein.  The Christmas treats are all gone - eaten or given away.  Except for one thing.  A secret thing.  There's a 1 pound box of See's Candy - nuts and chews - that never got eaten or gifted.  I put it in one of the drawers of my armoire in my office.

Until today I barely even thought about it.  But this afternoon it started calling to me.  I think it even screamed my name a couple of times.  And do you know the only thing that's really stopped me from digging into it?  It's still wrapped in the See's Christmas wrap.  I know.  It makes no sense.  I just know that if the box were open, I'd have mowed through it by now.  The fact that I'd have to literally break through a seal of sorts just stops me.  For now.
I worked all day today not 10 feet away from it's hiding place.  It whispered to me of it's chocolate goodness.   It's caramel and nutty crunch.  When I was fresh back from yoga class, I laughed it off and got to work.  I had a high protein lunch of roasted turkey slices.  I was satisfied.  But about 3:00 I wasn't laughing anymore.  And it wasn't whispering anymore.  It was taunting me.
So I kept in mind that L and I are having ourselves a weekend in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks for our anniversary.  I want to feel good, as in not bloated.  A couple of weeks after that, I am flying up to Seattle for a long weekend visit with my friend Marion.  She is cute and darling.  I want to be cute and darling too - as in smaller belly.  A couple of weeks after that, I am flying to Scottsdale, AZ to help with an education program for work.  The two ladies I am helping are beautiful blonde Swedes.  I can't be that, but I can at least try to be a few to several pounds lighter.  My quick wit will have to kick in to compensate for the rest.
I have gone to yoga class every day this week.  It made me very sore at first.  My quads are still a little whiney, which is a little surprising to me because of all the bike riding.  But I guess they've been used in a different way with yoga?  Today we did all kinds of ab poses and leg lift poses that also worked abs.  My stomach is sore.  But I'm excited to see - in a month's time - how much stronger I'll get.  And I don't want to think that all of that hard work has gone to waste because I couldn't resist a box of See's candy.  Or a box of anything.  I've always been able to do the hard work, but I haven't always been able to resist undermining it with sweets and carbs.  So that is my goal this year, my friends - to see what happens when hard work and healthy eating and a little bit of self control all combine into one mighty effort.  I was watching a bit on losing weight on the Today Show yesterday, and they said you had to have a plan (I do) and it was a good idea to announce your intentions to make it a reality.  So I'm doing that now, in front of you, the internet.
I know a lot of you are also trying to do the same thing, or something similar.  We'll support each other, cheer each others' successes, and talk each other down from the edge of sugar insanity.  I know from going through it before (and not by choice) that it takes only about a week to lose your sugar craving.  It happened to me when I had my first baby.  I'd had a C-section and at that time they put you completely out.  When you got your first meal, it was started slowly with a soft diet, and they brought you along gradually.  My room was directly across from the nurses station.  I could see that it was filled with doughnuts, pies - all kinds of deliciousness.  I kept thinking that if I were very quick, maybe I could just sneak in there and grab something.  The cravings were terrible! But with a sore belly, I certainly wasn't quick, and I definitely wasn't brave enough.  (Pity my conscience wasn't bothering me about possible thievery, but that's a story for another day.)  So I sat in my room and craved sugar for about 4 days.  I got to go home on the 5th day, and I found that sweets didn't tempt me the way they had been.  It had only taken a few days to get it out of my system.  It lasted for a few weeks, and then I caved in and ate some See's candy someone had given me (do you see a pattern here?) and that was that.  You can NOT let the devil back in once you've shut the door.  He just gets meaner and more manipulative.
So that's my little sugar story.  And now, almost 35 years later I am FINALLY serious enough to give it my best effort.  When I was younger I could lose weight just by wanting to.  These days, if I just look at a piece of bread I gain a pound or two.  Carbs - especially yummy sugary ones -  are not to be trusted and must be eaten (by me, anyway) only in very limited quantities.  It certainly sucks a lot of fun out of life, but at this point, I think I'd rather feel lighter and not so thick.  I want to see some results from the workouts.  I want to be a goddess.  *mulling that over*  OK, OK - I just want to feel lighter and not so thick.  Let's keep the expectations realistic.
This is day 2 with no treats.  I have at least 2 or 3 more to go before it gets a little easier.  Wish me luck, send me high fives, give me a virtual WOOT WOOT.  And I will certainly do the same for you.  Whatever the monkey is on our back, let's all gird our loins, hitch up our britches, and keep our eyes on the prize.  Because we are awesome.


  1. Good for you, Karen! I'm very big into exercise and I'm always looking for others who are, too. This is an investment that is going to reap great rewards for you!

  2. You are stronger than me. My favorite candy is See's. (Don't send it to me, okay)


    Seriously, thanks for a great pep talk. I need to take your example and struggle 5 days to get through not craving sugar. I know I can do it!

  3. Wow, good for you, Karen! I am impressed. And you are going to get some results, the way you're going!

    I hope I can do the same this year. So far, I'm not feelin' it...but I think I'm getting there. Sometimes it takes me awhile after the holidays to get my eating back in check.


  4. I'm so wanting to do this too, Karen but I look more like the monkey in your last pic than an motivating sort of one! lol
    Well, maybe with no incentive like Las Vegas, Scottsdale or Seattle in my future and putting in lots more stressful work hours tends to leave me asking for at least ONE of your See's goodies, please.....

  5. I've developed my plan and I even started another blog to help me keep track of my progress. It's only open to me right now, but maybe I'll change that soon...I'm a carboholic and I've given up sugar and it's day 5 and I was able to walk away from my fav, peanut M&M's and some really beautiful choc. covered nuts and fruits from one of our Docs today. I had terrible headaches for 2 days. You'd think I was detoxing from crack or something! Now, my next step after getting through the first week is the exercise. I really like to exercise once I get going, but it's the get going that got gone...huh? Well, you get it. So congrats to you, keep up the good work and be my inspiration! We need to do a before and after later this year...really later for me because I have much more to lose I bet than you do!

  6. Good girl! I need some of that inspiration!

  7. I really DO want to be a goddess! Is that REALLY too much to ask? I don't think goddesses eat as many carbs as I do though. Sigh.

    I feel so deprived after the holidays. All I want to gorge on holiday food all year long and still fit into my jeans.

  8. Yes...just bring the See's to an Assisted Living Facility or something like that. You'll feel so much better for getting it out of the house and not eating it all at the same time! I'd never heard of See's candy until one of Daughters-In-Love gifted us with some. Evil things those chocolates R! Thank goodness I could only get them here at the mall.
    I know you're going to do great and I'm trying my best to follow everyone's good example. I'm tossing the leftover birthday cake neither my husband or I need!



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