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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Meh Kind of Weekend

Yeah... it was that kind of weekend.  I don't really know why, either - unless it was because L was sick all weekend, and we were kind of housebound.  He had a fever, and needed a lot of aspirin, and I'm just not heartless enough to flee the premises when someone is sick.  I know how much I hate being alone when I'm not feeling well.  

I'd wanted to go shopping, but when it came right down to it, I just knew that nothing would look good. So I saved money instead, that's what I did.  We did make one quick trip out on Saturday night.  We ran to Home Goods and bought some new sheets.  Our old ones had sickness and coughing on them, and I don't think washing them was going to improve them (they were getting old...) so, fortified by Advil and Excedrin, L and I ventured out and bought a new set.  I love Home Goods.  And our new set is so fluffy and cushy.  Cheered me right up.
But that's it.  No extra fun was had by us this weekend.  And now the Grammys are on and I'm going to go watch and feel all sad about Whitney Houston.  I just loved her back in the 80's.  So bouncy and pretty, and what a voice!  How do you get from that to where she ended up?  Bad choices.  Lots of them, I imagine, and that's sad.
On a brighter note, L's Valentine's gift purchased from the Young Women at church has arrived.  A box of See's will lift the somber mood a bit.  And L will be right there to keep me from eating the whole box.  He's helpful like that.  


  1. Fluffy and cushy sheets are definitely a pick-me-up! I hope L gets feeling better.
    Your cartoon is sad but made me chuckle just the same. Some people have no tact! :)
    Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. Ugh- I felt so bad about Whitney. You're right- how in the world does a person get from where she was to the early death she had? I pray for her daughter as I think it's going to be a hard road for her now.

    I hope your man gets better soon and enjoy those new sheets- what a treat!

  3. I remember feeling insanely jealous of Whitney back when her first album came out. I thought it so unfair that she had everything. Now I think about how she would have envied me.

  4. I'm sad about Whitney Houston, too, but I've been sad for a long time. Drugs are the worst thing ever. I hate how they steal people's souls.

    On a brighter note, I love new sheets, too!


    PS. Hope L is all better for Valentine's Day! Dave and I won't even be together because I'm in Irvine (got here last night, an impulsive decision) to help Todd out and also to get ready for my nephew's wedding. Dave doesn't get here till Friday for the rehearsal dinner.

  5. I hope that LaMar is better, if not, you'd better get him on some anitbiotics.....this thing that is going around is bad. It can turn into bronchitis so easily.

    We too are so sad about Whitney Houston. What an ending to such a promising life. Drugs are so awful. We just had one of our young friends check herself into rehab. She has been in and out ever since she was 14. Hope she makes it this time.

    Your Valentine for LaMar sounds wonderful. I love See's candy anytime, but about the only time I get it is when we go to Sue's for Christmas. She always has a few boxes around for everyone. They are so sinfully good. Hope L. gets to eat at least half.

  6. I enjoyed reading this Karen. Not because you were having struggles but because you seemed like a very relatable friend! The comic made me laugh right away! I wish you a happy Valentines Day and hope you and L will be feeling strong and healthy very soon!

    PS I love Home Goods too!

  7. I hope everyone feels better soon. :) It's terrible when people are sick.

    Chocolate always lifts MY soul. I'm sure it will make you smile again... at least a little.

    I'm sad about Whitney too. Poor girl.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day Karen. I hope L is better so that you can both enjoy the day together. It stinks being sick!


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