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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pondering the Scrub

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?  One of the most time consuming things I have to do is blow dry my hair after I wash it.  So I make sure I don't wash it every single day.  I time the washings carefully so that they never occur, say, on Sunday morning.  I'd NEVER make it to 9am church if I had to wash and blow dry my hair.  Part of it is that I have a lot of hair to blow dry, and its partly because I've never mastered the art of the blow dry.  It do it once, and it's still a little pouffy and frizzy, with  layered ends that stick out, signaling "OOh here - here I am.  WOOT!  Look at me!"  To get all of that under control I either have to a) use a curling iron b) use a flat iron or c) ignore it.  But it doesn't look very good ignored.  It takes a few hours for it to settle down and behave, so if I have somewhere to go it's really easier to brandish a flat iron and force it into submission.  It's a tedious process.  Too much attention and it goes too flat.  Too little, and its still a little too bushy and willful, like a sassy child.
But I've learned to live with it, and make the best of the hair type I've been given. (For the record, I would have loved heavy straight hair, or hair that is curly and wild.)  It's like my creator couldn't decide.  I've got hair with lots of body and wave, but curls don't really stay in and it tends to be frizzy.  I can flat iron it to be straight, but it isn't that heavy glossy kind of straight hair.  Mine is more like hundreds of excited little exclamation points that like to fly all around rather than falling neatly and heavily into place.

But that's ok - I've long since made peace with it.  And rather than fight it and try to have it do something it would rather not do, we've come to an understanding.  I get it mostly straight, or somewhat curly, using a lightweight styling product that we can all agree on.  It's light enough that it doesn't make my hair feel dirty, but it carries enough heft to do the job.  And then I let it go.  I don't get upset when waves creep into straightened hair.  I don't despair when ringlets fade into waves.  It is what it is.  It's saved me countless hours of restyling and frustration.  It's allowed me the freedom to stop looking in every mirror I pass, and to stop fussing with it.  It's a fait accompli.
Strangely enough, I'm liking it.  Even on the most humid, breezy beach day, with salt air whipping through it, I kind of like those sticky waves that are produced.  I like that fact that, unlike 14 year old me, I don't need to have a brush with me every minute of the day.  After yoga, I can just let it down from the makeshift bun.  Jumbled up hair can actually look good.

Now what started this whole thought process was this little cartoon that a Facebook friend had on his page.  It got me thinking about what is the most time consuming thing for me when getting ready.  I used to think it was my hair.  I've pared it down, and refined the routine.  Then I thought maybe my makeup was taking up too much time.  That, too, is almost nonexistent these days.  So I've come to the conclusion that this cartoon was meant for me.  Because this is EXACTLY what I do in the shower.  I ponder.  I wonder.  I do yoga stretches.  I worry.  I think some more.  Deep, deep thoughts.  Sometimes I plan menus or, at holiday time, think about gifts I need to buy.  And then - oh yeah.  I lather up, maybe shave, and then get out.  The actual purpose of being in the shower (the scrub a dub) takes me maybe 5 minutes of the 30 minutes I'm languishing.  It made me laugh so much it was hard to stop.  I used to think that I was the only one who thought deep thoughts for a half an hour while showering.  But this little cartoon has made me realize that I'm not the only one.  So c'mon - stop pretending like you don't do it too. (Except nurses.  For some reason, nurses seem to take really fast showers.  I guess they are correctly focused on saving lives?)  But the rest of you?   *eyebrow cocked*  We're all guilty of trying to figure it all out in 25 minutes worth of hot water.  And then when we're fully awake, we realize it's an impossible dream and we lather up and move on to what's for breakfast.


  1. A whole lot of life is simply "lathering up and figuring out what's for breakfast" if you ask me. :)

    Fun post. Blessings to you -

  2. Karen,

    First of all - All of your cute faces you are making are making me just laugh :-D

    I love your hair it looks so beautiful to me - especially the last picture! (You have gorgeous eyes too - mine are all squinty, I always wished for large beautiful eyes - but that is another post).

    I can relate though. All my life I had fine, straight hair. Big hair was a boon for me in the 80's because I really needed those perms. When perms went out I had to learn to deal with my hair, which I did and I actually was loving it. Then I had a hysterectomy and when it was all said and done my hair was SO different. I guess hormones changing also changes your hair. Now it is thick and a bit frizzy, it does not lay down - I have to straight iron it. I cried the first few months because it was not my hair. It was like someone had switched hair for me. I am getting used to this new hair now. I am thinking when I hit menopause it might go afro on me or something.
    I may invest in wigs! Ha!

  3. I TOTALLY time my hair washings!! My hair is super dry so I only wash and style 2-3 times a week. Plus, I'm lazy so all too often it ends up being 2 times with lots of hats, lol. I HATE styling my hair and my hair is a hot mess if I just let it air dry. As crazy and curly as it is when styled, it's not fun naturally, lol.
    I really miss 25 min. showers. It seems like there is usually at least 1 child coming in every 2 mins to ask/show me something or bang on the shower door. Obviously, I'm too lazy to get up before them so my showering happens in 5-7 mins. while they are playing : )
    P.S. you always look pretty and sassy. I love it!

  4. You've caught me. My showers would take a lot less time if I wasn't trying to solve the world's problems while in there.
    Love your hair and your cute face!

  5. Yep, I like my showers, too!

    And I think you are lucky to have all that hair, no matter HOW you style it!!


  6. I fall into the "quick nurse" shower girl. I want in and out...I also time my hair washings. It depends on what I'm doing in surgery that week! I have short hair that has curl. When it's long it's alot like yours and I sometimes wish I had the patience to grow it out again. But short is quick and I have to wear a surgical cap every day and some days I have to wear a helmet type thingie for our space suits. I'll have to blog about it this week! So enjoy your beautiful thick hair and something to look forward to is after a certain age the hair on your legs isn't growing as fast and you can spend more time thinking deep thoughts! Cute pics of you!

  7. Great post! I love that you put up pics of yourself. You are so pretty! Gorgeous eyes and I love your hair. It does NOT look like exclamation points.

    Your shower sounds a lot like mine.

    I have not made it on time even ONCE this year since I was changed to 9am church. I tell myself every week when I take the sacrament from the foyer that i will get up earlier next week...

  8. Hi karen (with a small "k")! I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your comment on my blog this evening and just now discovered it. I want to join the others in praising your cute head shots. Very lovely! Have a great evening out there and come back and see me soon!

  9. Precious pictures of vous my dear! YOur hair looks great and I don't believe you don't know how to blow dry and style...nah looks to good for that to be true!
    You are looking great all that bike riding etc is paying off!

  10. I loved your pictures, Karen. I have always loved dark hair and blue eyes together. So very STRIKING, as my mother in law used to say when something was extra lovely. I know though, what a pain it is to wash and dry hair. That is why I feel so liberated now that I have my short haircut. I do spend a little more time washing it, as for some reason, I am so afraid that I am not getting all the soap out. Then after rinsing it for way too many minutes, I just blow it out and it goes into a natural wave. It is still partially wet when I stop and I just let the air dry it completely. Once I start to blow it dry, I finish the whole process in about five minutes!! I am so fortunate that I have a natural wave in the back, because I don't even need to blow that part dry. The sides are totally straight and the top falls in a wave too. I had my hair dresser blow and dry it when she cut my hair last. I wanted to look good for my grandson's wedding. It stayed really well, but it was really curly and it didn't look much like my hair, so I do know that feeling. It is back to normal now.

    By the way, you are fortunate to have thick hair. Just be grateful for that. My hair used to be thick and fine. Sue's hair was really thick and perfect for really short hair. Now hers is getting thin. Her meds have done it to her. When we get older, bad things happen to our hair. Some people think it is horrible to have it go grey, but I like mine that way. In fact, I have never bleached it, or dyed it. To tell you the truth, I have never even had so much as a rinse on it. My hairdresser calls it "virgin hair" Ha!

    What a fun blog this was.

  11. How did I miss this cute post?


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