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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scottsdale & Soma.com

I'm coming up for air, my friends.  Scottsdale was a whirlwind.  A very nice whirlwind, but it came and went with a whoooooosh!  The flight there was uneventful - an hour goes really really fast on a plane, have you ever noticed that?  The man in the seat next to me was traveling on to Omaha.  When he stood up, he had his phone clipped to the pocket of his sweatpants.  I couldn't help but notice that the seam on the inside of his pocket was ripped and the weight of the phone was dragging it open so you could see his little bare leg through it.  I tried not to look.  Luckily his undies didn't show.
A friend of my daughter's was on the plane with me traveling to help with her sister's new baby.  It was fun to visit with her a bit and catch up.  I always love it when I have someone to talk to while waiting for my flight.  Once we landed in Phoenix the fun began: trying to find my way through an unfamiliar airport.  I keep repeating to myself "Just read the signs.... just read the signs..." because otherwise I start to get nervous.  Finally I found my way to baggage claim (yes... embarassingly enough, I still needed luggage for a one night stay.) and found my driver holding a "Medtronic" sign.  Yay - I was found!
I'd never been to Scottsdale - just Phoenix and Mesa (oh, and Sedona and the Grand Canyon) so it was interesting to see something new.  There was a lot of building going on - good for the economy! - and it looked like a nice place.  I was staying at the W Hotel and it was really beautiful - except for this obnoxious vanilla scent they used throughout the hotel.  GAH - it was nauseating after awhile.  It was like sugar cookie overload.  I couldn't imagine why they thought that was a good scent to use.  If you live in the area, go there and see if you find it objectionable.  I guess after awhile I didn't notice it, but ack - not a nice scent at all.  There was a huge mall across the street, and a few blocks away there was Old Town Scottsdale, which, I was told, was filled with artisans and shops.  I never made it to either place.

The meeting flew by - young doctors everywhere!  Really really young doctors.  It made me laugh to hear them talking about complicated heart procedures.  They were all so brilliant, but they looked like they were 16.  I met a few people I'd only had a phone relationship with before, and it was nice to put a face to the name.  Basically, it was a quick morning and afternoon of preparation, an evening reception, early (too early) setup and breakfast on Saturday, meeting all day and I left with four doctors for the airport at 3:30.  It was fast!!
The flight back was nice.  I was sitting next to a very nice man traveling to California to visit his elderly father.  He'd left his family home so he could concentrate on his 87 year old dad - so sweet!  On the other side was a young man with a nose ring and those really big holes in each ear.  I wasn't sure he'd want to talk to me, but I finally turned to him and asked if he was visiting or going home, and I'm so glad I did.  He was very friendly and said he'd just graduated from culinary school and had gotten his first job as chef in the Fairmont Laguna Beach Hotel.  How cool is that?!?  He was very excited and his friends in Anaheim were meeting him and giving him a place to stay until he could find his own place.  He'd lived all of his 22 years in Arizona and this was his big adventure.  I wished him well, and I keep thinking I'd like to go eat there and sample his cooking.  I know it's geeky of me, but it makes me really happy when I find interesting, friendly people to talk to on a flight.  The first thing my husband does on a plane is plug into his iPhone and listen to music.  I never do that unless I'm just desperate - I would always rather talk to someone next to me.  Sadly, it's rarely my husband.  He's not much of a talker.  One time, on the way to Hawaii, I met an artist who had his studio in Hana.  He was a real talker and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent listening to him tell me about how he involved the children and people in the community of Hana in his work.

So that was it.  Hard to believe I get so worked up getting myself to something that lasts all of 2 days.  But OH - it was so good to get home and have L meet me at the airport!  Yesterday was spent catching up with my regular work, doing wash, and making a grocery list.  Work and chores.  Today, there wasn't a lot of work, and so I got online and bought myself some new underwear.  Yes, folks, I said underwear.  I know - that sounds not so exciting.  But friends, I really REALLY needed some.  Too much sharing?  Maybe.  But that is what I did today, and I'm not going to apologize when I say I can't wait for it to arrive.  When you're dressed well from the inside out, you feel so much better.  When you know you're wearing undies that are...well... WORN - you just can't feel like the princess you really are.  So yay! - new stuff on the way!!

Remember my friend in Seattle that I just visited a couple of weeks ago?  Well, now she's down in Morro Bay visiting her mother, so L and I are going up next weekend to see her, and also L's brother Rick and his family.  I just love it up there.  It's beachy and casual without being pretentious like it is down here in LA and OC.  Everyone up there is just slouchy and casual and surfy, and I love the lifestyle.  If I could retire anywhere it would be to the San Luis Obispo area.

So there we are.  I think we're all caught up now?  Oh not quite.  Here are a couple of pictures of Mia and Hayden having fun at Escambron Beach in Puerto Rico.  They'll be on their way home to Daddy tomorrow.  But I think they had lots of fun renewing their acquaintance with their old home.

Life's a beach, especially when you're with your sister.


  1. Your trip sounds like it turned out to be delightful! Loved the cute pics of the girls.

    You are like me, I think, in that I view plane trips and such as like a buffet, where I get to talk to (non-weird) all kinds of folks and learn all kinds of new things.

    Welcome back!

  2. What a busy two days you had! It's too bad that you didn't have time to see more of Scotsdale though. It is a pretty super place to live, I've been told, very sophisticated and upbeat. It would have been nice if you could have had an extra day to do some sightseeing as long as you were there.

    I'll bet you were glad to get home though. That kind of traveling can wear a person out pretty quickly. It is good that you were able to talk to some interesting people on the plane.

    I loved the pictures o the girls. They are both so darling.

  3. I talk to people on airplanes, too. It is interesting to me to hear about their lives.

    You should have gone to the mall and the shops!!!

  4. I like to talk to people on the plane too. Once I sat next to Louis Ferrican (sp?) which was an interesting conversation but then didn't like him so much when they let him off our plane 1/2 hour before the rest of us for "security reasons". It's neat you engage people in conversation and aren't afraid to talk no matter appearance.
    The girls's pictures are just darling!!!

  5. Karen, your trip sounds better than you thought it would be. And I agree that it would have been nice for you to see more of Scottsdale. My mom's friend lives there and I remember visiting as a teen. It was beautiful. I like that you are the kind of person who will seek connections wherever you go. It's a great quality to have. I'm gradually getting more comfortable in talking with folks, and I'm always happy that I made a small effort to relate. People and their stories can be truly fascinating.

  6. First off, let me say the pictures of your granddaughters are adorable!
    Scottsdale is a beautiful city. Glad it all worked out for you. Have fun this weekend!

  7. Ah, the beach. It's been too long since we've been. Were were supposed to go for my birthday, but Jilda didn't feel well so we postponed the trip.
    Good post.

  8. When I saw the beach pics and your adorable Grandkiddos I couldn't help but wonder if they (or parents) wonder why they left such a beautiful place? I've been to Arizona a couple of times. It was just way to hot for me, but it had its beauty. I enjoyed the visit but would never want to live there. I'm glad you had a nice plane trip. I hate to fly and when I do I usually grab a book and pretend I'm on the ground! Gee, this comment is sounding a bit negative...hmmm...sorry! Have a great weekend! (there, that's better!)

  9. Welcome home!
    Glad the trip turned out to be somewhat enjoyable and your flights were uneventful. I am a white knuckle flier and nervouse EVERY time I fly...Hey, I love to buy underwear. I think I have a phoebia of running out of fresh undies. Strange!!

  10. Glad your trip went well!
    I am flying a few places alone this year too (and have done it before) and I always get a little crazy and nervous too! Glad I am not alone.

    That last picture should be framed - it is so adorable.

  11. Those pics are darling! I love their sweet little sister suits!

    I wish I could sit next to you om a plane and chat. That would be fun! I wonder what we'd say.

  12. I'm terrible - I try not to make eye contact with anyone on a plane, and stick my head in a book. I have had a few "long" chatty flights. I seem to be a magnet for whackos. Lol
    The underwear thing....it's true. Made me laugh!


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