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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Week Of Nothing

I am sorry.  I feel like I'm being boring with nothing to write about.  My days this past week have been spent:
1. Trying to get over my cough
2. Getting ready to go to Scottsdale on Friday for my big business meeting
3. Recovering from the Yoga Class From Hell, which almost made me cry while I was doing it, and now my muscles are just crying.
4. Watching the Republican Debates from Arizona

The cough is, for all intents and purposes, gone.  I have stopped coughing in the night (as has L) and I thing the bug is gone.  L still doesn't feel 100% and will go back to the doctor tomorrow.  He is on his 2nd round of inhalers, so I'm a little worried about him.  I'm always the first one to get better - I have my dad to thank for a semi-healthy immune system.  Semi because, while I have an auto-immune disease (RA) I still don't really get any other sicknesses or viruses very often.  And if I do, they're over with quickly.  Weird, huh?  Conversely, L never has anything that requires major medical intervention, but he gets cold after cold that always turn into sinus infections and then (lately) asthma.  So I feel like he's the sicky and I'm healthy one most of the time - although our health insurance company would probably disagree.

I hate getting ready for a trip - especially if I'm going by myself.  I stress, and fuss, and worry about what to wear.  I usually end up getting a new outfit to calm my nerves.  This time, though, I realized that my stomach is going to be a little bit tubby no matter what I wear, so I saved myself the dollars and the aggravation of shopping, and am taking what I already have.  I'm growing up, friends.  I no longer need new clothes to bolster my self confidence, I guess.  Because I'm smart, I'm capable, and darn it - people like me.  (I hope)  This trip is a meeting for Cardiology Fellows at the W Hotel in Scottsdale.  I'm hoping I'll be largely behind the scenes as it's not my forte to talk to awkward young doctors.  They won't really speak my language, and I know I don't speak theirs - which is cardiology in all of its forms, so we'd just end up shuffling our feet and looking at the ground a lot.   It's not so bad if there are spouses that come - someone who isn't involved in medicine - but that won't be the case this weekend.  At least it's only a couple of days, arriving Friday morning, and then I'm outta there and home by 6:30 Saturday night.  I am being trained on what it takes to put on one of these meetings, and they're letting me make my debut at a small one, thankfully!

Yoga Class From Hell: I should have known to go easier on myself Tuesday.  I hadn't been to a class in several days (due to the aforementioned cold) and the Tuesday class is the most challenging one all week.  And it killed me.  I was sweating bullets, and we were twisted into pretzel shapes that my back and neck muscles are still complaining about.  But everyone else in the class was doing it and I can't stand to be the one person who can't.  But I should have known better.  I haven't slept well in 2 nights because my neck is so sore.  Surely this will let up soon?  GAH!

Republican Debates in Arizona - this was the best debate yet!  I was getting excited and encouraged by what most of them were saying. Mittens did pretty well, I think, Gingrich was in his usual great debating form, Santorum (who still seems a little arrogant to me) even got in some fairly inspirational statements.  Even Ron Paul seemed a little saner than usual.  And it was the first time I got a good feeling that, come what may, I could absolutely back whichever one of them wins the primary.  It was all good, but admittedly, I'm no pundit, and I'm probably easily pleased.  But none of them terrified me, I'll put it that way.  I was pleased that Mitt (we fondly call him Mittens at our house) made some good points on the economy and sounded like he knew exactly what to do.

And that has been my week.  No ball of fire there, my friends.  I've tried to gather funny stories or interesting data, but nothing came to mind.  It's been a week of Nothing Special.  I hope I'll have a funny thing or two to tell you once I come back from my wild weekend at the W Hotel.  Couldn't be any more boring than my life right now.  And conversely, while I'm spending my wild days drinking juice and rubbing Icy Hot on my neck, my daughter and granddaughters are sunning themselves in Puerto Rico for a week.  A whole week on white sand next to blue, blue water.  Jealous is what I am.


  1. Glad you're feeling better and your husband soon follows suit...I have been walking in the park and my feet & legs are terribly sore, so I feel your pain...There is just something so boring about the month of Feb. It seems all the Bloggers are having a dry spell. We need Spring to come to our rescue. Hope the business trip turns out to be surprisingly pleasant.

  2. Oh Karen do I ever sympathize with you and your husband. I've had that ucky cough since before Christmas and I've been on 4 rounds of antibiotics. Hopefully mine is gone...knock on wood...as the Dr says he's referring me to a Phlebotomist if it doesn't clear up after this. I've been so run down it's not funny. I hope the weather is wonderful and you get to enjoy your conference. I've been away from my yoga since I was ill and the pool...working my way back...

  3. People who think yoga is a mild form of exercise have NO idea what it actually entails! I do hope you recover quickly from it.

    I hope your weekend goes uneventfully. Maybe you can get in a little shopping while you're up there since you abstained at home.

    Hope both of you are well for good, and soon!

  4. Hi Karen,
    For someone who never ever ever has to go to conferences or meetings related to business it sounds like a week of interesting instead of nothing. I wonder what I would say to inspire an easy, flowing conversation with such a different life. I think I would feel awkward, but I like the way you explain it. There are just so many different ways that people relate to one another.
    Neck muscles are the absolute worst thing to injure. I was in a bicycle accident last year, and still have pain sometimes, especially if I'm looking down at something for more than five minutes. I hope you are able to get relief soon.

    Take care and have a safe and happy trip!

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time in Scottsdale, (the weather should be lovely) and that Arizona cures your cough for good.

  6. Go Mitt!

    I, too, am going away this weekend, by myself. And I'm not looking forward to it. It's times like these that make me really appreciate my family and our closeness.

    And neck pain is the worst! When you pull something in your neck, you realize how underrated those neck muscles really are. We use them for everything!

    Good luck on your trip.

  7. Scottsdale can cure anything.

    And so can a good pair of Spanx. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

  8. Good luck on your trip. I bet you will do just great!

  9. My neck always gets better if I alternate the heat with ice, so if it's still bothering you, you might try that. Sorry you're in suffering mode.

    I'm sure your trip will go well, and yes, they WILL like you. I guarantee it!


  10. Isn't it just awful to have a pain in the neck? Still, I guess it's better to have one than be one. I think Sue's advise to you is a good one.........alternate heat and ice. That's what Dick and I do and actually Dick has a pretty bad one that he has been experiencing ever since his awful fall on the way to Sue's for Christmas.

    I know you will do well this weekend. Actually, I think it would be interesting to talk to a bunch of young doctors. I have always been interested in medicine and had planned to be a doctor. I actually had a scholarship to Stanford, but got married shortly after graduating High School instead. Anyway, I just hope you enjoy it and being in Arizona for the weekend can't be too bad. Good luck to you!!

  11. I sure hope you and L are feeling better soon. I stand and talk to Docs all day..some I like...some I don't...none would I want to socialize with...ever. Now that sand and beach is something I could really get used to! I need some warmth and sun stat!!

  12. Oh I hate to hear you have been sick! Karen--we were sick (no exaggeration) from November (with a small break for just before Christmas) through the END of January. It was horrible! NOW, everyone is much better!

    I will be thinking about you and your husband. I am sure your trip will be great!

    p.s. that is so cute you fondly call Mitt "Mittens"!! That made me chuckle! :)


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