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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bunnies Are Multiplying

Here Comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail

Hippity hoppity, Easter's on it's way!

Bringing every girl and boy

Baskets full of Easter joy

Hippity hoppity

Happy Easter Day!

I needed a little break from work and the computer, so I put together my Easter table.  It looks fresh and cheers me when I walk into the room.  I especially love the bunny on the shelf who is wearing bunny slippers (did you notice them?)  And the Easter basket pictured was my mother's when she was a child, and then it was mine, and then it was Katie's.  When Katie moved to Puerto Rico she left it with me, and I need to get it to back to her so one of her little girls can love it as much as I did.  It even has the original grass in it - good, thick paper grass.  Not the shiny plastic kind.
I feel lucky this year to be enjoying good health for myself, and good health for my family.  At this time, we're all doing pretty well *knocking wood*  And I am so, so grateful.  My parents are still active and vital, and my brothers and their families are happy and well.  I'm feeling especially fortunate because I read a couple of blogs tonight written by people I consider friends - even though I've never met them.  One lost her husband yesterday to a long illness.  Another is having a mastectomy tomorrow.  Both are facing these challenges with grace and courage.  I am learning many good lessons from them - although I'm sure they'd rather not be teaching them.
So tonight I am thankful for blessings big and small.  For faith.  For prayers.  For health.  For family and friends.  Friends I've met, and friend's I've only "read."  I thank you for the laughs, the hilarity, and even for sharing the tears.  My life is all the more rich for knowing you.  Thank you for being part of my life, and letting me be even a small part of yours.  


  1. You always have the cutest decorations! I agree, I feel so grateful today too. I just found out that my friend Amber's (my sewing friend in PR) brother died on Sunday in a motorcycle accident. He was only 25. This was a lovely post. Love you Mom!

  2. Your whimsical Easter display triggered happy memories of my childhood in Central PA. My father was president of a local chapter of Lions Club International and every year dozens of Lions and their families gathered in the basement of a York restaurant to color eggs for donation to charity. I also remember taking part in Easter egg hunts in gassy fields and back yards, eating giant chocolate bunnies and listening to my 1950 Gene Autry record "Here Comes Peter Cottontail."

    I am very happy to know that your family is healthy and happy, special k. I've been blogging nearly four years now and have witnessed a great deal of illness and tragedy in the lives of my blog friends. It is the cyclical nature of life. Sooner or later heartache visits us all. That's when we need the love and support of friends as well as family. I believe that blog friends can be real friends, not just "click on" friends that we instantly added to a column. True blue friends can be found in the most unlikely places if we set aside our fear, open our hearts and reach out of the darkness.

    I knew a man that I did not care for
    And then one day this man gave me a call
    We sat and talked about things on our mind
    And now this man he is a friend of mine
    (So reach out...)
    Reach out in the darkness
    Reach out in the darkness
    Reach out in the darkness
    And you may find a friend
    - Friend and Lover, July 1968

  3. Oh, Karen. This left me with such warm feelings. You write so well and get your points across with gentleness and love. The pictures, as always, are wonderful, and I love that Easter basket. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love your blog. I consider you a friend and hope we get to meet someday :)

    Have a great conference weekend!

  5. Thanks everyone! I really do appreciate all of my friends and family. I was afraid this post would come off a little goofy so I'm glad you enjoyed it. And Shady - that is one of my all time favorite songs! It reminded me of belting it out while it played on the car radio - little Karen, the rock star...

  6. Your gratitude sparked mine and I love your bunnies.

  7. This post is anything but goofy. You just keep getting better and better.

    And I'm glad to be your friend...


  8. This year has been rocky for us, but still, we too have a lot to be grateful for.
    Love the bunnies and peeps.

  9. Love all the Easter bunnies! So cute. You are a special person and I so enjoy your blog. I'm so glad you and your family are doing good and hope it continues! Our blog friend Donna is recovering tonight and I will check on her in the morning and post an update. She came through surgery fine. Thanks for being a good blog buddy!

  10. My life is richer for knowing YOU, Karen. You write the most heartwarming, real posts and comments. You spread joy wherever you roam. Thanks for that!

    Your bunnies are so sweet. I would feel cheered if I had them peering at me in my house too. Maybe I'll go out an buy some cute Easter stuff. Bunnies are adorable. :)

  11. Karen,
    I hope one day we can meet. This is a beautiful post! Love all your Easter pictures.
    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  12. What a cute Easter table you set!! Lucky are the people that get to set there!
    Thankyou for being a good blogging friend to me...things are going well following my date in the OR. You are so right...if you can come through these trials feeling grateful, then you have won half life's battles.

  13. I do consider you and so many of our blogging buddies dear and wonderful friends. I'm so thrilled to be back after my break...the A-Z challenge shortened my hiatus by a week. Your Easter decorations are indeed wonderful and if I could find a bunny with bunny slippers it would be front and center for all to see!
    Have a wonderful week, much love~


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