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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, March 26, 2012

We Are Quiet Old Geezers

Quiet weekend around here.  We were prepared for rain - or at least clouds on Saturday, but it turned out to be a fairly nice day.  So what better to do on a nice day than to load the bikes up for a ride?  We hadn't been out on them for over a month, so we wisely decided to take it a little easy.  Turns out that yoga has kept me in better shape than I thought.  L had very sore legs that night, but me?  Not a bit!  Hah!  We ended up riding about 8 1/2 miles, but that was enough.  If you haven't been on a bike for awhile, it takes a little while to work up to more saddle time.  Our behinds were more than ready to hop off the seat after just that meager distance, but we'll do better next time!  Plus, I've been conferring with my niece in Utah, who is really into mountain biking, and she has introduced me to the lovely world of padded pants and comfy-er seats.  But since one pair of pants is about $99, I'm still saving my money.  But soon.  Very soon.
On Sunday the clouds had rolled in by noon, and rain was imminent.  After church we drove around delivering money for Scout-a Rama tickets (gotta support the boys!), delivering cases of powdered milk from the latest cannery project, and then, since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped in at L's parents for a quick visit.  By this time I'm dying to shed the church clothes: skirt, tights, boots, and Spanx.  Sometimes pudge just has to be free, and have some down time in yoga pants and sweatshirt.  And at last, that's what I did.  Ahhhh... freedom!

This is rain in Puerto Rico, but this is how it was raining in So Cal on Sunday night!

And down came the rain.  First in a steady shower, and by 6:00 it was a raging downpour.  I love to hear heavy rain on the roof.  I love to hear it pounding in the street, while the wind blows the trees and leaves.  It was good to be inside our cozy house listening to it, heat on, while watching "Once Upon A Time."  (Is anyone else hooked on that show?  So good...)
At 10:30 or so, there was a little thunder and lightning.  Nothing too exciting, but noteworthy because in my neck of the woods we get precious little of that.  I remember being a kid on vacation with my family in Utah, and having a summer storm hit there.  Now THERE they have amazing displays of lightning that lights up the whole sky, and thunder that shakes the windows.  I love it.  I even love it when the power goes out, unless I need to blow dry my hair.
At last, we turned out the lights, curled up, and L was soon fast asleep.  I lay awake listening to the rain coming down outside.  And then all of a sudden it came down harder than I've ever heard rain come down before.  It was glorious!  And L slept through it all, softly snoring.  As it wound down again, I soon fell asleep myself.

So you can see that most weekends - heck, most WEEKS - are very very business as usual around here. We'd planned to go see "The Hunger Games" but when we thought about the lines, and the hordes of people we decided to wait another week.  We're a little dull like that.  Since the kids have grown up and moved on, we've become very complacent with our quiet solitude.  It's funny how kids shake things up so much.  Sometimes I miss the hubbub and excitement.  They were the best of times.  But nowadays, I wake up and go to sleep with my best friend.  Life has a certain order, it is (mostly) calm, and there is time to take care of myself like I couldn't do when I had small children.  (Good thing too because I'm getting old... OLD!)
And then, one day, we look at each other and decide that we've had enough of our quiet time, and we hop a plane to see the grandkids.

Because every now and then you need sweet, sticky kisses

and someone to help you hunt for treasures.

It keeps you young to get down on the floor and play

or go outside and blow crazy amounts of bubbles.

Every so often in the winter, Mema wants to play in the snow with someone special

or stir up a pan of brownies with an assistant chef.

Papa gets a hankering to build a grand sandcastle with the kind of small helper 
who brings her own tools.

And who can resist this sweet little treat?  I am in withdrawals as we speak...

Yes, our quiet life is good.  To a point.  And then I start to daydream about birthday parties, silly songs, building forts, and reading bedtime stories.  I'm convinced it's good for the heart.  I know it's good for the soul.


  1. You have the best posts! They leave me feeling all warm and cozy and happy. The pics of your grandbabies are precious and delicious. Wanna gobble them all up!

    I adore sleeping when it's raining outside. sigh... Lucky lucky duck! :)

  2. I love this post. It is so evocative, from the rain beating down, to time spent at home...things on my ADORE list.

    Your grandbabies are absolutely precious. And whooohooo for you on the bike ride! My husband has that biking gear, but I just stick to running. The only bike I get on is the stationary one- and I need to change that!

  3. Hello, karen (lil' "k")! I've been watching Grimm and haven't yet made time to catch OUAT. You are the second blog friend to endorse the program.

    I realize it's early in our friendship but I need to ask a favor. Please (PRETTY please) send some of that rain my way! Central Florida is too dry and the rainy season still two months away. The sound of heavy rain pelting down at night can be soothing. It's trance inducing and takes you to a good place. The above is true unless thunder is shaking the house every few seconds like cannon fire. Unfortunately that's all too common here in the Tampa Bay region which is known as the Lightning Capital of the World.

    I love the pictures of you with your sweet grand kids. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear karen!

  4. I am at the tail end of raising teenagers. :)
    I'd like a little quiet but then I know I'd miss the noisy.

    I like how you and your husband have things figured out :)

  5. You'll have to make a trip to MA for Mia's party! its going to be a pink lemonade themed party at the park with a real lemonade stand Zach built :)

  6. Oh Katie - you know I'll be there if I can!

  7. I think you captured it perfectly. So much of what you write rings true for me.



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