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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

It was a good Easter weekend.  Very busy, but good.  We (L and me - but mostly me, me , me) cooked for two days.  Saturday I'd planned to make the famous bunny cake and the vegetable quiche, leaving the potatoes and chicken for Sunday.  In between I'd planned on getting the three tables set and ready.

 Good enough planning, or so I thought.  At 7:30am on Saturday my aunt called wondering if we could help her with some things she was bringing in from Hemet to her storage unit.  Such bad timing, but I couldn't say no.  When she finally got in the area, she called, saying she was lost and couldn't find the storage place, so I had her come to my house instead where we'd figure it out.  When she arrived, she realized she didn't have the key to her storage space.  She'd left it.  In Hemet.  To make a long story short, what should have taken about 45 minutes ended up taking almost 3 hours by the time we made a bunch of calls and ended up renting a new unit to put her things in.  I was thinking that it all made up for the time I threw up on her bed when I was about four.  Yeah - she's put up with a lot from me over the years, so one hot, frustrating afternoon is the least I can do.
By Saturday night, the quiche was made, and it looked really good.  The bunny cake was... well... a little over cooked.  Sadly, the recipe I was following was for a 10 cup bundt cake mold.  My total mold was 9.5 cups (it includes two bunny halves and two Easter egg halves) so I didn't give it any more thought.  But I should have.  It was supposed to bake for an hour, but I should have taken into consideration that the bunny mold is not as dense as a bundt mold - especially the ears.  The crispy, burnt little ears.  Well, at least they didn't break off coming out of the pan, which is what they did the last time I made the cake.  A little too brown, ears definitely brown and crispy, but the cake overall was still lemony good.  And after the lemon glaze was added, it was really good.  I wrapped it up for the night, deciding to do the filling and put it together on Sunday.  I limped off to bed on my sore little dogs.  They were really barking.

Sunday morning dawned, and I kept hoping someone would tell me to stay home from church.  (No one did.)  And that's a terrible thing to admit on the 2nd biggest religious holiday of the year, but I was soooo tired.  But you'll be proud of me - I was up and ready and off we went.  And it was a beautiful day, the choir was lovely at church, and I was glad I'd made the effort.  It was easy to remember why we celebrate Easter after such a lovely morning.  In between yawns, anyway...

After church things kicked into high gear.  We peeled 5 pounds of potatoes and sliced them on the mandoline I'd gotten for Christmas.  What a great tool that is!  Slightly trecherous, but great!  The potatoes were sliced in 2 seconds, and we had two pans of scalloped potatoes ready in no time.  L took over searing the chicken while I got the third table set and ready.
Next, I decided to fill and complete the infamous bunny cake.  I'd had the idea to use sweetened mascarpone cheese on one half and lemon curd on the other and then put them together.  In my head it  tasted and looked amazing.  It ended up being a very bad, very horrible idea.  It tasted great - yes it did.  But I didn't realize that mascarpone cheese is way too wimpy and runny.  I should have used cream cheese because it would have held up.  As it was, it looked like poor bunny's innards were pouring out.  And underneath his little cottontail, there was a very unfortunate pool of blended mascarpone cheese and lemon curd that looked a little like the runs.  I'd planned on having it out on display on the cake plate, but I hid it in the fridge instead.  I had my mom help me cut and serve it, she being handy with a knife and all, and even she laughed when she saw poor sick little bunny cake.  *hanging head in shame*
But sliced up and served with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, it was delicious so all was well.  A good ending to a good time together.  And I have to apologize to you, dear readers.  I took pictures of two of the tables.  I took pictures of the eggs we colored on Saturday night.  (A couple were marbelized a la Martha Stewart - are you impressed?)

And I had my camera ready and waiting when everyone arrived.  But from the time my parents arrived to the time the last guest left, I never gave the camera another thought.  So no pictures of family at all.  *sad face*  I need my daughter to move back here from Massachusetts just to take pictures and document family gatherings because clearly, I cannot be depended upon.
I'm glad I decided to have everyone over.   In particular I enjoyed having my brother and his wife over.  It gave me that "we need to do this more often" feeling.  I had fun getting to know Ashley's brother Ben - I liked him a lot.  So easy to be around - he kind of charmed everyone.  I wish everyone lived closer so we could be a huge gang, but I'm grateful for the ones who do still live close by.
And now, back to routine.  Moving on from bunnies and baskets.  But it sure was fun while it lasted.


  1. Well at least you make pretty Easter eggs, little k. :) I'm sorry some of your plans went amiss but, when you think about it, it's all part of the fun. What good is a family gathering w/o some stories to tell years later? I'm sorry you needed to hide your bunny cake in shame, but when carved up to individual servings it transformed into delicious food and no one ever suspected. It's quite common to forget about taking pictures at family gatherings. Think of it as a blessing in a way. My father was a shutterbug and always documented our get-togethers. However he was a perfectionist and we spent more time holding a pose and smiling than actually eating and conversing. Kodak moments are wonderful and it's nice to have record of them, but there's something to be said for letting your heart take the pictures.

    Look around you, there's a rainbow
    In that watermelon sky
    And the twinkling of a million firelifes
    Let your heart keep taking pictures
    That we'll share as years go by

    These are happy, happy, happy
    Summer days

  2. You are born for this- your talent screams through. You make things so hospitable and lovely for your guests that they must feel as if they are finally home.

    Poor little bunny cake- the taste is what counts in the end, right?

  3. Your tables look beautiful so I can tell that the company was just as fine. Glad it turned out well!!

  4. Your bunny cake description totally made my day.

  5. I made a similar mistake with Lily's bday cake. I hate it when I make that mistake at a family dinner, instead of just for my little family to see.

    Your table looked beautiful.

  6. I can't tell you how many times I have taken the camera out and totally forgotten about it until all of the family is gone.

    I really HATE that!


    PS. Looks and sounds like a great Easter celebration, though...visually recorded for posterity or not. (And you captured it pretty well right here, with words!)

  7. I love the pic of the flowers on the table. Sometimes you're able to enjoy the day better when you're not so caught up in pictures. Sometimes I wish I would forget my camera ;-) WIsh we coulda been there.

  8. The table looked great and the food sounded yummy and since a good time was had by all I think that's a perfect holiday meal! I'm usually the one with the camera all ready and there have been a few times where I've gotten so involved in hosting I've forgotten too. It's hard to do it all!

  9. Loved your Bunny cake story! LOL. Too funny!!
    I'm impressed that you managed to help your Aunt, fix the food, and still make it to church. What a W-O-M-A-N!!
    (Your tables were beautiful!)

  10. Wow, where did you get those tiny eggs in the second picture? It must have taken some time to do those....now wait, those are jellybeans.
    Sounds like you had a good time even if you did forget to capture a photographic record.

  11. I'll BET you were tired after all of that! I'm glad you went to church though. You would have felt something big was missing in your day of you had skipped.

    Your photos are all beautiful. You put so much love and work into everything you do. It is very obvious. :)

  12. love the photos you did get!
    sounds like a fun time for everyone!


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