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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Hate Bread

My daughter and I have started a self help Lose Weight Now club via email.  Every day we email each other what we had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as what exercise we did.  Now, if I were doing this with any of you I'd be tempted to tell fibs - you know, to make myself look just a little more in control than I really am.  But my daughter knows me.  She knows I would never do 50 pushups or run for 5 miles. Heck, she KNOWS I can't run 5 steps, let alone miles!  (Heaven help me if a car ever careens out of control and locks in on my location like a missile...)  She knows me well enough to know I never have a day where I eat nothing but nuts and carrot sticks.  And she knows I hate bread... *eyes darting around*  Bwahahahaha!  No - I LOVE bread, I crave bread, and all things bread-y, and carb-y and sweet.  It's like a character flaw.
So we're on Day 2.  I had a stellar day yesterday, as first days often are.  Breakfast was 2 eggs and a piece of toast.  Lunch was a chicken chopped salad.  Dinner was the same, only it was new and different chicken, as opposed to leftover chicken at lunch.  It was so good I thought I'd repeat it for dinner - plus, we were low on provisions, and I had to make do with what we had.  But it was a good day.  I stayed on track.  I went to bed feeling proud of ME.
Today was different.  It was a bread fest from start to finish: a bowl of Kashi Honey Puffs and a piece of toast with peanut butter started things out in the wrong direction.  Lunch was an improvement (cold chicken) until I added 3 slices of rosemary baguette bread spread with Brie.  And dinner is going to be BBQ chicken pizza and a Caprese Salad.  So instead of crudite, and lean protein, the day was mostly filled with bread and dairy - the worst things of all for me.  *hanging head*
In my defense, I did have a dance party in my office about once every hour.  I'd taken a helpful iTunes suggestion from blogger Katie here, (it was a genius post, so do enjoy all of the links - especially the last one) and helped myself to not one, but TWO CDs worth of music from Eric Hutchinson.  It got me up and dancing I tell you.  Fired up.  It wasn't pretty, but it was pure fun.  I felt sassy, and one thing led to another, and before I knew it we were having a Lady Gaga dance party, moving on to Fun and "Some Nights."  Iggy Pop and Guster.  If you had seen it, you would probably wish you hadn't, but I had myself a fine time moving to the beat whilst wearing my sexy sexy biking shorts (we're riding tonight and I didn't want to have to change clothes - I'm lazy like that) and my clonky but supportive cross trainers.  Yes, I'm a dream come true, friends.  Hot, hot, hot.

I did drink a lot of water though, so that was good for me.  I discovered that I would drink a lot more of it if I cut up lime slices in the water and drink it ice cold, instead of old plastic water in the bottle.  I've guzzled four  1 pt. 0.9 size bottle's worth so far.  Not to worry - I am nothing if not eco-conscious.  I just keep refilling the same bottle and then dumping it in the glass with ice.  Why refill the bottle?  Because that way I know exactly how much I'm chugging.  I like to know things like that.  It makes me feel smug to know that, although I consumed 4 times my limit of carbs today, I did, at least, drink water until I sloshed.

I'm not sure if our little diet club will work for me or not.  It is effective to write down what you actually eat though.  I remember Weight Watchers telling us to keep a food diary years ago when I was trying to shed baby weight, and I scoffed, lazy girl that I am.  But it's true: when you see it in black and white, it really does seem like more than it did when it was going in your mouth.  It makes you think.  It makes you regret.  It makes you repent.  It makes you turn on loud music and bust a move.
Tonight after dinner we'll take the bikes out for a spin.  Return to the scene of the crime where I last rode at night in the dark.  And son of a biscuit - it's trash night again!  Pray that I don't plow into another trash can.  I think I'm much more coordinated now though, so I will be fine.  Yes, I WILL be fine.  I will.  Because I'm awesome.
Today was not so awesome in terms of low carb foods.  (Mid-life I hate thee!)  But in the morning I have another bike ride - this time with Wendy.  It will start the day off right.  I will not eat Kashi Honey Puffs when I get home.  (Ptooie!) I will fall in love with lean protein, lovely vegetables, and rivers of lime water.  I will continue to hold dance parties during the workday as the mood strikes and the shades are drawn.  I will twirl.  I will shake my booty.  Heck, I might even sing.  (THAT'LL impress the neighbors!)  And my reward for sticking with it?  A pedicure tomorrow at 3:30.  (I'm all about short-term rewards!) I'm in a good mood already.


  1. LOVE IT! You just crack me up Karen. I think we would get along ducky...I love carbs too and bread is a fav...I would love to dance during the day but the OR team might think I'd lost it! I stand about 7hrs of my work day (8hr. shift) and walking, dancing, hopping, anything moving would be of help I'm sure. I'm stuck at my weightloss of 20lbs but Easter did me in and I need to rededicate myself. I want to lose 40 more pounds by next year but I'd better get my buns in gear or I'll be crying on my Bday 2013! Good luck with your challenge. You seem so active I can't believe you would weigh anymore than 100lbs! Have a good rest of this week!

  2. I'm impressed! I love those ideas- the dance party sounds like a blast. I hate those carb hauntings. I gave up bread almost 4 years ago and every now and then I get a craving fo it so bad I think my head will split open. Thankfully, it hasn't. You go girl!

  3. Next time you have the dance party, set up a video camera. I know we'd all love to learn new moves!

    Good for you! You can do it. The thing I found most helpful with my weight loss was to stop eating by 8:00 p.m. I went to bed feeling much better about myself than when I ate right up until bed time.

    Getting a pedicure is an awesome reward!

  4. It seems like you have a sound strategy worked out, special k. You need to reap a few small rewards to keep you on track as you work toward the big reward, the one that takes all that time, will power and sacrifice. Keep hydrating and getting your body used to healthy choices. Soon your body and your mind will reject the unhealthy choices and it won't be as much of a struggle.

    Dear friend, when you get time Wednesday please stop by my blog and help me wish a happy birthday to a very special lady who is turning 100 years of age. Your birthday wishes will mean a lot to her. Thank you, karen!

  5. I loved every second of this post. I too have a hate/love/love relationship with carbs and I too am fighting that batte yet again. Keep biking and dancing, my friend.

  6. Aww Karen, now you've gone and made me want bread...baguettes slathered with anything sounds divine. I'm not kidding here. Pinterest sends me over the edge with all the recipes.

    Keep on keepin' on as Dr Oz says there are no wrong turns, just make a U turn!
    Hugs to one of my fav funny friends!

  7. Lots of bread and dance parties? I think you and I would be quite the match as far as fun goes. I am so glad you like the Eric Hutchinson stuff! He rocks my world too. And, I made chicken pot pies the night it bombed...which was kinda sad because I am pretty sure it is hard to ruin that. haha. Good luck with the diet club...you are my hero.

  8. I also have a diet club...with my multiple personalities, some of whom are more dedicated to getting fit than others.

    This post cracked me up, and needless to say, I could relate to it completely.

    Now if I could just find a good psychiatrist to get rid of my pesky, diet-defeating selves. (Or maybe I need an exorcist??)


  9. Good luck with the diet. I'd have issues if I had to give up bread.
    Jilda makes this olive oil dipping stuff which is excellent with toasted french bread....I guess this is no helpful.
    Sorry. Judge, will you ask the recorder to strike that from the records and ask the jury to play like it was never written :)

  10. I wanna do a dance party and get a pedi with you!!! I have a love/hate with bread too. When I tell myself I won't have it it seems all I want is a roll with real butter and cheese. Bread is EVIL! :) Good luck with the diet. Ick. I wish i could just eat all the day long and never gain an ounce. That's what I wish!

  11. This is so inspiring. I am a bread lover also. I finally returned to the gym after a month and a half "vacation" from running. After that work out, all I wanted was bread, bread, cake, and more bread. So maybe dancing should be a part of my routine. Please let me know if dancing leads to more veggies. I loved the pictures in this post...so great!

  12. LOL!!!! Mom, you're so funny! I REALLLY LOVED this post! You're a girl after my own heart. I think our club will work for both of us. You just wait, I'm going to look so hot when I step off that plane ;-)

  13. You are funny! I loved this post.

    [you even got me thinking about turning some music on right now....]

  14. I just don't keep bread in the house anymore. That way I go out to eat.

    Janie Junebug


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