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Friday, April 27, 2012

Mama Needs A Project

I didn't work today.  My laptop needed it's Windows program updated to a newer version.  Unfortunately, there wasn't any other way to do that besides overnighting it to the Mother Ship in Minneapolis.  That meant sending it Thursday afternoon, and they fixed on Friday/today, and sent it back to me for Saturday delivery.  The total charge for a laptop box and first overnight shipping was $192.19.  I thought that was insane, and I hope no one gives me any trouble about expensing it.  Since I'm not an actual employee (I'm a contracted worker) I don't have access to a department FedEx account, so... I guess it costs what it costs.  It's nuts, though.

L came home from work and our physical therapist friend came to our house to give L's shoulder some tough love.  It's been bothering him for weeks, and it's time to do something about it.  We're a pair, L and I - him with his extremely sore shoulder, and me with my crippled ankle.  I help him put on his shirts and jackets, and he helps me put on shoes and boots.  We're such an old couple, and I'm not liking it very much.  I do, however, love this friend who comes over with his table and ultrasound, and works him over.  I personally find him hilarious, and he and I talked and laughed and talked, and L said later that he was a little resentful that we had seemingly forgotten who the patient was.  Then I felt bad that I had barged into his session and proceeded to enjoy myself.  Next time, I'll have to stay upstairs out of the way.  It'll be hard though, because Mike seriously makes me laugh, although he makes L cry a little bit while he's working him over.

After the pain and agony L and I went out and grabbed some dinner at our local Mexican restaurant.  For me, it felt sooooo good to get out of the house, but poor L was feeling a little puny.  Mike told us that grape juice was a good thing to drink to speed healing because of the antioxidants, so after dinner we went to the store and bought grape juice and a bunch of strawberries and blackberries (they were on sale).  And more soy milk.  Did I tell you that I'm on a soy jag?  I've been reading a book where the author (an MD) said that soy is a wonderful thing to work into your diet if you're trying to drop some poundage.  So all this last week I've been making myself smoothies with soy milk, sometimes adding either silken tofu or powdered soy protein along with bananas, strawberries, or other berries.  The protein content is high, the carbs are low-ish to low and I've been able to drop 3 pounds over the past week.  This is a miracle for me.  I haven't been able to do that in a long time.  Usually I'll lose a pound, then gain two back, so this steady but gradual loss is very encouraging!  All of the extra protein keeps my body satisfied, so I'm not constantly thinking about eating.   I even discovered a good smoothie made with chocolate soy milk, peanut butter, and banana - more of a treat than the fruity ones, but nice for a little change.  My snacks have been roasted soy nuts - not that tasty, but they have a satisfying crunch.  Things are looking up, my friends!

I bought the daughter of a good friend a baby gift today.  I've known her since she was a little girl and I wanted to get something special.  She has 1 little boy now, and now she's having a little girl.  I agonize too much over things like this, but I finally went to the Etsy Shop of one of Katie's friends - Chimi and Changa - and bought this in an 18 month size:
And to go with it, I went to my daughter Katie's MiaMoo Designs shop and purchased this necklace to go with it.  I love her fun necklaces and was excited to have an occasion to buy one.

It's not your typical lace and ruffles outfit - in fact, it's exactly how my daughter dresses her girls, and I think it's really cute and fun.  So I hope my friend's daughter likes it.  Katie was never a fluffy lacy girl, and while I think frothy girly clothes are so pretty, I tend to go more for the fun ones with unusual details.  It's how I'd want to dress if I were little, I think.

I'm kind of a fan of both girls' work - Chimi and Changa is original art screen printed on comfy and colorful knit dresses and tops, and MiaMoo Designs is impossibly whimsical necklaces - and they often collaborate on their collections so they coordinate.  So fun, and pretty...

Although I admit on the one above, it could also be the donuts talking very persuasively to me after a week of soy milk smoothies...

So that was my ball of fire Friday.  I sure hope the weekend is a little more exciting or I may just snooze through it.  I find that life is like that: sometimes you're on the go so constantly that you just yearn for life to slow down so you can breathe.  And then, when it does, you can't wait for the excitement to start up again.  Complete satisfaction is fleeting.  I'm at that point.  I need a project.  Or some travel.  Something.  I'm getting stagnant working every day, bike riding on weekends,  and getting my hair colored every 4 weeks.  That is how my life has been calendared lately, and I need some shakeup.  Something to fill up the in between besides TV.  I'll let you know when I figure it out.


  1. Well now I think I'm with you...I'd have been joking around with a fun guy while my husband was getting worked over. I'm just that interested in funny and fun. I hate L is not feeling to 'sprucy' as my mom would say but I guess it comes with our age?

    I can't drink/eat/imbibe soy products for the most part. Really kills my stomach. But if it's helping with the weight loss I may have to grin and bare it.

    I know what you mean about needing a project and mixing things up. This week/weekend I've been lucky as Grace's Mom and Dad and GRACE came for a lengthy weekendish visit. We've had all the family over for dinner each night. Wild and Crazy fun!

    Love the clothes and jewelry...really precious and different. i know Ms Lily would be over the moon with those!

  2. So glad you got your computer back, but that is an INSANE amount for the shipping- good grief- those folks are making a killing.

    I LOVE the necklaces your daughter makes and also the little girls' clothing her friend has. They are totally cute! I am going to check out both shops, although it's a bunch of little boys in our extended family right now.

    Hope your weekend is filled with fun and excitement!

  3. Hi, special k! I'm sorry that you and you husband are dealing with aches and pains. It's nice that you have a buddy system and help each other get dressed.

    It seems like you've found a smoothie formula that's satisfying, healthy and promotes weight loss. That's a combination that will get you the desired results. If it's working, stick with it.

    I love that little lobster dress! Great choice! Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

  4. I know what you mean. I keep thinking I'm getting ready to slow down a bit, but once life does I will probably be bored silly. Hope you get to take a fun trip or something soon...Hey, you can always come out our way!

    As for the dress and necklace...darling! She will love them. No doubt.


  5. The outfits and jewelry are just adorable! So colorful and fun! Love the donuts pics...too cute!
    You and L are going through some of the things of aging that I am really hating right now too. Health issues are sure not fun!! Good luck!!

  6. That little dress and the necklace are SOOOOO cute. I really really love that style and your granddaughters always look so hip and pretty!!
    I am definately checking those shops out.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Heard there was an earthquake down there - Keep shakin' and keep it real (wink!).

  7. Awww thanks for the shout out Mom!

  8. a beautiful and thoughtful gift!!
    My 2 best girlfriends were feeling restless...they jumped into the volunteering and are loving this new venture in their life...

  9. Love the little girl necklaces and dresses..so cute! I hope you and L are feeling better..Jack brings his therapy equipment with us when we go visit my Mom and then the family lines up for the free chiro treatment! He's such a good guy about taking care of all of us! Everyone always wants to sit next to him at get togethers! He's not a big fan of soy...lots of estrogen...I've been into almond milk (unsweetened) and I blend it with fruit into smoothies. It's very high in calcium. You might want to try it too. But you have found a nice weight loss trick and I congratulate you! Have a good week!

  10. I'm with you on needing something new and exciting. Summer is coming sson for my kids so that's something at least. No more teachers and homework and schedules for a while.

    Those little girl outfits are DARLING! So colorful and fun. I wish i could get my 7 year old to dress like that but she has her own ideas about fashion thanks to her older sisters. Denim shorts and graphic tees. That's it. Sometimes she wears earrings.

    I hope you find something to entertain you. Variety is the spice of life and you are SPICY, my friend. :)

  11. I'm wondering if LaMar doesn't have the same problem that I had with my sore shoulder. It was killing me so I finally went to my orthopedist and he took Xrays and found that it was my rotator cuff. He injected cortisone right into the rotater cuff and wow, I just can't tell you the relief I got. It doesn't hurt at all now. Just a thought, but he might want to check it out with an orthopedist.

    Honstly, I think it is great that you got onto Soy Milk. I used to use it exclusively, but found out it has more calories than milk, so now I use about half and half. I have to eat a half cup of all bran every morning and with some dried cranberries, it goes down pretty well.

    The dress was absolutely darling and I love the necklace too. There are so many cute things for little girls these days. I wish they made really cute thins for old ladies.

    Take care and have fun.


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