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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sassy, Silly & SENSATIONAL!

Today was a special day.  It was our Lexi's 6th birthday.  I thought about her all day long, wondering how her birthday plans were going, feeling a little bit sad that I wasn't there.  After dinner, I gave her a call, and while I waited for her to get on the phone, I talked to her mom, Ronna, and found out that Daddy Rex had strep throat.  They are supposed to leave for Maui on Thursday, so that was not good news!  But apparently he is fortified with a new Amoxicillin Rx and he should be feeling pretty good by Thursday.

I heard Lexi's little voice getting closer, and pretty soon a very bubbly and excited little girl was telling me all about her 6th birthday.  She loved the Pocahontas princess doll, and the John Smith doll, and the Flynn Ryder doll that L and I had sent.  She had invited a little school friend "Mary" to come celebrate her birthday with her, and they went to McDonald's for lunch, and then to Froyo for frozen yogurt.  Then back to the house for presents.
And what a richness of presents she received!  Strawberry Shortcake, and Calico Critters (a house AND a bunny family and mouse family!)  There was more, but it was all too much for me to remember.  And then she said "And Mema, all of my presents - they were all NEW!"  (I guess, as opposed to the old crap that people usually give you?)  Whatever - she was beyond thrilled with everything, and even told me all about her number 6 card that said she was Sassy, Silly, and Sensational.  I couldn't agree more.

I wish you could hear this little girl chatter on and on - it's a treat.  She told me she was going to graduate from Kindergarten on May 31st, and then she wouldn't be in Kindergarten anymore.  She would be having a summer break "forever" - but then her mother reminded her that it was for just 2 months.  And when she goes back to school in August, she will take her lunch to school AND a snack because she "won't come home until evening" - at which point Ronna reminded her that it would be afternoon.

She told me that little Skylee is 7 months old now, and getting new teeth, and almost crawling!  Startling news!  She informed me that the pink blanket she holds now when she wants to suck her thumb is going to be put "into STORAGE, Mema" and that when she is sure she won't suck her thumb anymore she will get it out and give it to Skylee.  What an amazing little girl to have such a plan!

She said that Daddy was sick, and so she couldn't kiss him anymore until he was better.  I told her that was a good plan because strep throat hurts.  A lot.  I also told her Papa and I wanted to come and visit in a couple of months, and we would do some playing with those Calico Critters then.  Well - she immediately had a plan for that: Papa could be the Daddy and brother bunnies and mice, I could be the Mama bunny and mouse, and she would be the sister bunnies and mice.  Obviously she is planning on having our full attention.

I thought back to when she was a baby - she was our first grandchild.

It's always been hard to have their family so far away from us, but we've tried to visit as often as we can.  L and I were there for her first birthday,

and we've tried to go to visit as often as possible - they change so quickly!

She was a very happy, very well celebrated 6 year old.  It was such a delight to hear her happy little voice telling me about everything, such joy in all of it.  Life is pretty good at 6.  It makes me even more itchy to go for a visit.  I mean, there are new toys to play with, and Skylee is crawling for heaven's sake!  We plan to go in June for Matthew's birthday and hopefully we'll be able to find some reasonable airfare.

My dear blogging friend, Darlene, at Robbins Nest also had a birthday today.  She is 85 years young.  She is curious about everything, intelligent, talented, fascinating, and is a real character to boot.  My favorite kind of friend.

I found it such a happy coincidence that both of these wonderful girls share a birthday.  They are, each one, sassy, silly, and completely sensational.  Happy 6th birthday to Lexi, and happy big girl birthday to Darlene!  Lots of love, and best wishes to each of you for many, many more!


  1. What a sweetheart! I know it is just do darn hard to be living away from grandchildren, isn't it? I'm so glad you got a phone visit in and heard all about Lexi's lovely day. They just reach out and grab your heart and never let go!
    Congrats on birthday for the six year old as well as the 85 year old! Milestones for each!

  2. Happy birthday to the birthday girls! Lexie is beautiful and sounds so very smart. I love how you said she is well celebrated. I wanted to applaud. I wish we could say that about every child, and though we can't, I'm so glad Lexie is yours!

  3. As the new kid on the block I am delighted to meet the members of your family, karen. Lexi is a beautiful child, filled with curiosity and enthusiasm. We should all strive to retain those childlike qualities. I can tell that Lexi loves and misses her Mema and that it was painful for you to be separated from her on her special day. When my granddaughter was a baby she began calling me "Dada" and the name stuck. She turns 15 a couple of weeks from now and I am still "Dada" to her. The years pass quickly.

    Thank you, dear friend k, for helping me to make Margaret Brown Schneider's 100th birthday a happy one. Her daughter, Kathleen, read every comment to her and every word warmed her heart.

  4. Oh, I totally understand this post. My little granddaughter is only 2 1/2 and we 'talk' on the phone. Yesterday she was talking and something distracted her and the next thing I heard from her was "Oh my gosh." It was so funny. Apparently someone had knocked on the front door and she was excited to see them.

  5. Aww, thanks for remembering my mom, Karen. Lexi is adorable...a very good person to share a birthday with!


  6. Isn't she just the sweetest thing! Happy Birthday to her and to our lovely Darlene! My Lexi Grandkiddo will be 6 on May 7th..I bet the two of them could be great friends! It was hard to believe when our kids were all grown, but when the Grandkiddos start shooting up and out, it's even more astounding! I hope you get to go and see them ASAP!

  7. How hard it is to live far from your Granddolls - I hear the "angst" in your post. I live 6 hrs from mine, so ai don't see mine as often as I'd like too either...Happy Birthday to your beautiful, Lexi! What a great birthday she is having!!

  8. Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl! (a little late)

  9. happy birthday to beautiful Lexi!
    and your blogging friend!!
    your pictures are great!

  10. Lexi is so cute! I loved spending time with her on our visit. Wish we could get her and Mia together more often, they were the best of friends. Mia is so excited for her upcoming Pink Lemonade Birthday party! I've already started planning and gathering little things in the pink and yellow color scheme so it won't seem like I'm spending as much money ;-) Now we just need to find the right park to have it at and we'll be set!

  11. Your little Lexi is so darling and I think it is great that we share a birthday, along with Shirley Temple! We almost had Queen Elizabeth too, I think her birthday is the 22nd.

    I know how difficult it is for you to be so far away from those sweet grandchildren........I have some that are pretty far too and we are lucky if we get to see them twice a year. It's wonderful though to be able to talk to them on the phone, isn't it? It sounds like Lexi is one bright little girl. She will go far, I think.

    Thanks again for remembering my birthday.

  12. AWWWWW!!! What a cutie! She sounds as bubbly and fun and intelligent as YOU. :) I love those Calico houses and animal families. I wish my kids still liked them.

    I think it's cute she calls you Meme. I haven't decided what I want my grandkids to call me one day.

  13. I love how you relish and rejoice in your relationships and appreciate all the fine and wonderful things that come into your life. Special. And definitely the things that matter!

    Pedicures = wonderful too!



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