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Friday, April 13, 2012

Zap Your Pain

It rained today.  Hard at times.  There were moments when the wind was driving the rain sideways.  I was sitting at my desk by the window watching it pour down.
Did I mention that I love rain?  I love the sound of it pounding down on the roof (unless my roof is leaking), I love to watch small river torrents running down the street.  And I especially love it when there's thunder and lightning.
We got it all today.  The whole enchilada.  And I got to watch the whole show from the warmth and comfort of home, instead of battling bad traffic and avoiding accidents on the freeway.  For most of the day it was a little rain here, a little rain there.  But suddenly, it would really come down.  The wind blew hard, the rain came down like a monsoon, lightning flashed, and thunder boomed.

Sorry about the gigantic weeds...

I tried to capture the intensity of the rain without actually going outside (because I work at home, and I "sometimes" don't even comb my hair until 3pm.  Let alone get dressed.

But that's our little secret. *wink*
I promise you, though, it was coming down hard.

It's been a long week.  Remember last weekend?  Easter?  Well, apparently (and it's embarrassing that I've developed into such a delicate flower - just when did this happen??) I spent a little too much time on my feet to suit my joint-ritis condition.  My bad ankle was a little angry about the abuse, to tell you the truth.  So Monday I didn't go to yoga, instead opting to stay home and rest.  On Tuesday, it was a little iffy, but I went to class.  Bad choice.  Somewhere between the Warrior I pose, and Warrior II, my ankle decided to mutiny.  I limped out to my car and it all went downhill from there.  It seems with RA, you don't just get sore muscles - you treat yourself to a full blown flareup.  Sweet.  It felt like I'd broken my foot - like a stress fracture.  Walking made me whiney on Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday wasn't much better, but that evening a friend who is a physical therapist was coming over in the evening to see about L's sore shoulder, and my sore shoulder - which, typical of RA, decided not to be sore anymore, and instead transferred to my ankle.  Still with me?  (Trust me, it's a disease which makes no sense at all.)  The good news is I was able to buy a Tens unit from him.  Those are the electrical impulse devices where you place the electrodes on what hurts, and the electric pulse calms everything down.  They range from very expensive (my company makes them, and they are implantable) to very reasonable.  The one I have can be bought on Amazon for $39!!
So I've been happily zapping whatever hurts for 30 minutes at a time and I'm feeling so much better.  Thank you for asking.  My ankle has gotten better each day (admittedly, with an extra helping of steroids on top of the zappage), and today I am walking almost limp free!  It's a beautiful thing, and as soon as I can I WILL dance.
So now that I've gone totally geezer on you, and gone on and on about all of my aches and pains, I'm going to stop droning and attach the electrodes to my ankle and electrocute myself a little bit.  Get my buzz on, in a manner of speaking.  It's weirdly soothing and a little addictive.  But maybe that's just me.


  1. That last picure made me laugh out loud. i will have to tell my sister about your zapper. She was diagnosed with RA less than a year ago--at 33. Hopefully this is a secret she can keep in her bag of tricks to keep the pain at bay.

    And thanks for sending the storm our way. Looking forward to it tonight and tomorrow.

  2. I hope your ankle gets better soon. Those kinds of things are no fun at all.

    There is no cozier feeling to me than hearing the rain hitting the roof and being snuggled up with a good book and warm blanket.

  3. Jack uses electrotherapy (I think I just made that name up!) on his patients and I have a tens unit that I bring to work many times just to loan to my co-workers. I use it too when my knee acts up. Good choice! I'm sorry that RA is such a bummer and I hope you're feeling better this weekend. I love rain too, except we do have a roof problem that I hope will be fixed soon!

  4. Seems it never rains in southern California
    Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before
    It never rains in California
    But girl don't they warn ya
    It pours, man it pours

    Aren't you getting more than your fair share of driving rain, super k? The Tampa Bay region, the so-called "lightning capital of the world," continues to be bone dry and brush and muck fires are breaking out across the peninsula. Three days ago 911 was swamped with calls because smoke filled the air across West Central Florida. Turned out it was blown here from a fire far north of us near the Georgia border!

    Dear friend, I am very sorry to learn about your condition and your chronic pain and I'm glad you are finding ways to relieve it. Have a happy weekend, dear karen!

  5. Woke up to a thunderstorm here, too. I love thunderstorms. We used to have the craziest ones in Florida. I kind of miss that! Love those photos, lol!!

  6. I have a Tens unit, too, and it works like a charm!

    Take it easy, Karen. Those flares can come back on you if you don't rest well...Glad you're improving!


    PS. We had the big thunderstorm, too. It started while Ryan was spending the night at our house, and he was in the middle of a run. Boy, did he come home soaked!

  7. Rain always cheers me up. We're waiting for rain from the storm that you sent our way. I'm so glad to know about the tens unit. My husband has RA too.

  8. Spring rain is so comforting. I miss the kind of rain that comes softly and stays for a while. Downpours can be especially exciting when you're safely indoors!

    Thank you for sharing about the tens unit. I'm going to research it and find out if this might help with my recent problems of foot, wrist and knee pain. It seems like I just keep getting weaker and can't do the things I used to do with ease. I hope you have a great week and will be dancing through the puddles.

  9. I've heard lots of good things about those little machines. I hope you zap yourself better quickly. Love the last pic too :)

  10. we could use rain here in PA...we got so much in the Fall and so little in the spring!
    hope your ankle is feeling better..good luck with the TENS

  11. That RA is "ruff stuff" - glad you're beginning to feel better. Sounds like that was $39 well-spent. I enjoy an occassional rainy day if I can be home, but basically I have the need for sunshine. * (whispering*. "sometimes I don't dress til late in the day either")

  12. I love it when it rains super hard. I feel so cozy and protected inside watching it fall. There is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of raindrops on the roof.

    I hope your ankle heals up. It sucks when something hurts. It messes up your whole day. Feel better!

  13. You've had a pretty hard time lately with your RA. Honestly, it can be so bad and when we have rain, it doesn't help it. I have it too, just one of the reasons I have lived in the desert for the last 20 years. It does help. I tried a very expensive tens unit years ago and found it didn't help me that much. I rented it for a couple of months. Maybe they have improved. I might get one of those though for Dick. He has been having a lot of problems since his fall before Christmas last year. He can't seem to find a chiropracter that can help him.

    We could use some of that rain you had. It did rain hard in some parts of our valley, but it didn't rain here. We got a few drops but that didn't mean anything. It sure has been crazy weather though. We haven't even had to have heat or air conditioning here and I love this time of year for that reason alone. We get it twice a year in spring and again in fall. Unfortunately, it doesn't last very long either time.

    I loved the last picture your posted. It is priceless. I have a grandson whose hair did that, but they didn't keep it quite as long so wasn't quite as spectacular as this pic is.

    Take care, Karen. I hope you get to feeling in perfect health. I am almost through my course of antibiotics for my bronchitis, so am feeling slightly better. I did go to my orthopedist yesterday though and he did confirm my diagnosis of a messed up rotater cuff and since I am too old for surgery, he just gave me a shot of cortisone right into the darned thing and I must say it hurt. It isn't quite so bad today, so should get the benefit of it very soon. It is really hard to get old.


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