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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Creating The Perfect Solar Eclipse

I was so excited for today's solar eclipse.  I had my camera at the ready, but was a little confused as to what time it would be happening in Southern California.  I was pretty sure it would be around 6pm, but it was still so light outside I wasn't sure.
We were both hungry at about 6pm and so L asked if I'd like to accompany him to In 'N Out for a Sabbath Day hamburger and fries.  But of course, I said, grabbing the camera, you know - just in case.  As we were heading down Lakeview Avenue, I risked burning my eyeballs out and looked towards the sun, and it seemed that the light was a little funny - almost like the sky looks during a fire.  Just not quite right.  It looked like the eclipse was happening right then.
We were in an industrial area, so we pulled into a parking lot that had a clear view of the sun.  If we looked through the upper part of the windshield where it's more tinted WITH our sunglasses on, we had a really fine view of the eclipse just beginning.  Very exciting!
It only lasted about 15 -20 minutes, during which time we were aiming the camera and snapping away.  It was way too bright, however, and we have none of the special lenses and/or filters you'd need to take a decent picture.  But we tried, and then we couldn't drive for a few minutes while our retinas tried to recover from looking directly into the sun.
Here is how it went:

Through the windshield - you can see in the upper right hand corner that 
the moon is just barely starting to move across the sun.  Really - if you 
look hard, and use your imagination a little...

A couple of minutes later and that moon has moved in even more.  You see it, right?

And here we are getting frustrated at our futile and failed attempts to photograph a solar eclipse.
I've given up and have just played around in  Photoshop to get a cool effect.  
Looks like the end of the world.  Sort of...

Ah... much better.  L got busy in Photoshop and we've constructed our very own solar eclipse.
I'm sure it's what it would have looked like had we had the proper tools - other than Photoshop, I mean.  
I don't care - I'm totally happy with it.

Did anyone else see it?  It was supposed to be pretty good if you were in Southern Utah.  I even know a couple of people who left this morning to go to Utah to see it.  I called my dad, who is visiting my brother in Salt Lake, to see if he could see it, but they had a heavy cloud cover and he couldn't see it.  I almost wished I hadn't called, he was so disappointed.  He loves stuff like that.  I'm thinking a trip to the  Griffith Park Observatory is in order for Father's Day.  We can study the stars and the solar system to his heart's content.

We made our reservations to fly to Denver in June for Matthew's birthday.  Flights, hotel, and rental care all arranged for!  It's going to be a fun trip, including a trip to the Butterfly Pavillion where I understand you can see all kinds of butterflies in the conservatory and you can also let Rosie the tarantula crawl on your arm.  Well, not on MY arm, but maybe on L's arm.  I'm a giver like that.

We're very excited to see that little boy turn four, and also see 6 year old Lexi and 9 month old Skylee.   

But before that, on June 2nd, guess who is coming here to see us for a few days?  This little girl, Hayden -  

and her big sister Mia -

and their mom and dad!  Mia is all ready to spend the night with Mema and Papa, and we're going to have a fun few days playing and probably having more than one dance party.  The summer is starting off just right.  All kinds of fun to look forward to!  Mia hasn't forgotten seeing the Princesses at Disneyland a few years ago, so we're working that into the schedule again, as well as whatever else they want to do.  A beach bonfire?  Let's do it!  I imagine we'll be celebrating Scott and Mia's birthdays with the family while we're all together - so hurry up summer - let the good times roll!


  1. I've been an astronomy buff all my life, karen. It's nice to know that you, your dad and your husband all share the same interest. My dad bought me a telescope around age 10. On clear nights he and I would climb the television antenna to the roof of the house, set up shop and star gaze for hours.

    The youngest generation of your family is made up of beautiful, intelligent and soulful children. You have every right to be proud. Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

  2. Oh, so glad you got to see the eclipse! I wish we had been able to catch a better view of it here. Your grandchildren are DARLING! What fun you must have with them~

  3. Your Grandkidlets are the cutest things! Little Mia should be modeling! We have a 6yr. old Lexi too...aren't they fun? Sounds like your Summer is beginning with a bang. We're expecting some visitors and the end of June. Can't wait! Your moon/sun shots look really good...much better than my "super moon" shots! No eclipse for us..sob!

  4. Can you believe this? Sunday afternoon we talked about wanting to check the Eclipse out @ 6pm...then we promptly forgot about it. Losers.

    Your summer is starting out perfectly! We are having fun with our granddaughter here!

  5. Such darling pictures of the girls!

    And my whole family ran outside to enjoy the eclipse. But I am afraid of them. I already have retinas that are overly sensitive to light, and those spots that I see after even having my picture taken go on much longer than anyone else's.

    Hence I am gun shy. (Sun shy?)


  6. We checked the progress of the eclipse several times throughout the evening. One thing we noticed was how fuzzy it made our shadows look, first on one side and then when the eclipse was full, fuzzy edges all around. I loved it.

  7. Even in SLC, we were supposed to get a good view of the eclipse, but I just couldn't get my sorry butt out of the bed to go see it.

    Then on Facebook everyone was saying that clouds covered the whole thing so I didn't feel too bad.

    And YAY for grandkids visiting!

  8. We're so excited to come!!!

  9. I'm envious. The eclipse wasn't visible in my part of the country.
    Good job.
    The kids eclipse the eclipse in my opinion.


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